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How to Fix Bottom Right of Screen Not Clickable in Windows 10

Updated on January 3, 2018
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I am a former system administrator and currently a freelance tech author and developer.

Right Clicking or Clicking on Icons In The Corner of the Screen Does Not Work

The bottom right-hand corner of the screen is where pop-up notifications from apps usually appear. If you are having problems with being unable to click on anything in that area of your screen on Windows 10, this is probably due to a hidden "toast" popup. Here are a few things you can try to fix it.

Do You Have Origin Installed?

Origin is a digital distribution platform run by Electronic Arts. It performs a similar function to U Play and Steam. Origin uses the "toast" notification system in Windows to tell you about things like patches installing or friends coming on or offline.

There is a bug in the software which means that sometimes, after a notification has been displayed, it will turn into an invisible box in the corner of the screen, instead of actually vanishing. This means that you cannot click on anything on that part of the screen.

If you close Origin completely (rather than simply minimizing it to the system tray), then this will get rid of the notification.

If you do not use Origin regularly, then this could be a suitable solution for the problem. If, however, you play Electronics Arts games on a regular basis or like to use the community features of Origin, then you will not want to close it frequently, so it may be a better option to just completely disable the toast notifications.

Disabling Notifications

Turn of Notifications in Origin to Stop the 'dead zone'.
Turn of Notifications in Origin to Stop the 'dead zone'.

Disabling Notifications

The 'dead zone' in the bottom right hand corner of the screen is an issue that a lot of people have had if they use Origin and also have the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. You can stop the problem by disabling notifications in the app.

Open the Origin menu in the game client, and click on Application Settings. This will bring up a list including notifications. Un-tick the Show Notifications option for all of the notification types in the list. Restart the client.

This should stop notifications from being shown, and therefore prevent the dead zone from being created.

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