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Motoactv GPS Fitness Tracker Smart Music Player

Updated on September 13, 2015

Motoactv GPS Fitness Tracker Smart Music Player

With an intuitive Motoactv GPS Fitness Tracker Smart Music Player you can have a fitness plan, coach, and results tracking at your fingertips. Plan your run or schedule a work out. Expand the sensor by purchasing a heart rate monitor chest strap (see below for the link to find out more).

Load the unit with your favorite workout music then watch as the smart player learns what songs motivate your performance the most. Let the smart player choose when to play the best songs to keep your pace up, intuitively improve your performance (based on your own preset goals) and listen to the audio coach give you suggestions to give you better performance and inspire you to fulfill your fitness goals.

Map out your run and save trails or other GPS data so you can store your favorites and find the trails again on your next run or hike.

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Motoactv GPS Fitness Tracker Smart Music Player


Find out more about the Motoactv GPS Fitness Tracker with Smart MP3 Music Player on this page as you explore the features, customer reviews and ratings, as well as the helpful consumer video with an overview of the benefits of having a great intuitive fitness tracker.

Product Features

Motoactv GPS Fitness Tracker Smart Music Player

At last a workout device that will track your running and biking as well as upload your workout data (to Multiple apps to expand the devices functions.

Great out of the box but also allowing for future upgrades through hardware as well as applications.

  • Set goals and let the audio coach give you updates
  • Touchscreen display adjusts to sunlight (making it easy to read the screen in both shade and direct sun)
  • 8GB (also available in a 16GB model
  • Motorola SF200 Sports Headphones included
  • Wall Charger with Data Cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Heart rate monitor enabled
  • Smart MP3 Player (learns which songs enhance your performance)
  • Get the Motoactv Android App Free (Let your smartphone communicate with you through your MOTOACTV device and headphones when your phone is within bluetooth range)
  • Plan your work outs with the free Motoactv training portal's planning calendar (set your plan, goals, workout frequency...)

Motoactv GPS Fitness Tracker Video Reviews - Consumer Videos

Watch a great video showing the overview of this remarkable fitness tracker (Motoactv GPS) with the revolutionary smart music player (MP3 that learns while you listen). This video will show you more about this device and how it can give you an enhanced fitness workout.

GPS Fitness Tracking. - Electronics That Adds Possibilities To Your Health Care.

Take a long walk and do a little running while you check your GPS electronic fitness tracker to give you some factual support to help you continue your activity. The GPS tracker can give you the exact kind of information that sends you into a future schedule that benefits you.

Motoactv GPS Fitness Tracker Smart Music Player Ratings And Review Summary

What are people saying about the Motoactv GPS Fitness Tracker Smart Music Player

Consumer reviews are great and the few low ratings seem to be missing some of the important steps to getting this device up and running.

When reading reviews those who read and follow the instructions (making sure to install appropriate apps and register on the website) have much better success.

What are people saying? Average Customer Review 3.8 out of 5 stars (103 customer reviews -- countless "helpful" votes ):

  • "Best I've tried" (included: Garmin 305 and Nike Sportband)
  • "Most durable and reliable"
  • Web portal offers expanding opportunities (apps and upgrades)
  • "Small fitness specific device with MP3 player"
  • "Better longer lasting battery life"
  • Forum support for Motorola Owners

Overall reviews are good with a preference for this model over competing models (as this model incorporates features for fitness specific activities).

Intuitive touch screen , a music player that learns what songs motivate you, online support (data storage analysis and owners forum), free basic apps, compatible with Motorola Android Smartphone (allowing you to answer your phone while you are working out).

With the out of the box (or free downloads) to get you started you can be up and running relatively quickly. Then you have expansion and upgrade options to grow as you go.

Motoactv GPS Fitness Tracker Smart Music Player Guestbook - Did you find a great GPS Device?

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