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My Favorite Christian Kindle Covers

Updated on February 1, 2016

Kindle the Word of God

The word "kindle" means to start something, a fire for example, to stir up something, to make it flare up and become illuminated. When the Kindle first came out, it was revolutionary in that, unlike previous readers, it could connect to the Internet. The Kindle is a service as much as it is a device.

The word of God needs no kindling. It is already blazing in believers throughout the world. Our prayers need to be with those who have yet to experience it.

About Giving Gifts

Giving gifts has always been a struggle for me. I'm much better at receiving them. Then again, I could probably improve in that department as well.

The problem with us humans, especially me, is that most of the time the goal of our actions is to satisfy some sort of need we have. In other words, we are self rather than other centered. That makes it really difficult to select appropriate gifts for another. Let's just be honest, gift giving is something we do out of duty, not because it is something we really want to do.

Real gift giving goes beyond cultural customs. It is about figuring out the best way to enhance the life of another person. For a little while we will have to stop thinking about ourselves, essentially become that other person. What are the likes, the dislikes, the passions, needs and wants of the person? Get that right and you have the perfect gift. Sometimes it is presence more than presents.

Purpose of Cases and Covers

The primary purpose of cases and covers is obviously to protect your device from the many dangers it faces during daily use. Generally speaking, cases are rigid and protect the back and sides from bumps and bruises. Covers protect the screen from scratches.

For some of us, protection is secondary. Covers and cases are primarily for decorative purposes. Some people like the simplicity of a monochrome cover with no decorations of any kind. Others prefer to load up on all the bling they can get. Still others like it to be a billboard, tell a story about who the owner is.

Some Problems with Christian Merchandise

After publishing a number of articles about my favorite Christian themed iPad covers, car decals, iPhone covers, etc., I began to question if it really was appropriate to continue to do so. Isn't it blasphemous to commercialize the gospel message?

I'm aware of two thoughts on the matter. On the one hand, the need to identify as a Christian, to connect with other Christians, daily reminders of who is really in charge. On the other, the need to connect with non-believers. There is some evidence that Christian themed merchandise does not serve that purpose very well. Establishing relationships with non-believers does not depend on what your T-shirt says. It depends on the kind of person you are.

With that in mind, I've tried to come up with some appropriate ways of dressing up my Kindle. Let people judge my action, and let God judge my motive.

Which Model Do You Have?

When you choose your cover, case or skin it is important to know what model it is meant for. This is because each of the models have different dimensions, so covers will only fit on one of them.

Most ads will tell you which model it is meant for. Sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge to dig that piece of vital information out. If it isn't there, the advertiser deserves it when you move on to a different product.

Kindle Fire HD 8.9

Raspberry Inspirational Tablet Case / Sleeve - Serenity Prayer
Raspberry Inspirational Tablet Case / Sleeve - Serenity Prayer

I'm particularly pleased to include this prayer because it allows me to talk about assumptions. The prayer is often associated with a certain group. Unfortunately, this leads to the assumption that any person using the prayer is also associated with this group.

Similarly, identifying as a Christian also leads to assumptions about what you believe many of which simply aren't true. False prophets are everywhere and are skilled at capturing the attention of the media.

Open the dialog, set things straight.


Kindle Fire

Cross christian Kindle Fire 1st Generation 7" Case / Cover Great Gift Idea
Cross christian Kindle Fire 1st Generation 7" Case / Cover Great Gift Idea

Have you noticed that I like simple design? I hope you do too.


Awesome God - Rich Mullins

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    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 4 years ago from Arkansas USA

      Since people carry their Kindle with them most of the time, having a Christian-themed cover can be a very good witness. I love the idea!