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Moving Your Computer or HughesNet Modem

Updated on October 15, 2012

You've got a new HughesNet Gen4, but you want to move it, now what?

When your installer comes out to your home to install your new HughesNet Gen4 satellite Internet system they will ask you two very important questions"

Where would you like the dish to be located?

In what room would you like to have the modem?

The dish is fairly basic. The installer will probably recommend locating the dish closest to the utility side of the home. This is where the electric meter is located and the common ground for the home. All cables coming into the home are required to be bonded to the common ground of the house using a grounding block. This is required by National Electric Code.

HughesNet HN70000S Modem
HughesNet HN70000S Modem

Moving the Modem or PC

The first choice for modem is usually in the room next to your computer. This is a logical choice. But what happens when you decide to move the computer to another room?

There are a few different solutions to this problem:

1. Relocate the Satellite Coax cable to the new room

2. Run a Ethernet Cable from the modem to the new room

3. Install a Wireless Router and USB Network Adapter

Relocating the Coax

Relocating the Coax

Careful consideration must be given when choosing to relocate the coax cable. The cable used in satellite internet is a very high quality solid copper center conductor type. It is sweep tested to 3000 MHz . Extreme care must be taken when relocating the cable. Never make a 90 degree bend in any coax cable! Bending, stretching, and kinks can force the center conductor to one side. This disturbs the common axis of the conductor and shield - they are no longer concentric - and can change the impedance at the point of "injury."

If you need to extend the cable, be sure to purchase approved cable from a reliable source, and be sure that all fittings and connectors used are rated to carry the high frequency signal. Yes there is a difference in RG-6 Connectors and barrels. Be sure you get the right ones!

Run Ethernet Cable

Run a Ethernet Cable

Ethernet cables can be purchased a big box retail stores and online in various lengths and will work fine for connecting your computer to the satellite modem. For longer runs, CAT 5, 5e and 6 cables is sold in rolls (usually 1000 ft.) but by the time you buy the cable, the fittings and the tools to make it, it may be cheaper to call in a professional. Not having the modem located in the room with the computer will hinder your ability to troubleshoot if the situation should arise, but for the most part, it will work fine.

Install Wireless Router and USB Network Adapter

Install Wireless Router and USB Network Adapter

This is probably the #1 solution to moving the computer to another room. The majority of homes today have more than one computer, so the wireless router may already be in place. By installing a USB Network Adapter to your computer you will be able to connect to the router without the need to run Coax or Ethernet cables. If the room you are moving the computer to is greater than 50 feet, I recommend running Ethernet or moving the modem. A wireless router and USN Network Adapter can be purchased locally or ordered online for under $100

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