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Akai MPC Renaissance

Updated on December 22, 2014

The Awesome New MPC from Akai

Akai has finally staked its claim to be leading the drum machine market again from 2012 onwards with the release of the MPC Renaissance. Native Instruments has had control of this market the last few years, Akai has now taken back its rightful crown however with its new hardware and software combination solution that is the Akai MPC Renaissance.

The Akai MPC Renaissance is everything you need to get making some seriously awesome music, and this new MPC Renaissance model is something that would most definitely look absolutely incredible in any studio and provide a fantastic workstation for producing some absolute killer beats.

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Akai MPC Renaissance Review

Akai has a rich history of dominating the drum machine market, the last few years Native Instruments has dominated the midi drum machine market with its Native Instruments Maschine model however, and Akai has had some serious catching up to do. Long time Akai MPC devotees found themselves crossing over to Native Instruments as Akai failed to keep up with the times in offering something along the lines of the Maschine, and Native Instruments had a pretty easy run of it as they really had very little in the way of competition to deal with. That is until now...

With the MPC Renaissance, Akai have finally caught up with the times, released a product to rival Native Instruments' Maschine, and it certainly seems to have got Native Instruments worried as they've just recently released a new Maschine which updates a few things and implements a few features previously missing in order to attempt to compete with Akai's new machine, the MPC Renaissance.

If I was in charge of Native Instruments then I'd be pretty worried about the MPC Renaissance too, and if you've tried out the MPC Renaissance for yourself then you'll no doubt already be convinced of the quality of this great new instrument from Akai. If you're a long term MPC user, your old projects will all be completely compatible with this new Akai hardware/software, and it's incredibly easy to get this piece of kit connected up to your Mac/PC and get making music using Akai's new software.

Basically, if you've ever considered that the Native Instruments Maschine might be a cool product to invest in for your home studio or just for your general fun, then the MPC Renaissance is definitely a product that you should be taking a serious look at. It has a vintage mode that allows you to change the sound character to be like different MPC machines of the past, and you can therefore be sure that you'll be able to find your flow with the MPC Renaissance, and regardless of what Akai MPC model is your personal favorite, this fine new machine will more than meet your needs, and you'll be producing great music in no time on this thing!

If you're an old school MPC user then you'll find working this thing an absolute dream, you can use all your old acquired knowledge of working MPC's and apply it to this brand new beast of a machine. If you're new to the Akai MPC game however then don't be alarmed, you'll soon be making beats with the best of them, and if you have drive, commitment, and determination, then you've no doubt got what it takes to make it in this game and will have a lot of success with the Akai MPC Renaissance. A bit of skill is aslo required of course, if you've got a good ear for music and a good amount of rhythm however then you'll surely find the MPC Renaissance a lot of fun and make some music on this thing to be seriously proud of.

Move over, Maschine, there's a new drum machine/sampler on the market now and its name is the MPC Renaissance.

The Competition

If you're still interested in taking a look at the Native Instruments Maschine, then here is the new Maschine that's recently hit the market.

The Akai MPC Renaissance in Action

AraabMUZIK getting to grips with and doing his thing on the Akai MPC Renaissance. Definitely a very cool demonstration of the sorts of things you can potentially achieve with an MPC if you put in the time, practice, and dedication.

What do you think of the MPC Renaissance?

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    • NigelMcKernan LM profile image

      NigelMcKernan LM 5 years ago

      I think AKAI makes fantastic products. I have their AKAI EIE Pro Interface and it's just awesome. I'll have to check this out!