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Monster Diamond Tears Review

Updated on October 2, 2012

JYP Monster Diamond Tears - Unreleased News!

Monster Diamond Tears is a reflective highly calibrated music headphones inspired by korean k pop movement. If you believe these are not the greatest, then you need to take a better look at this fine piece of artwork/headphone. This is definitely targeted towards anyone who want to bling out, particular females and/or guys into k pop.

Keep reading for more details and also check out all the coolest recent Monster headphones releases.

Details On The Diamond Tears - Benefits And more

Inspiring design like nothing else ever seen before...

This is hands down the nicest looking Monster headphones that you'll ever find on the market. It reflect lights really well, and every angle that you see on the Diamond Tears are properly calculated and calibrated to reflect perfectly. The sound is great and it's all about hearing the music like the artist attended. Music should sound like this period.

Some benefits of Monster Diamond Tears

- vapor reflective coating that has multicolored shine

- top secret silicone band for extra durablity

- great design overall made for male or female

- black diamond for male

- white diamond for females

- absolutely great sound quality hitting all high and midtones

- great bass suitable for all genres of music

- not too heavy and able to wear for hours

Monster Diamond Tears - Pre-Order! - Very popular style

Diamond Tears Headphones Close Look

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