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Making sweet music with PHILIPS...

Updated on June 21, 2012

Allow me to introduce you to my music system Philip

I'm not sure about you but the one thing that I would find it hard to live without is music, and so that means I also couldn't live without my music system or hi-fi. In fact I will go as far in saying that I love my music system soooo much and spend so much of my time listening to it that I have given it a name...yep, I call my hi-fi "Philip".

Philip's naming was easy because he was manufactured by the electrical manufacturer "PHILIPS", the reason that I decided to name Philip came about after my daughter announced one day when she was talking to my Mum that "Mummy is having a love affair"...of course, Mum then was dying to find out who was I because my secret affair was such a huge secret that even I had no idea who he was. So eager to hear more we asked Bobbi who this "mystery guy" was that I was apparently having illicit liason's with and without hesitation Bobbi stated "his name is Philip and Mummy adores him so much that she spends all of her time with him...he is in Mummy's bedroom right now sleeping because Mummy had him up half of the night singing". Upon hearing this I burst out laughing as I realised by then just who or what this Philip was...yep I was having a love affair with my music system.

And Philip and I are as much besotted with each other today as we were back then, ..a true partnership made in heaven that I couldn't bear it if anything happened to him.

The rest of this lens is mostly all about how terriffic Philip is and why he makes me so happy and how he manages to lift my spirits up whenever I turn him on!

Philips Hi-Fi Music System Description

Philip's specification's are set out for you below but here is his description so that you may see his "appeal" far as I'm concerned he is the "Mary Poppins" of all hi-fi's and music system's...yep, he is practically perfect!



The Philips FWD 132/05 hi-fi music system revels the magic of movies and music


Dolby digital sound ensures a rich movie experience when viewing using the built-in dvd player.

This model has a progressive scan component video which is used to optimise the image quality.

Virtual ambience control provides stimulated sound setting's.


Philips A Real Gent

Due to there not being a lot of room in my bedroom I keep one of Philips hi fi speakers on top of the music system itself like in this photo.

I think that with the speaker sitting on top the way it is makes Philip seem kinda robotic don't you?. The speaker being the head and the hi fi part being the body. So I now keep a hat on his head...makes him more of a real Gent and it suits him too...hehe

PHILIPS FWD 132/05 Hi-Fi Music System Specifications


As you already know that I think PHILIPS the best thing since sliced bread . But you don't have to take my word for it, check out PHILIPS specification's...add these with the above description along with my absolute adoration then I am sure you will begin to see for yourself just what an exceptional hi-fi music system PHILIPS is.

General Specifications


1 year warranty

Manufactufactures model and part number is FWD 132/05

Motorised disc loader

Remote controlled

The dimensions are 190mm x 292mm x 284mm

Special Specifications

Double base booster sound enhancer

Dolby digital sound system

1200Watt PMPO output power

Built-in DVD player

Available in Silver, Black, Blue and Pink

Amazing low price below 100

PHILIPS hi fi music systems are now available to buy on Amazon...even you don't intend to buy one now maybe you will consider buying a PHILIPS the next time you do buy one?

The PHILIPS brand is a well-known and trusted brand for lots of electrical equipment which I must admit I do intend to buy when I need anything electrical.

My main reason for choosing to buy Philips is not only because of the exceptionally competitive prices but because PHILIPS provide high quality at a competitive price...I think that when buying anything made by PHILIPS that you definitely get far more than you pay for, something which not all electrical brands give you.


As you can see by viewing these video's on YouTube, I don't stand alone when I "big-up" PHILIPS as being the producer's of really cool hi-fi music systems...and their prices are pretty difficult to beat for the same high quality from other hi-fi music system manufacturer's.

Hi-fi music system's Poll

Hi-fi music system's are something which many of us already have in our homes I know, but if you had to buy a new one tomorrow which of these hi-fi music system's would be your preferred choice?...taking into account the price, quality of sound and watt output and not relying on just the brand name alone.Please vote your 1st choice up and your last choice down...remember that the poll is asking which one you WOULD buy...and not which one you would like to buy if you had enough money hehe

Do you share your love of music with your hi-fi music system as I do with Philip?...maybe you think that I am crazy?...or maybe you're having a love affair with a different piece of musical equipment?, whatever you love, be it this lens of mine or music I would love for you to write a little something here about it for me which would make me so happy :)...If your answer to all of these questions is no then please still leave me a small comment...better still would be for you to show this lens of mine a little love even if you think I may have lost the plot along the way

Thankyou all for your lovely comments in advance.....Alfiesgirl Tina

>Love Today!

Like this lens or hate it...please remember to rate it.

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    • profile image

      Alfiesgirl LM 

      4 years ago

      Just had a smirkle to myself after reading this once more. It appears that my squidoo lenses are now lost or transferred here but how can I add/edit/update my pages before they are thrown on the compost heap where the 30 or so missing pages I wrote must be. WHHHHYYYYYYY, WHHHEENNNN, WHEERREEEEEE, HOWWWWW do my best pages get discarded whilst silly pages such as this one which I wrote as a bit of fun manage to be kept. I don't know if I want to cry , scream or get drunk drowning the sorrows of my great loss...maybe all three might wipe my memory so I'l not know my best work has been dumped when I come-to after the alcohol wears off!

      Love Today! Tina

    • greenspirit profile image

      poppy mercer 

      8 years ago from London

      I'm now really curious as to the music that you and Phillip share?


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