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my annoying pc (Personal Computer) experiences

Updated on February 13, 2013

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Wishes of a simpler life

Why can't computing be easy pc?

If I press a key, then pause in thought, I get interupted with a ping, and a pop-up that prompts "Stinky keys" or sticky keys or something. There's is no way to turn off the pop up! This is annoying, I don't want them, I never will. I don't even understand the point of them.
I press the right shift key, and after cancelling the pop-up, I find that it has changed my keys to capitals, and when I press caps lock, I still can't get commas and full stops. So I've lost a lot of work as I had to turn off and start again.

Pop-Ups generally I can do without. Such as "Wireless connection not detected!" that's because I don't have one, I don't ruddy want one. I don't need one and nor do I trust them as anywhere near secure. They can ban that technology for all I care.

Cookies are most annoying, they slow the computer down, and can become infinite as many just keep adding. And am thankful to various programs for helping delete the nasties they can attract. I think each piece of software, website, company etc. should be made accountable for what it lets out into this parallel universe. That they should provide lists and explanations, and always allow refusals without removal of use of site. Especially for unnecessary cookies and programs.

Why don't computer manufacturers take advantage of the new card and card reader memories. I saw a 16gb card the size of a mobile phone sim for under 40 uk. pounds. And it looks like the price is coming down. I would much rather have separate disks for separate activities. ie. 1. for shopping to known sites, 2 idle browsing, 3. exploring new shops etc. than burdening this to one hd. A mechanism like an external card port/s, as with usb. Is surely better than having to rely on one internal mechanism for everything. We could have one card with the type of browsing, as listed. And another for memory of that cards specific use. With some RAM as back up for speed.

Why are modern languages of BASIC so hard to learn? And why don't they come with the computer anymore. If it wasn't for my 80's emultor, and the fact that my original 8 bit computer supplied enough to get me started in the language. I would have no productive use of computers except for when they do away with shops.

Is blogging productive? Does any-one listen or take any notice, or learn anything from them? Or gain much from doing them? Are there formal awards around for the best or most helpful? I'm just sat here waiting for the shop to open so I can get my breakfast.

Also, there is such a thing as too many short cut keys. It seems these days there's an obsession with putting loads in. So much so that when I miss keys, something undesireable tends to happen more often than not. And I'm left struggling to work out what happened, and what to do to fix it! It's a wonder I get anything done at all to be honest!

With that in mind, the shop will be open now, so thanks for reading, and best wishes. Hope you find something productive to do -from it! ...


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    • Absent Friend profile image

      Absent Friend 7 years ago

      since when is something designed as a user wants it?

      rare, I think?