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Top five things to look for in a mobile phone case

Updated on January 7, 2011

Mobile Phone Cases

With the increasing price of mobile phones, it seems a wise idea to just leave it at home to protect it from damage and save yourself from unnecessary repair costs. But then again, there is a reason they are called mobile phones; they are invented so we can bring them anywhere we go. But even if mobile phones are prone to damages, there are ways to minimize or prevent them.

It is really frustrating to see a scratch or dent on your precious mobile phone so you really need a mobile phone case. In your search for an iPhone case, Droid case or any other cell phone case, you should consider these five things to look for when you are canvassing for a mobile phone case.

Maximum Protection. A mobile phone case should not only protect your phone from dust and scratch, but also from instances where you accidentally drop it. A rubber cell phone case can lessen the impact of the fall, but a metal cell phone case is proven to give better protection.

Durability. It is not only important that your phone gets protected, but the mobile phone case itself should be durable to last you a long time. Cheap, imitation iPhone case or Droid case can barely protect themselves, how much more your phone?  In addition, these types of cell phone cases chips off easily and their finish fades off too soon, so you end up with unsightly looking mobile phone case that would elicit snide remarks from your friends.

Portability. Yes, your cell phone case may protect your phone from the apocalypse and may last a century, but if it weighs a ton and if it makes it impossible for you to put it in your pocket without creating an unstylish bulge, it’s of no use to you. A cell phone case (may it be an iPhone case or a Droid case) should be lightweight so you can carry around your phone with ease.
Fit /Snugness. Don’t buy a cell phone case that does not wrap around your phone nicely. If your mobile phone case is too loose, it will not provide maximum protection to your phone in case it drops, not to mention that dirt can easily find their way onto the surface of your phone. 

Design. It will be devastating if your mobile phone case is not as stylish as your expensive phone. Having a cell phone case that does not give justice to the design of your phone is like wrapping an expensive gift with old newspaper.
In essence, your iPhone case or Droid case should have all the qualities mentioned above to make it worth your money.


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