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Apple Watch Battery Life vs Moto 360 - Which Smart Watch is Better?

Updated on March 10, 2015

A wrist computer for $10,000? That is what many people thought when the Apple Watch was unveiled by Apple CEO Tim Cook at the Yerba Buena Centre for the Arts in San Francisco recently. The question remains – how many customers will be willing to spend so much money on a gadget that might already have a place in the Museum of Technology in five years?

Until then however, the Apple Watch is guaranteed to be a smaller, more powerful and elegant piece of hardware the company has ever developed.

One fact that marketing experts and designers all agree with is that this is the first completely new product from Apple since the launch of the iPad in 2011. It ironically comes with the theme “Spring Forward” as a transition to the smart watch.

The Apple Watch is definitely intended for the high-end market where it will compete with top quality products. At $399 for the Sport Edition and $549 for the Standard Edition, this watch does not come cheap for the average consumers.

Tim Cook praises the Apple Watch as the most advanced watch that not only accurately keeps time, but also has fitness and health data which opens new avenues of communication. He considers it a personal technology and from a marketing perspective, it is almost incidental that the battery now provides at least 18 hours of juice.

A watch with software and electronic components simply does come with the required longevity to turn it into a valuable product for posterity. It hardly imaginable that in ten years someone will still be wearing an original Apple Watch. This is a major selling point that Swiss luxury manufacturers have as they are intricately crafted in precious materials. The hand pieces are considered valuable asset that can be passed down through generation. The Apple Watch, however, is doomed to be obsolete.

Apple used high level specialists to give the watch a haute couture look so as to attract the kind of buyers who would make the watch a success.

The extent to which this approach differs from other Apple product launches can be seen through a simple comparison with the iPhone. For one to use the Apple Watch, they need to own an iPhone (model 5 onwards) which means that the device is not a solo device like other Apple products.

Chances are good that Apple will sell more Apple Watches in the first quarter than all the other manufacturers in the history of this product category put together. For this to happen, the company must take advantage of a loyal fan base that grabs every innovative product that comes out no matter what.

Apple Watch vs Moto 360 Smartwatch

Apple Watch vs Moto 360
Apple Watch vs Moto 360

Apple has confirmed that its smartwatch will be known as the Apple Watch, not the iWatch as many has predicted. We look at the key features of the Apple Watch as well as the most important Apple Watch Apps.

It came as no surprise when Tim Cook of Apple announced the Apple Watch during the launch of the 2014 iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. In fact, all indications were that there was definitely going to be an Apple Watch given the fact that other manufacturers had already released smartwatches earlier in the year.

Though not circular like the Moto 360, the Apple Watch is still in a class of its own. Its rectangular shape with rounded corners gives it a distinct look of simplicity mixed with sophistication. The Apple Watch will be available in early 2015 and will come with a number of clever features that are specific to such a small device.

The popularity of smartwatches is increasing on a daily basis and it is only a matter of time before the devices become ubiquitous and part of our daily lives. Unlike personal computers or smartphones, devices that are worn have a more personal connection with the users. There is something about a watch that connects to who we are and this connection is most likely going to be translated to smartwatches as they become more common.

It is this in mind that manufacturers of smartwatches such as Motorola, LG, Samsung and now Apple are trying to capitalize with their devices. Each of these smartwatches offer a number of ingenious features that promise a seamless user experience. We look at two of the most popular smartwatches of 2015 – the Apple Watch and Moto 360- in terms of their most defining features.

Apple Watch vs Moto 360 – Watch Names

When Apple confirmed during the launch of the iPhone 6 in the fall of 2014 that its smartwatch will be known as the Apple Watch and not iWatch as predicted, many pundits were not surprised. Apple is known to take seriously the naming of its products and this move has been explained in various ways. A recent article has suggested that the name choice was influenced by a number of considerations:

  • Monotony – Apple was getting concerned that the “i-Device” naming convention was becoming a little tired and that the market may become fatigued with it.
  • Lawsuits - there were already other products with a similar name and Apple was trying to avoid lengthy lawsuits that would mar its entry into the market.
  • Search engine visibility – by far the most peculiar reason. It has been argued that using iWatch may not yield the desired results in the search engines and might clash with its competitors.

Whatever the reason Apple chose the name, it has stuck and users have become used to it. As for why Motorola chose the name Moto 360, it is possibly because the watch is round.

When it comes to naming, the Apple Watch surely beats the Moto 360 as its name is simple yet conveys the function of the device. It is easier for someone to know exactly what the device is all about by just looking at the name.

Square Apple Watch vs Round Moto 360

Before we delve into the more serious features, let’s take a look at the shape of the devices – the first thing that you notice when you look at the devices. The shape of the smartwatches is informed by both form and function.

It is obvious that aesthetic considerations where taken into account when determining the shape of the devices but functionality was also an important factor. Functionally, the Moto 360 chose a round shape as it is said to maximize the viewing area. The round shape of the Moto 360 is also instantly recognizable as watch because this has always been the traditional design for a long time.

Though not circular like the Moto 360, the Apple Watch is still in a class of its own. Its square shape with rounded corners gives it a distinct look of simplicity mixed with sophistication. Apple chose the square shape with rounded edges to keep with its overall theme of its devices. On closer inspection, you can see familiar design features that are common in the iPhones and iPads. Curious though is the fact that the charging section that is located under the watch is rounded so is the charging unit (more on that later).

Apple Watch Casing vs Moto 360 Casing

The Apple Watch offers more variety when it comes to the outer body of the device. There are three versions of the Apple Watch that feature three different materials – Stainless Steel, Anodized Aluminium and Gold. Apple has named the three distinct categories Watch, Watch Sport and Watch Edition with each targeted at different types of users. Moto 360 on the other hand offers two varieties – a polished aluminium and a stainless steel chassis. Both watches are designed to withstand the vagaries of daily use and the exposure to the elements - the Moto 360 is waterproof.

Apple Watch band vs Moto 360 band

Just as with the chassis, the Apple Watch offer more variety when it comes to the bands – plastic, stainless steel and leather. The Moto 360 started out with only a leather option but the stainless steel bands are expected anytime soon. Though Apple Watch wins in this category, it is a shame that they did not offer more variety of bands given the fact the company offers more styles. The Apple Watch bands are fitted by sliding from the side while the Moto 360 bands are clipped on directly.

Verdict – Apple Watch Wins

Both smartwatches have a lot to offer the various camps and there are many reason why people will prefer one over the other. However, from our point of view the Apple Watch has come out well where fit matters- functionality. The Moto 360 looks good on the outside but there are many aspects of the device that are wanting on the inside.

It is clear Apple did not want to rush its device and took its time to iron out any serious bugs along the way. That cannot be said of the Android smartwatches in general, some of which have been unveiled despite the fact that they had serious flaws in them.

We are definitely going to see more of the Android smartwatches come out in 2015 and the Moto will certainly go through more iterations. This will result in better versions of the device going forward but as it stands now the Apple Watch is a clear winner.


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