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Updated on April 25, 2015

Producing Music with Your Computer

Do you like to create music? Are you frustrated with finding music you can use without infringing on a copyright? Then you may enjoy music creation software. Make your own music for your videos or projects and stop worrying about copyright infringement. Creating music can be fun and enjoyable. Exploring some of the options available for creating music can be worthwhile in helping you select the best music producing software for your needs.

I've always loved music. I remember as a child learning songs at school like "The Animal Fair" and "Michael Finnegan". I would sing them over and over again. I loved the songs I learned at church like "Give Said the Little Stream" and "Popcorn Popping". When I was twelve years old I learned to play the flute in the school band. For the next six years I enjoyed playing with the band every day at school for the hour class time. I wanted to learn to play the piano, but we didn't have a piano. A friend who had learned to play the piano tried to teach me how to play the piano, but without a piano to practice on I didn't really learn much.

In today's world music surrounds us. We can listen to radios, MP3 players, CD players, YouTube videos, online radio stations and, if you still have a record player or a tape player, you can listen to records and tape recordings. We still can play a piano or a musical instrument. We can sing. Still there is something satisfying about creating your own music.

Music Producing Videos

If you don't know a lot about music production, fortunately there is help available through videos. Ideas and suggestions are given to you and visual help with producing music. Here are three videos that might be of help.

Music Creation Software - Free Trials

There are music creators that can help you create your own music. Free trials enable you to actually use the software and see how it works before committing to buying the software. You can search for music creation software and compare what may be best for you. You can create music and see how easy the process is with a certain software. You may find certain programs more enjoyable to use than others. You will probably prefer one program over another. Music may be challenging, but it should be fun and rewarding. Creating your own music may become one of your favorite hobbies.

Music Theory Education

Learning about music theory will greatly help your efforts in creating music. When I was younger, I thought music was totally creative and that there weren't really rules to creating it. I could just sing a song with my own words and my own notes and it could be good. As I learned to play a musical instrument and to read music, I began to realize there were rules to be followed to make good music. I realized that there is a lot of math in music. Learning music theory can help one create great music. Reading books or listening to audios that help you understand music theory can speed your ability to create great music.

Do You Enjoy Creating Music?

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    • JenaleeMortensen profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      @MargoPArrowsmith: I think we all are talented, but some things are easier some people. If we enjoy something and want to learn it and work at it, we can become good at it. It does help to have tools that make the work easier. It is amazing what technology provides for us today. Thanks for commenting.

    • MargoPArrowsmith profile image


      8 years ago

      I am not talented or smart enough, but its amazing what people can do these days!


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