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Mpc or Maschine | Maschine Vs Mpc (including Renaissance)

Updated on July 3, 2014
Lets see you put the mpc in a backpack with all this gear
Lets see you put the mpc in a backpack with all this gear | Source
I carry my studio with me everywhere I go what about you?
I carry my studio with me everywhere I go what about you?
Akai mpcs cam't compete with  maschine's speed and versatility
Akai mpcs cam't compete with maschine's speed and versatility | Source
wake me when your mpc finishes loading its kits
wake me when your mpc finishes loading its kits
Wow I Guess Ski Decided To Get Rid Of That Slow Akai Mpc
Wow I Guess Ski Decided To Get Rid Of That Slow Akai Mpc

We all know the Akai Mpc is every legendary hiphop producer's favorite production tool Now with that being said most people that get into urban production end up mimicking their idol's production setup. Which just so happens to be the following

  1. Akai Mpc 2000XL/Mpc 3000/Mpc 60

  2. Triton/Motif or some other workstation

  3. Vinyl Records

  4. Sound modules

Hits can be made with anything, but its hard to believe that when people such as

  • Dr dre (mpc 3000)

  • Just Blaze (mpc4000)

  • DJ Premier (mpc 60)

  • Battlecat (mpc3000)

  • Pete Rock (mpc2000XL)

  • Marley Marl (slips my mind right now)

  • J Dilla (mpc 3000)

All use an akai mpc one is inclined to think

“hey you know what,I need an mpc to get the same pro sound these guys are getting”

So guess what? They end up getting the akai mpc, learn it and they stand by it. Once they get the hang of it, they become stubborn, and wont use anything else, and I don't blame them.

Once you learn something in and out there isn't anything you can't accomplish. One thing I do hate is most mpc users swear up and down by it, they make others believe that it is a must have if you want to create quality music... far from the truth. Another bogus story mpc users will tell you is

“the mpc has a swing that can only be obtained on the akai mpc

this is utter bull.

The akai mpc is a computer. it runs on an OS (operating system) granted versions of the mpc such as the 60/3000 (these are the older ones I've used) do have a timing issues (imperfections) which does give your swing and quantize a unique feel because its not perfect.

What these users don't understand is that you can get the same swing on anything you are using. The problem is, they don't know how so they claim it can't be done.

See production software and hardware is a lot like clothing. Every brand makes the same sizes much like all production tools have the same swing and quantize settings, but like clothing companies, every brand's size 9 isn't going to the same. So you might wear a 34/34 in south pole pants, but when you shop for the same size in Levi that 34/34 might not fit the same so you have to adjust.

It's the same with the mpc's swing. Their 66% swing isn't going to be the same as Reason's 66% you might have to push Reason to 68% to make it swing like the mpc is at 66% and vise versa.

Regardless of the slight adjustments are made the point you can get the same results. You just have to not be a closed minded f!@#tard.

The Famous Mpc Swing (it's All in the Ppq Guys)

Check out this video this guy explains PPQ in great detail. The only way to get the MPC SWING (as people call it) is to get a template of the MPC'S timing (On quantization) which is very very simple to obtain. They are floating all over the net, just do a google search

Native Instruments Drop Price Of Maschine

Maschine although Listed below for 669.00 will be around $449 though this link .This was done to counter act the release of Akai's Mpc Ren.

Originally the link pointed to an MK1 unit, but now it points the MK2 unit (great price)

Native Instrument's Maschine is much like the akai mpc except better. Not only can it do the same thing the akai mpcs do, it does them faster! It's the 1st of it's kind... complete software and hardware integration that works seamlessly.

A lot of companies have tried to make something similar to the mpc by creating 16 pad midi controllers, but they were limited.

These pad controllers have features that the mpc has such as 16 level and note repeat oh oh and the 4 banks, but none of them truly allowed you to create music without having to look at the computer screen. You can work on the Maschine the same way you would work on the akai mpc. Everything listed below can be done from the unit without having to look at the computer screen.

  • Sampling

  • Chopping Samples

  • Sample Editing

  • Tempo change

  • Note Repeat

  • Play/Stop/Record etc

  • Sequencing

  • FX

  • 16 Level

  • Pad Layering

I mean everything! You don't need to look at your computer screen ever. The Maschine can be used as a stand alone beat production unit or it can be used as a plugin, heck it can even be used as a host to host plugins.

See as the akai mpc can use rack instruments via midi the Maschine can do the same, and it can host vst plugins! Maschine can also load akai mpc project files and it contains more than 4 banks.

Chopping samples on Maschine is 100 times faster (I'm not exaggerating) on compared to chopping samples on the mpc (even the newer models). Ok let me be fair its 100 times faster than the older models and about 10 times faster than the newer models.

Update Note - The Mpc Ren uses plugins as well

Another great thing about the Maschine is it's a lot cheaper than the akai mpc(s) it runs around $300-$500 for the MK1/MK2 models. Your typical akai mpc ranges between $700 & $3000. Granted, you can get them cheaper from eBay, but can you really trust other owners?

I don't know about you, but I would hate to get a piece of gear that was owned by a smoker or a dirty mother f***er. The Maschine is even making some legendary producers put their mpcs on the back burner, they just can't keep up with the Maschine's speed and work flow.

Which producer's you may ask? Well, here is a small list of hit making producers that have crossed over

Justin Myracks Maschine Vs Mpc

  • Ski Beatz

  • Nottz

  • Needlez

  • IllMind

  • Ea Ski

  • Danja Handz

Just to name of few there are others out there using it, but I'll let you do the research. Another great thing is you will no longer need floppy/zip disks to store your sounds. I've always hated disks; short shelf life, easy to destroy, and they don't hold much data either.

Not to mention, take ages to load especially if you're working with a zip disc with a sczi drive.

Enough of me yacking away, bottom line is.... Maschine is your best bang for the buck when it comes to music production especially if you are considering going the mpc route. If you need that hands on feel when producing music then the Maschine is for you hands down.

Maschine Vs Mpc 1000,2500,5000


Was going through a few of my comments when I came across this one. I think it's interesting because the reader claims It's a biased opinion considering I didn't compare any newer model MPC's well... truth is I never compared the older ones either (directly). I compared the entire brand as 1 and a few features of the older units. I can see how this may come off as biased, but the article was aimed at those who follow their idols (who typically use the older models anyway) But, I went ahead and added a headline so it could be found.

Akai has newer modeled MPC's aside from the classic units. There is an MPC 1000, 500 2500, 5000. Those machines are a lot faster and use than the classic models. They even have better storage options: SD cards and harrdives etc but they are still not as fast as maschine.

Look at the specs on processors in those units. I still have an Mpc 1000 and use it from time to time. It doesn't load faster than my Laptop nor does it chop/slice assign samples as fast as maschine. Even if it did load faster, it still processes audio SLOW compared to other options. Now if you want to throw JJOS into the mix you can (even though akai didn't create it). That OS made the newer MPCS better, but it's still not as fast

Just making it clear once again None of the newer modeled MPCS run as fast as maschine does.


Akai MPC Renaissance Problems

After all the shit talk and hype, Akai releases yet another inferior pos unit. I don't know what the problem is with this company. They had and have everything they need to release a quality product .....But WONT!

I waited before messing around with this unit because I know how HORRIBLE AKAI IS WITH SOFTWARE!

I waited a good 8 months, I figured this would give them enough time to fix minor issues. it's expected to have software glitches etc, but akai is known for just... not fixing them.

Here are some of the wonder features (Glitches/Errors) I'm running into with the new Mpc Ren

The Mighty Mpc Ren FREEZE - I love this feature, I'll be working on a track and just out of the blue, for no reason at all, the unit just FREEZES! I've had this happen at least 20 times, went online to see if there was a fix for this. Turns out I'm not the only one with this issue, oh... and there no fix (as of yet).

This issue has been fixed

Poor Search Browser - Native instruments got this down, in fact... Every application these days have the ability to keyword and tag search through your library. Cmon guys, it's 2013 keep up with the competition. They had YEARS of studying and over the should watching of what NI did to become success with their launch.

I know it's not a glitch, but cmon now!

MPC Renaissance Crash - I don't know where to begin here. All these software updates and this thing still crashes, I'm not even using plugins with it yet... this is just the BOX. I can just imagine what would happen if i were to use plugins (afraid to actually)

Granted it doesn't crash and freeze as much as it use to, but it's enough for me to pack this thing up until they fix it.

This still happens from time to time

Keep in mind, I'm using a Quad core macbook pro with 12 gigs of ran and running the new 1.5 Ren update.

A lot has been fixed in 1.5, still lacks some stuff, but Akai is getting their shit together

Mpc Ren Still Fails

The MPC Ren has been out for over a year now and it hasn't hasn't surpassed Maschine in sales... Why is this?

I'm not talking about sales IN TOTAL, that would be fair because maschine has been around longer.

But, if you look at the sales numbers its release until now vs maschine in the same time frame.... Maschine wins

Why is this if The Mpc is Better?

Akai is the originator of the look and feel and has just about every OLD supporter they could afford.. Still, what's going on here?

Maschine Studio vs Akai Mpc Renaissance

The Article that has MPC HEADS Raving - Maschine Vs Akai Mpc

Even Mpc heads on the Mpc forums are agreeing with this man's post, it's nuts.


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    • profile image

      Ghost Producer 3 years ago

      Jumpy knobs? I've never encountered that is. Sounds bad though. Yea, the Mpc 500 is portable, but so limited. I think an Ipad with the maschine or Mpc app is a great solution.

      btw, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

    • profile image

      Garrett 3 years ago

      Im tired of my maschine.

      The knobs are so jumpy, read through the forums, so many people have it with all released versions that have the those 8 en coders on top. When working on a project its annoying to have a knob at 63, try to move it to 62 and it goes to 0. I just got an MPC 500 and love it. Its so much more portable. I don't need to worry about finding a place to put my laptop. I just pop in some batteries, and plug in my headphones. There are now so many more opportunities for me to get work done and my backpack is now smaller.

    • profile image

      Ghost Producer 4 years ago

      For me the only mpc that has good unique feel to me is the 3000 and the 60 (so 2). I don't know if it's because i started it on it or what. I think it has to do with the build, they are strong units.

    • profile image

      bigboyhighflyer 4 years ago

      Mpc just feels better . Maschine is incredible but Its rígid an not intuitive.The feel of a song is most important . Especialy in hip hop an R/b.Black music has always felt good. Its because of our loving souls.Your can't fool us.We no What feels good.

    • profile image

      Ghost Producer 5 years ago


      The 1st thing he mentioned was PPQ, since PPQ affects swing, It caught my attention. He mentioned that the sequencers aren't the same. He didn't say anything about one being more advanced than the other.... If you'd like to lay some facts down about the 4000 please do so.

      As I've started many times... I'm not biased, I like both units and still use an mpc 3000 and 1000 in my production setup.

    • profile image

      FzzSoda 5 years ago

      Yo. Ghost Dog, you are biased. I just saw were humbboy talks about swing and, most importantly, points out that the sequence on the MPC 4000 is much more advanced then Maschine. You replied by going about PPQ, while ignoring the advanced sequencer. I like both, Maschine is fast, yada yada, if you want a master midi sequence to give you rock solid timing to outboard midi gear. Maschine will give you midi choke.

    • profile image

      Avery 5 years ago

      Hey Ghost,

      I been keeping up to date with this article. I was going to ask about the MPC Ren but I went into guitar center and sat with both units. I liked Maschine better so I purchased 2 of them. The regular and the mini

      That Ren is buggy as hell, all this anticipation and marketing with big time producers... they should have spent time getting the software end of it correct

    • profile image

      Ghost Producer 5 years ago

      Sounds pretty interesting (thanks for sharing)

      When you say iphone mic... are you talking about the stock mic or the external mic?

    • profile image

      Ghost Producer 5 years ago

      @Beginner anon

      To be honest I'm not sure as I've never used Push... So I can't give an accurate comparrison.

      Which one is better all comes down to what you're trying to accomplish.

      I'm not sure I understand what you mean as far as moving sounds on the midi controller and it being split in half..

      All midi controllers do is control data (sounds, parameters etc). 99% of the applications today will read a midi controller. In order to use a midi controller you will need to have a software app that allows midi and again 99% of them do.

    • profile image

      Beginner anon 5 years ago

      And i know we're talking about drum pads but lets say you get one of those keyboards that are like cut in half you know, those small keyboard midis, is there a way you can lets say expand the piano or slide the part of the sound you want to use like on your mini midi keyboard? i hope that makes sense. like play a whole grand piano on your mini midi keyboard? do i need a software that can connect to that mini midi keyboard or are there ones that can do it on the mini keyboard?

    • profile image

      Beginner anon 5 years ago

      Hey Ghost, have you heard of ableton 9 with Push. I understand Akai teamed up with them. What do you think about Push in comparison to Maschine. And can you use Ableton 9 with Maschine. I'm a beginner so if i'm not making things clear let me know. I'm trying to look at all possibilities and options and software/ hardware stuff. to find out the best.

    • profile image

      Ghost Producer 5 years ago

      Hi Robosardine,

      No that's incorrect you can play whatever pattern you and in any order (on both units)

    • profile image

      robosardine 5 years ago

      Hold on a second- I'm not sure if this has been mentioned- but is it not the case that the big advantage for the MPC is- you can play any pattern you want after the pattern you are currently playing- but the Maschine is pre-determined in a linear fashion- you cannot select/cue any pattern you want next?

    • profile image

      Ghost Producer 5 years ago

      @Rivere Thomas

      Nice article Rivere one issue though... the MPC is a computer. It has a Harddrive...OS...Motherboard etc and some A/D converters (nice ones by the way)

      Regardless of what machine you use Akai Mpc.. laptop.. whatever when you bounce that track off the soundcard you're going to hit an A/D converter unless you are just exporting from an app (which a lot of people do)

      Most professionals don't they bounce off the cards A/D

      This article is talking about CD's and Vinyl records that's not the same at all

    • profile image

      Rivere Thomas 5 years ago

    • profile image

      Ghost Producer 5 years ago

      Yea, I was reading about that. I find it funny that they decided to include their own skins. I guess they see that market is expanding. I can't wait for the 1.8 update.

    • profile image

      Nathan 5 years ago

      Maschine II news released on Native Instruments site this 29th of Aug 2012.

      Pre-order available for 1st Oct shipping. 599€ / £475

      Multicoloured pads (7 colours)

      Massive included.

    • profile image

      Larry 5 years ago

      Looks like their is a new Maschine coming out in October! 1.8 should be released by then as well (according to the site anyway).

      I like this hub keep it moving man

    • profile image

      Fortunate 5 years ago

      Great article. I've been on the fence for a while. I don't dig software entirely. I lose the music buzz clicking with a mouse. I jumped in three years ago and bought the Roland MV8800 thinking it was gonna be the answer to my production flow. Me and a music wiz buddy sat down with it. We were gutted. I sent it back and back to the drawing board.

      9 months ago I bought the iPhone and many music apps. Out of a few dozen the one and only I buzz on making beats, synth and recording me singing direct into pads is the iMaschine app. It's amazing. For me to create the base for a track in 10 min average including a verse and chorus.

      It has the sync ability to upload to Maschine to develop the music sketch. That's super cool and a good lure, well for me it is. I bought Akai's SynthStation app. It's terrible. They know how to bore the love of life, creativity and music out of me.

      I need to take my music to the next level and I don't think I can do it with anything but NI's iMaschine and Maschine. The sounds in the app are amazing. The ability to record vocal parts as quick as you have the spark of flow and maintain the momentum. WOW!!! I've tried exporting my beats and tracks to work on in Ableton and other sequencers. Sadly my flow is gone and to get it back I need to return to where my flow is. Right now it's in iMaschine.

      My next pay check will see me opening to Maschine.

      I'm happy to share with you the things I've done on iMaschine as they are. The app has limits. Sequencing would be treats. I don't think I would need much more to make full tunes with such upgrades.

      Vocals recorded through the iPhone mic.

      Other tracks created in Voicejam. Slowly turning to Loopy HD ap once my live looping set up (on iPad) is ready for busking and gigging.

    • profile image

      Ghost Producer 5 years ago


      I'm glad you mentioned ppq! Here is the thing modern units and applications have a much higher ppq meaning there are more spots where the notes can fall on the grid unlike the mpc (especially the older ones). So the fix for this is simply creating a groove template from the older machine(s) (Mpc 60,3000 or whatever unit you want) and using it in maschine thus making maschine fixate to that lower ppq.. Higher PPQ can always go lower but not the other way around. I've done numerous test on this using my Mpc 3000, Sp303 and various other samplers. The mpc 3000 was my 1st unit I know that unit in and out.

    • profile image

      humbboy 5 years ago

      I learned on an asr x pro how to program. Let me tell you all swing is not created equal. The mpc 4k has 960 ppq, can sample in 8,12,16 & 24 bit and output in 96khz full hd. Also being the last model Roger Linn was in on its my fav. Oh yea and aksys software links with the 4k too. It all depends on how you like to work, I personally hate clicking a mouse. Maschine is super innovative but you got to be a fool if you think the sequencers are the same. This is just my opinion and it does not matter what you use its how you use it.

    • profile image

      Ghost Producer 5 years ago


      Yea a lot of people think I'm hating on the MPC and I'm not. It's just not as fast and that's a fact

    • profile image

      MundaneMondays 5 years ago

      The Maschine seems to be the ultimate, the annoying sample chopping in the MPC makes me keep mines on my shelf

    • profile image

      Ghost Producer 5 years ago


      I wasn't too impressed with the MPC ReN I got a chance to see it in action at NAMM.

      The swing is quite simple to obtain on maschine you just have to dial in the mpc's ppq.

    • profile image

      MundaneMondays 5 years ago

      one more thing ..the akai products piss me off cause they never have good products with built in sounds that you can sample off..unless it's an MPC

    • profile image

      MundaneMondays 5 years ago

      Sheesh !! i don't know ..i got an MPC 2000 a few years ago, and found it to be so complicated...when i saw native bring this out had a learning curve but it was more versatile and can interface with programs better to me ..the only thing i hate about producing now is that lots of midi's don't have sound and you have to interface with programs so i say this ...i love them both and use them both .....MPC has those deadly drum swings..but the pads can't hold up to wear and tear at time ...all in all that maschine is's soon to take over cause that last MPC..i think i saw Arab use it was trash

    • profile image

      Ghost Producer 5 years ago


      Not a problem, if you need any tips or suggestions feel free to contact me anytime

    • profile image

      MCFC 5 years ago

      @Ghost Producer. I agree. I appreciate your response. Thank you.

    • profile image

      Ghost Producer 5 years ago


      I didn't figure in the computer because most people already have a computer strong enough to run maschine but yes if you assume the user doesn't then the maschine and computer will be more expensive without a doubt. Even if i compared the newer MPCS they still are not as fast and the software that akai runs their units on are horrible which is why JJOS was built (because akai wouldn't fix it). Any experienced producer who has been around knows how bad akai's software is even with their plugins which makes me skeptical with there new MPC REN that just released.

      Hey bro I use a Mpc 1000 as well and it still doesn't load up faster than my maschine. Sampling and chopping on the 1000, 5000 and 2500 still aren't as fast

    • profile image

      Ghost Producer 5 years ago

      @MCFC 8

      To be 100% honest with you any piece of gear or software you use can be used by both beginners as well as professionals. As it is the user that produces the quality end product. Anything you touch is going to take some patience to learn. Akai Mpc, Maschine or whatever unit or software you decide to get.. you're going to have to sit and understand the basics. I think you should pick something and stick with it (get the foundations down)

    • profile image

      Chance 5 years ago

      @ Amalio

      Yea, I don't think the article writer figured in the newer mpcs but even still maschine loads faster than the newer model Mpcs

      Fast computers take a few seconds to load (20 some less) I know my macbook pro loads a lot faster than my mpc 5000.

      But I agree he should atleast compare the newer models if he is going to truly compare Mpc vs Maschine

    • profile image

      MCFC 5 years ago

      I have an MPC 500 and I do not have either the mental capacity or patience to learn it. I've check out tutorials online tried to read the manual figure a few things out but then lose patience again and put it away and go back to spinning records. I think I have good ideas and watching/reading up on the Maschine it seems a little bit more shall I say user friendly. Can someone give me their honest opinion for a beginner like myself is the Maschine better for me and should it be sufficient for a beginner as well. My MPC is basically brand new and I am frustrated by it. I'm not saying it's not a great machine but I just can't get into it. I appreciate any help as I do not have a lot of people to ask about these things. Thanks.

    • profile image

      Amalio Hentre 5 years ago

      When was released this article?

      Only Mpcs older than 2001 use zip/floppy disks, now they use sd cards, standar computer hard disks or usb data tranmission.

      I agree its a biased article comparing masschine with mcps older than 2001 and comparing prices asuming that you dont need to purchase a computer and a audio interface to use mascchine.

      Pd: I carry my mpc 1000 on a backpack too,wake me when your computer finishes to boot.

    • profile image

      Jason 5 years ago


      Please provide some proof in your argument. i've been mixing (professionally) for me than 20 years. If you don't have good A/D you don't have good quality regardless of which hardware you're using.

    • profile image

      Rivere Thomas 5 years ago

      I keep hearing this same argument MPC VS Maschine but they are not the same except for drum pads. Mpc's are sampler drum machines thats it. Maschine is a synth /drum machine/ sampler////.There's no comparison Maschine can be compared to an MV 8000 which functions exactly the same bas maschine. FYI No argument hardware sound quality is better anyone will tell you.

    • profile image

      Ghost Producer 5 years ago

      @ Arn One,

      I would love to see what the new MPc can do but to be honest I don't see it doing much. Akai is notorious for screwing up their own market with poor support and lack luster software..Only time will tell though.

      You're right Native wasn't the 1st to come up with this audio infact Maudio and countless other companies thought about doing this (including Motu with BPM)

      Native was just the 1st company to launch the idea correctly and follow through with good marketing.

      I've tested a beta version of Ren but wasn't too impressed with it but this was months ago I have no idea what has been improved (as i haven't been keeping up) but can't wait to see

    • profile image

      Arn One 5 years ago

      the new MPC Renaissance will smash Maschine right out of the park.

      also, Mashine is not an original idea. the Motu BPM was the first to integrate hardware with software 7 years ago. but, like Maschine, had nothing on the MPC, and didn't really take off.

      just think, if it wasn't for the MPC, the 8x8 grid of velocity and pressure sensitive pads wouldn't have become ubiquitous with beat making.

      the MPC is the original, and it's still the best.

    • profile image

      Manner 5 years ago

      @ Max 3

      Ski mostly uses the maschine in the lab bro.. He still has his Mpc just like he still has his Sp1200

    • profile image

      MAX 6 years ago

      Uhhh ski still has his akai mpc 2500.

    • profile image

      anthony lovell 6 years ago

      Sold my sp1200 to get maschine. Plus I got all 4 add one, true school and the other 3, drums are banging.

    • profile image

      Kevin Miller 6 years ago

      I just picked up the Mikro Maschine and those drums are poppin duke thanks for the share

    • profile image

      Jason Mills 6 years ago

      I just purchased some headphones Akg 240s... Great for mixing...

      Right now I'm converting my Mpc 1000 tracks to Maschine sessions files.

      Just thought I'd give you a little update

    • profile image

      Kyle Jones 6 years ago

      Maschine is the truth...

      Good sounds and Maschine is all you need to make hot music. Ok and a laptop.

      Speaking of good boom bap drums.. Ima have to check that site out Jason.. Thanks for the link

    • profile image

      Jason Mills 6 years ago

      Good review, I just got Maschine 2 weeks ago. Put my akai mpc on ebay within the same week.

      If you have good drums it doesn't matter what unit you are using the mpc or the maschine but! Maschine is faster

      If you got either you need these drums

    • profile image

      J Dilla Sound Kit 6 years ago

      Very interesting little maschine (no pun intended. One thing I love about this unit is the speed. There is no hardware piece on the market that can match maschine speed. For the money it's more than worth it

    • profile image

      free sounds kits 6 years ago

      This piece is a beast. I just wish it was a little bit cheap er you know?

    • profile image

      Blowing money fast 6 years ago

      Kids be tripping these days the maschine is sick mpcs are sick everything is sick if you know how to use them. The maschine imo is a lot faster I'm just not a fam of the light up pads

    • profile image

      Mpc 3k 4ever 6 years ago

      People are retarded! Maschine is a friggin beast. Yo I don't see this review as biased you were laying down the harsh facts.

      Even though I have maschine I still use my 3k. I love it and yes its slow as hell but hey it is what it is

    • profile image

      piano chord progression training 6 years ago

      Thanks for adding our links into your article!

      Maschine is a nice unit we've been experimenting with it lately.

    • profile image

      top 5 studio headphones 6 years ago

      Looks like someone got butt hurt lol

      I had a chance to sit down the maschine unit. I will admit I was a little skeptical because of all the hype but all in all this is a real solid unit.

      I sat down for hours messing with it along with my Mpc 2000xl the only flaw i see in maschine is no time stretch but from what i understand that is going to be included in an update.

      Now eventhough maschine is faster than the mpc 2000xl i wont sell the mpc because it was my 1st piece of gear but... I will have it sitting in a box in the closet

    • profile image

      Fast Money 6 years ago

      He's right about maschine being a lot faster.

    • profile image

      Ghost Producer 6 years ago

      what about the "article" is biased? i'm a long time user of the mpc 3000 and and iv'e used the 1000 for 4 years

      my comparisons are fact

    • profile image

      asian lamps 6 years ago

      @ Ben

      he sounds like a happy user to me

    • profile image

      Ben  6 years ago

      You work for Native Instruments, don't you?

      This was a very biased article, and read more like an advertisement than a true comparison. I'm all in people finding the right instrument to fit their workflow. No hate against Maschine. Just the article.

      I've owned both instruments. And the MPC wins for me.