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My Top 5 Favorite Flashlights & Why I Love 'Em!

Updated on October 26, 2014

A Night Owl's Personal Review Of The Best Flashlights!

I just turned 31 in January and over the span of my entire life, I have owned countless flashlights. I've always needed flashlights, especially due to my love of the night. When I was younger, I always wanted to stay up late!(What kid doesn't?) I just love the serene qualities that exist when the sun is off, busy, illuminating the other half of the world. It's night, it's dark, everyone is sleeping and I'm enjoying the peace & quiet that the Earth's shadow brings.

My friends and I, during our teenage years would stay up late, when it was the weekend or if we had days off from school, because of vacation/recess, holidays, teacher conference days and yes, Summer! We would even sneak out of our houses late at night and hang out. Rebels! lol A flashlight definitely came in handy, more times than not - whether someone dropped something, if I was, or we were, exploring/traveling possibly dangerous terrain, or just needed a little extra light to see certain things that were semi-lit.....

This article will highlight my top 5 favorite flashlights. Of all the flashlights I have owned, and still own, these are the ones I highly recommend if you're looking for the best & brightest - and just all around awesome ones....

*All the pictures on this page are my own, unless otherwise stated.

Flashlights are an absolute necessity when it comes to emergency situations like blackouts and power outages.

They definitely made the list I put together: The Top 10 Ways To Prepare For A Power Outage

Of All The Flashlights I Own.... - Can you guess which 5 flashlights are my favorites?

There's a picture of all the flashlights I own. The majority of them are outdated and use the older orange bulbs that provide insufficient light. I'm not sure why I'm still holding onto them, except for the fact that I'll probably use them in some kind of arts & crafts projects, kind of like this one I do: How To Make Artwork Out of Junk!

That's a perfect idea for them because there's no way to sell those old flashlights(You probably couldn't even give them away). No one would want one with how bad the light quality is, compared to super bright LED's.

*There is an actual use for those old niece and nephew love being able to use those old flashlights when it's nighttime and especially when they're getting settled into bed and on their way to sleep. Or if my brother, their dad, is reading them bedtime stories and they want to read along, right next to him. They love using their flashlights to shine around their room, in an exploratory way. It's so cool to see children, who are obviously new to this world, full of so much awe and wonder, in trying find out what everything is and to watch people, to see what it is they're doing and what this place is, that they're a part of!

It's better for them to use the older ones because they won't run the risk of shining LED's in their eyes and ultimately damaging their eyes. Not to mention, they aren't as bright as LED's so it's a cooler look to the shining flashlights and it makes them really try to see/investigate in the dark, as opposed to LED's lighting up the whole room and ruining the mystery :)

Blast Away The Darkness!

My Favorite Maglite LED Flashlight!

Sometime, in my teenage years(I can't remember when exactly), I received a Maglite Flashlight for Christmas. It came with a holster that you could attach to your belt(by running the belt through it), and so from that day, of putting it on, I rarely ever took it off, unless I was sleeping or had to wash my jeans. I loved the holster functionability! I loved the feeling of it on my hip, much like a police officer, detective or an FBI Agent(What I wanted to be when I grew up!) with a gun on his waist, questioning the bad guys and solving crimes.

When I needed to see something, that only my flashlight could illuminate, I'd pull it out like I was a fast draw shooter in the wild west and blast away the dark! It didn't have a button though, you had to unscrew and screw the head for the light to turn on or off, plus it could zoom out or in the light, which is awesome btw! Needless to say, it was my favorite flashlight I ever owned and I still own the same exact type one, but with the new LED awesomeness!

I used that old, trusty flashlight countless see my way through the dark, to find items that were blanketed in darkness and to basically see anything that low light conditions wouldn't allow us humans to see, with our current eye capabilities & specifications. The flashlight was my trusty friend who never let me down, except for the rare times that I had to replace the bulb, in which case, every Maglite came with an extra bulb, which sat snuggly into the battery compartment, under the spring. Loved it! The new LED version doesn't come with a replacement bulb because it doesn't need one - LED bulbs are highly resilient!

Old Flashlight Bulbs!

That picture up above is one I took of 3 old flashlights shining at a wall, to show their quality. That picture quality actually does them justice, oddly enough.(Specifically the middle one, because that flashlight is a heavy duty old one, that uses D batteries and has a bigger bulb.) But I'm sure you know the look of the orange bulbs and how they look in comparison to LED's.

I still can't believe we used those old kinds. The older flashlights seemed decent enough, adequate, before LED's came on the scene. Now that we can see the difference, we can tell how horrible they are, when compared to LED's. I mean holy cow! As soon as I saw an LED flashlight for the first time, and then tested the lights power, while shining an old flashlight next to it. Wow! The new bulbs are so much better than the old ones!

These next 2 pictures are what the light looks like from My Favorite Maglite. From spot to spread, by twisting the head of it and making the light focus from close to far....

Maglite's LED Zooming Light Beam Technology

If you look at this picture and the next one you should hopefully be able to notice that the 2nd one is brighter(in area) by lighting up the wall more widespread than the first, without the zoom set. I set the Maglite to a zoom in this first picture which makes the center brightness, brighter than the second picture.. You'll definitely see the difference if you ever own one. This specific Maglite, that I own, is super bright at 226 lumens. In my backyard, I can see all the way to my back fence and up the trees and even further! The zoom is what sets this flashlight apart from all the rest. This is, by far, my best & favorite flashlight that I own!

*Also, they even make one that's brighter than mine, touting 245 lumens! The brighter one is right down below this writing...

Maglite Mini PRO+ LED 2-Cell AA Flashlight with Holster, Black
Maglite Mini PRO+ LED 2-Cell AA Flashlight with Holster, Black

I don't own this Maglite. It's actually a brighter one than I have, by about 20 lumens. As far as I can tell, it's the same as the one I own except that it's brighter.


When they finally had LED's available for Maglite flashlights, man, was I happy! I mean, the brightest flashlight I had ever come across, when I was younger, was my friends super bright spotlight. He would show off it's brightness by shining it up at some old smoke stacks, or a water tower, by his house. I was like wow! It had amazing distance and brightness, but nowadays it doesn't even compare to some of the LED lights that exist.

My Favorite Maglite Flashlight!

The Maglite that I currently own is a Maglite SP2P01H Mini PRO LED. It's my absolute favorite flashlight out of all the ones here, because of it's brightness, zooming qualities and portability. It's the most recent one they make that I like. They also make one that's very similar to it, that I don't own because I don't want it, but it has more functions like blinking morse code S.O.S. and power saving lighted modes, it's called The Maglite SP2201H.

The Maglite I own, the SP2P01H's awesomeness shines through, by way of being bright, light weight, only requiring two double AA batteries, the ease of use, the magnifying light that you can control from making the light brighter closer or far away(spot to spread, & vice versa!), and the holster that comes with it! Maglite's also come with a lifetime warranty but I've never had to or tried seeing how good that situation would be, if trying to have one replaced.

Maglite Mini LED 2-Cell AA Flashlight Universal Camo Pattern
Maglite Mini LED 2-Cell AA Flashlight Universal Camo Pattern

This is the Maglite that I was talking about that has the different modes, like S.O.S. blinking and power save light mode etc.


My only semi-dislike, of some Maglites in general, and of the one I own, is the fact that the head screwing turns it on or off - there's no clicking button. The head screwing also makes the light zoom in and out which, is epic, if you've never seen that happen, you should! I ultimately don't mind the head unscrewing way to turn it on or off but it could be cool if it had a button too.

The only other downside is that they aren't waterproof. Now that would be cool! That's the only other beef I have with it. Those two problems are very minimal! As far as making it have a button, that would be cool if you could turn it on or off with the head unscrewing and a button, so you could choose because it can be hard to turn it on one handed, especially if your flashlight head gets stripped(well not so much stripped, but just hard to turn it as easy as when you first own it), which can happen if you keep removing the head of the flashlight to use the awesome candle mode, and then not put it back on the way it went originally.

My Maglite LED Flashlight In Candle Mode!

That's a picture I took of an older LED Maglite, similar to the Maglite I own, in candle mode. I put it on a really cool, white, column type pedestal. I really like how that picture came out! (btw, the older model, I still have, doesn't compare to the newer models, if you notice the older one's bulb shining, it's more bluish LED than white. White led's are better, in my personal opinion, because blue is darker than white, so you can't see as much, lit up, with a more bluer led bulb.)

The candle mode is cool because if you take the head of the maglite off, the flashlight can act as a candle and you can put the removed head under it, to hold it up - the flashlight fits perfectly into the upside down head to hold it flat and steady on a table. As always though, don't look into the bulb's brightness or you'll lose your eyesight - that goes for any LED's!

The Maglite SP2P01H Mini Pro LED 2 Cell Flashlight

This is the Maglite flashlight that I was talking about, that I own. This is the newer version they make nowadays with an LED bulb. Those older orange bulb ones that broke easily don't compare to the LED battery saving ones of today.

Maglite Mini PRO LED 2-Cell AA Flashlight with Holster Black
Maglite Mini PRO LED 2-Cell AA Flashlight with Holster Black

This flashlight comes with a belt holster and 2 double AA batteries. Knowing the size of the batteries, you can gauge how big the flashlight is, in the picture.

So that way you'll know what size the flashlight is.

Unlike the older flashlights, with replacement bulbs, these newer LED flashlights don't come with replacement bulbs, but that's because it needs no replacement. LED bulbs are very reliable and will rarely, ever stop working.

This new model, unlike it's previous one(also an LED one) comes with a key ring hole, so you can put a strap on the end of it or attach it to your keychain for easy portability, if you decide not to use the holster. It also fits perfectly in your pocket.

The holster attaches to the belt by feeding the belt through the holster, when you're putting a belt through the loops on your pants or jeans.

The best thing about the holster is that the flashlight fits perfectly into it, so that it won't fall out. It will take some time before the holster gets worn in to the point where the flashlight can slide & fall out if you are upside down or turned back downwards.

I love this flashlight and I think you will too if you get it.


Have You Ever Owned A Maglite?

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Light Up The Dark!

My Favorite Headlamp Flashlight!

I bought my first headlamp flashlight in January of 2013. I wish I had bought one a lot sooner! After doing a lot of recon work online to find the best one, by reading customer reviews, I decided to get a Streamlight Septor LED Headlamp What a great choice! The reviews were right, this is an excellent flashlight! Now I can be hands free when I'm doing something that requires both hands. No more trying to do things one-handed while holding onto a flashlight to see what I'm doing.

*Update: One word of advice when it comes to wearing your headlamp: Make sure when it's nighttime, and you're outside, that you be careful with it on, because as you well know, bugs are attracted to light! Don't have it run too long, without moving, because the bugs come straight for your face! That is not fun! Especially a huge monstrosity of a bug! Holy crap did I get scared when a huge one came right for my face!!!(Earlier tonight) And I do mean huge! It was a rare sized beetle, the size of like 2 1/2 grapes or 3! Those big eyes and the loud fluttery wings, looking like a baby bat! Holy smokes! I wish I had my reaction on camera lol I freaked out! (I rarely ever freak out which made it even more epic hahaha) Ok, I'm done getting it out of my system lol

The Streamlight Septor is great because it has 3 light brightness settings. You can click it 3 times....each time it gets brighter and then the fourth click makes it shut off. It can tilt up or down at different angles, which works out great if you want to see something in your hands or to light up a pathway you're traveling by. The angles lock into place very sturdy with hard plastic. The headband is made of elastic and can even be adjusted to fit your head nicely.

It takes 3 triple AAA batteries in an easily locked plastic shell, blocked for the water resistant capability. One thing to point out is that it's water resistant, not proof, so you can't submerge it in water or get it totally wet because it's not built to totally withstand water but, if you're in the rain or etc it should be fine. If you're looking for a waterproof flashlight, that one is coming up next......

A Streamlight Septor 7 LED Headlamp

This is the headlamp flashlight, I own, that I was talking about. It's the best headlamp LED, in my opinion.

Streamlight 61052 Septor LED Headlamp with Strap
Streamlight 61052 Septor LED Headlamp with Strap

This headlamp is great! It has all the straps needed for going on your head perfectly and they all come attached, except for one that is rubber. The rubber one is for a hard hat helmet, for an extremely secured un-movability. I personally have no need for the rubber hard hat helmet strap because the ones on it are sufficient enough.

The picture they show for the headlamp is what it looks like right out of the box, the straps that go around the head and the one that goes over the head, are all attached and are completely adjustable so you can tighten or loosen them to fit how you want them to. That way if it's too tight, you can loosen them so you don't get a headache, you know like when something is tight on your head, like a hat can. Also, the straps are made of very durable elastic!

Some people have said that their headlamps slip down their head while their wearing it and that you should wear a hat to avoid that, but with mine I haven't had any slippage, and if there was any, it was only a centimeter or less - Nothing to write home about.

The headlamp, bulb part, can be adjusted to go up and down for different angle settings(a full 90 degrees) - so you can face it down more or up more. It clicks into place, for each position and stays really well.

This is a 7 LED bulb flashlight headlamp. The power button is on top of the flashlight bulb part. You can click it for 3 light modes. If you click it once, it turns on 1 LED, then click it again and it turns on 3 of the LED's and if you click it the third time, it turns on all 7 LED's. Just give it a fourth click to turn it off.

All in all, it's a very bright flashlight! It takes 3 AAA batteries that go into the water-resistant, flashlight part of it. Yes! It's water resistant!

The best headlamp I've ever bought!


Do You Own A Headlamp?

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What was that!?! I thought I just saw something over by those bushes!?!

My Favorite Waterproof Flashlight!

Look how cool that picture came out! I took that picture myself. I wanted to showcase my waterproof flashlight, it in a really cool way. I had a vision in mind, of how I wanted the picture to be and it came out 99% like the way I wanted. I wanted it to be on a dark colored surface and with water droplets on it. So what I did was, I put it on the top of my oven and used a water bottle, with the mist sprayer switched on, and sprayed it to make it look like that finished photo you see there!

Anyway, that flashlight I own, I bought it back around 2005 or so and it's still going strong. They don't make it anymore though but I highly recommend a Dorcy 4 LED Floating Waterproof Flashlight.

The cool thing about waterproof flashlights is that they'll say how far underwater you can submerge it before it might stop working due to water pressure depth. I think the one I own was something like 30 meters. I can't remember! plus, I'm not familiar enough with measurements like how long a meter is, in relation to yards and feet etc. lol

Testing Out My Waterproof Flashlight....

As you can see by that picture I took, of my flashlight submerged in water, and still powered on, it's waterproof! I love it when electronics, or any item, is waterproof because it pretty much means it's made of quality! Usually flashlights are used for emergencies which makes waterproof flashlights a must have.

The flashlight I own is called an AquaLED Torch Nightbuster. I tried looking online for it so I could link to it, so you could see it, but I couldn't find it. If I ever find it I'll post it, but as for a really great waterproof flashlight, like I said before, be sure and check out the Dorcy Waterproof Flashlight that I linked to down bottom. It's probably better than mine because the one I have, the head twists to turn it on or off, whereas the Dorcy one uses a clicking button. Also, that one floats, whereas mine would just drop to the bottom of the water. My flashlight was something like $40 but that one is around $7 or $8, you can't go wrong with that price and the batteries even come with it.

My flashlight came with a little squeeze container of waterproof lubrication to help oil the ring inside that protects it from water seeping in, during the process of twisting the head of the flashlight when turning it on. The Dorcy doesn't need that because it uses a clicking button to power it on, unlike my twisting head one.

The Most Affordable, Popular & Highly Rated Waterproof Flashlight

They don't sell the AquaLED Torch Flashlight that I was talking about before, but the Dorcy one they sell is the best & most affordable waterproof flashlight on the market!

Dorcy 41-2510 Floating Waterproof LED Flashlight with Carabineer Clip, 55-Lumens, Yellow
Dorcy 41-2510 Floating Waterproof LED Flashlight with Carabineer Clip, 55-Lumens, Yellow

You absolutely can't beat the price on this flashlight for what it does! The reviews for it are phenomenal!

It's waterproof! It has rubber, non-slip grips and is very bright with just 4 LED's. It takes 3 AA batteries(That come included). It also has a carabiner clip for easily portability. It's made of highly durable plastic & rubber and it floats in water, especially since it's waterproof! Did I mention that it's waterproof? lol

The rain won't harm this puppy! Neither will a splash or swim in the lake! If you want an extremely affordable flashlight, this is your ticket!


Have You Ever Accidentally Dropped A Flashlight In Water?

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The Perfect Mini Flashlight!

If you want a really small flashlight that is really bright then this Super-Bright 9 LED Aluminum Flashlight is the one for you. It's small enough to fit in your pocket or in a purse and still leave enough room for anything else you want to put in there.

It takes 3 triple AAA batteries and fits perfectly into your hand. It measures almost 4 inches long and you can hold it with all of your fingers and you can turn it on with your thumb because the clicking power button is on the end of it, in a perfect place. It's a heavy duty, little aluminum flashlight!

It's a great little flashlight and I keep it in my nightstand next to my bed. My only real problem with it is that the batteries drain over time just sitting inside the flashlight, but so do all flashlights. It's just not fun when you reach for a flashlight to use and the batteries are toast! I try to keep the batteries out of my flashlights until I need to use them so that way they don't drain from inactivity. I do keep some flashlights with batteries in them, always, so that way when I need one immediately I can just grab it and turn it on.

A Super Bright 9 LED Aluminum Mini Flashlight

This is pretty much the same as the one I was talking about, that I own. I can't find the same exact one as I have, because I don't have the original package that mine came in and I don't know what the name of it was either. This one has a really good rating and has the same similarities.

Super-Bright 9 LED Heavy-Duty Compact Aluminum Flashlight - Jet Black
Super-Bright 9 LED Heavy-Duty Compact Aluminum Flashlight - Jet Black

This is the closest type flashlight to the one I have. It also has 9 LED's, takes 3 AAA Batteries, has a power clicking button on the bottom of it and unscrews from that side, as well, to replace the batteries.

It's extremely similar and makes me wonder if it is the same brand and make, but just has a different design? Dunno! But the reviews on Amazon speak for themselves on whether or not it's good.


Do You Carry A Flashlight With You?

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Play Flashlight Tag!

My Favorite Big Flashlight!

If you really want a big flashlight, like the one's Police Officers use, you can either go with a big flashlight like the police type one I liked to down bottom or you can go with this one I own, A Rayovac LED Gel Grip Flashlight. Make no mistake, the Maglite police type one is more powerful and better, but if you want a cool flashlight with a nice soft grip and that doesn't cost as much, then the Rayovac one is for you.

The Rayovac Gel One is great because it's so comfortable to hold onto. It has a rubbery gel grip and feel to it. There's just something about a soft squishy flashlight that's really cool. It even uses a button click so you don't have to worry about twisting the flashlight head for turning it on or off. It's not waterproof though, like the previous one I talked about but it still gets the job done. It takes 6 Double AA Batteries and does what I need it to.

Maglite Heavy-Duty Incandescent 4-Cell D Flashlight, Black
Maglite Heavy-Duty Incandescent 4-Cell D Flashlight, Black

Here's a heavy duty, big Maglite flashlight, much like the one's police officers use. Can you dig it?


I prefer some of the other top flashlights over this one because they're the ones I exactly need, but this one is another great flashlight that I own and highly recommend you to get if you want more flashlights around your house. Keep this one in a pantry, a closet or in your car. I love the squishy padded feel to it.

The Rayovac Gel Grip LED Flashlight

This is the same gel coated one I was talking about, that I own......

Rayovac Value Bright 19 Lumen 6AA LED Gel Grip Flashlight with Batteries (BRSGEL6AA-B)
Rayovac Value Bright 19 Lumen 6AA LED Gel Grip Flashlight with Batteries (BRSGEL6AA-B)

This is an extremely durable and reliable flashlight, and it's made by Rayovac, who, in my opinion, make really good products.

It's a Nice & Bright 3 LED flashlight that takes 6 AA batteries. It's exterior, like I said, is made of a really cool soft gel material, for the most comfortable flashlight grip I've ever felt! Also, the lens head is an adjustable beam type, to make the beam go further or closer, depending on which way you want or need the light to shine. I love the zooming lenses on flashlights.

I bought mine at a nearby store so the color I got was what was there. If you order this one online, from Amazon, it comes in random color choices, so it's a mystery which color you'll get, which I think is fun, by the way.


Play Hide & Seek In The Dark With Flashlights!

My Top 5 Favorite Flashlights! - The Best Flashlights I Own!

So, there you have it! Those are my 5 favorite flashlights that I own and love! Each one has their own awesomeness and redeeming quality. I hope I was able to help you in your search for a great quality flashlight. You can't go wrong with any of the ones I mentioned. If you have any comments or questions please add them to the comment section down bottom and I will respond to them........

Eventually, I'll probably add more flashlights to this list if I come across any other phenomenally great buys. Be sure and bookmark this page and come back if you're curious about any others I'll add down the road.

The Best LED Lantern!

I'm sure you've seen the commercials for the Olde Brooklyn Lantern....well from what I've seen for reviews for them, they're not good at all. Someone I know recently bought a lantern(not that one on tv), the one you see pictured to the right.

The Rayovac Sportsman LED Lantern

The reviews on Amazon are through the roof! The lantern has 2 light modes: high(240 lumens max) and low. It can also strobe!(make that 3 light modes!)

It runs on 3 D batteries(the weight makes it feel like an authentic lantern, but much lighter). It's really solid and durable with rubber buffers all around it. It's even water resistant....but don't forget, water resistant usually means it can't be submerged because it's not waterproof. It can take some water running off it though, from rain or splashes.

I was amazed when I found out how bad the reviews were, for The Olde Brooklyn(as seen on tv) Lantern. There are actually a lot of reliable lanterns available on Amazon, that I've come across through my searches.

This one really soars above the rest though.

Do you own any of these flashlights?

What is your favorite flashlight?

What flashlight do you wish you had?

Leave a comment and be heard!

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    • MarcStorm LM profile image

      MarcStorm LM 5 years ago

      @EzLoanLookUp LM: That they are! LED's are uber-cool and will never die, unlike the old bulbs have, faded away into the history of lights.

    • MarcStorm LM profile image

      MarcStorm LM 5 years ago

      @cire81 lm: Thanks so much! I really appreciate that! Sometimes it's hard to know if what you're writing is being appreciated or even worthy of it. Thank you! Best Wishes Always!

    • MarcStorm LM profile image

      MarcStorm LM 5 years ago

      @SomethingAboutC: I actually did take some pictures of that type of comparison but haven't had a chance to put them up yet. Very soon. Thanks for stopping by.

    • SomethingAboutC profile image

      SomethingAboutC 5 years ago

      Interesting lens, but I'd like to see a picture comparing the beam from an LED flashlight with a bulb flashlight like the one in your "Old Flashlight Bulbs!" section.

    • cire81 lm profile image

      cire81 lm 5 years ago

      Like your style of writing, keep up the good work.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      My husband collects flashlights too - I have lost count.

    • EzLoanLookUp LM profile image

      EzLoanLookUp LM 5 years ago

      LED lights are taking over.

    • MarcStorm LM profile image

      MarcStorm LM 5 years ago

      @Monika Weise: They most certainly are! I use my headlamp a lot! It's a great investment! For emergencies and non-emergencies!

    • Monika Weise profile image

      Monika Weise 5 years ago from Indianapolis, IN USA

      Now I MUST go out and buy a headlamp. They are way too cool not to be amongst my accessories.


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