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My experience on

Updated on September 18, 2014


I just enjoy writing reviews and I take it as a challenge to hone my writing skills. During this one month period of writing, I always get satisfaction when I have my reviews published online and get paid for it.

Joining the website

I joined this website since 26 July 2010. I wrote my first review on 24 July 2010 and I received a bulk rate for it. This website does not need to have you registered and what you need is just your e-mail address to log in to view your submission status. Make sure that you link your PayPal account to your e-mail address. You just need to have a free basic PayPal account to receive your payment. They will create your account after they accepted your review. This may sound unsecure to you because everyone who knows your e-mail address will be able to view all your submissions. For me, this is not a problem because it does not contain any private data about me, only my submissions. When you requested your funds, ReviewStream will send confirmation to your e-mail address and funds to your PayPal account and both of these accounts should have a strong password for good account protection. So, I don't see a problem with that.

Writing reviews and their pay rate

Secondly, the minimum payout for review stream is 50 US dollars. They buy your reviews for 2.50 USD at regular rate and 0.50 USD at bulk rate. For me, this payout is not hard to reach so long as you put in your effort into writing your reviews. I reached the minimum payout on 30 August 2010. I usually spend 1 to 2 hours of writing each review and I usually write one review every day. Sometimes, I will write 2 or more reviews if I am free. My shortest review that received payment at regular rate is about 400 words. For me, the shortest review that I can write is around 300 words, however, 200 words will also be acceptable. I usually write reviews in categories such as: "hardware", "electronics", "housewares", "laptops", "cell phones", "cameras", and "cars". I usually refer to the product specifications, its user manual, problems faced during usage, and even their appearance to give a comprehensive review about the subject. They allow biased reviews but it is better for you check both sides of your arguments before you summarise your thoughts. Until 6 September 2010, out of 35 reviews that I had written, I have 22 reviews paid at regular rate, 11 reviews at bulk rate, and 2 reviews rejected. This adds up to the total of 60.50 USD.

They may pay your reviews at bulk rate for the first 10 or even 20 reviews and 5 or more reviews rejected but what I believe is that once you are really serious and honest in producing high quality reviews, your reputation will build up and they are more willing to pay you at regular rate. I have to admit that luck factor may play a part in the payments of your reviews and if your reviews get rejected or not. It takes within 3 to 5 days to process my reviews. It does not matter whether they accept your reviews at regular or bulk rate. This message will always appears: "SUGGESTION : Please be more specific next time. Don't hesitate to describe your personal feelings about the item you're reviewing."

They pay my reviews at bulk rate when I checked this item:"I'm ready to get paid at the bulk rate" box. Therefore, I think it is better for you not checked the "bulk rate" box if you are confident that your review is worth at regular rate. Checking the "bulk rate" will make them feel that you are not confident that your review worth at regular rate. However, I do get 4 of my reviews rejected because they are not interested to pay me in regular rate. You can choose to sell your rejected reviews at other places or you can resubmit them with bulk rate box checked. However, I have 2 reviews paid in regular rate after they asked me to enable the "bulk rate" box. Really, there is no definite conclusion to say that you should check the bulk rate box or not.

They pay full rate for my reviews as shown below

Here are some of my reviews that are paid in full rate:

1. Besta CD-628 pro computer dictionary

2. Nokia 5320 Xpress Music

3. Buffalo Enco Rice Cooker KW01 (1.0 litre)

4. Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop

They paid bulk rate for my reviews shown below

For the bulk rate payment:

1. Proton Wira 1.5 GL Manual Sedan

2. My10s 48x CD-R 80 min/700 MB (50 pieces per pack)

3. Bosch Aquatak 1200 Plus high pressure cleaner

4. Kingston DIMM 2 GB DDR3 1333 RAM/ PC10600 /(KVR1333D3N9) /240-Pin

"Every vote pays" programme

About the "every vote pays" programme, I think that it is quite difficult for me to reach minimum 50 votes for each review that I published since each vote worth 10 cents and 5.00 USD is the required amount for payout. I have not seen any of my or other people's reviews that can reach 30 votes or more after I browse through the reviews until now. I think that most people will be lazy to mark the box and click the "yes" button to add a vote for the article. It is quite troublesome for them to click on the "yes" button.

Control panel

For the "Write Review" box that houses your review, it is not user-friendly because all text that pasted into it will become a format that looks like html code and some of the special characters that you entered will get altered and mess up. Inappropriate spacing may occur sometimes but mostly such problems won’t happen. The ReviewStream also includes a “Notes” section about your accessed review so that you focus on what areas to improve.

Referral programme and payout

For the referral section, I would recommend you to refer only to others after you received your first payment. This will make your recommendation stronger if you are actually get paid by ReviewStream. I think that once you reach your payout, they may appoint you as senior reviewer and you can check other people's reviews. Every review you processed will earn you "processing payment" of 0.04 USD.

I must say that they are quick to pay once you reach your minimum payout. I do not experience any hindrance when I nearly reach the minimum payout. Alleged frauds against ReviewStream like getting paid at bulk rate only, getting all of your reviews rejected, or getting your account banned do not happen to me. I received 61.02 USD including "processing payment" one day after I requested payment from them. However, PayPal deducted 2.68 USD from my transaction and the amount that remains for me is 58.34 USD. I have not tried their customer service so I don't know if their service is good or not.


Review Stream is a good, legitimate website that you can rely on. The biggest difference between this site and Triond is that they will pay you 0.50 USD or 2.50 USD once they accept your reviews at Review Stream; for Triond, you may need to put in extra effort to enable each of your article receive 0.50 USD or even more than 2.50 USD! More importantly, you should enjoy writing reviews so that you can carry forward no matter what type of payment received for your reviews! The decision is yours!

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