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My iPod Nano 7th Generation Review - In Layman's Terms

Updated on March 28, 2013

An Apple iPod Nano 7th Generation Review

After I do some research in iPod Shuffle 4th Generation, I stumbled over iPod Nano 7th Generation and it made me think whether I should buy shuffle or nano. I continuously do some research and comparison between them and notice some features that the other one lacks of while the other dominates. Since it is obvious to see their differences, the price is also transparent. The iPod Nano has many features and it is not just mp3 player like iPod Shuffle. It is a combination of audio and video players that correspond on every touch (as it is multi-touch). I'm already finished reviewing an iPod Shuffle 4th Generation coz I am thinking of buying one this year (2013).

Anyway, I will do a review of iPod Nano 7th Generation in layman's terms. Meaning, I will try to put technical terms into everyone's vocabulary. That they can easily understand what advantages, features and benefits they can get from iPod Nano. You will also find here some YouTube videos that demonstrate sensible reviews, its original cost in the market and various colors from eBay. I hope you'll find this page useful and worth of your time. Enjoy!

iPod Nano Features and Specifications

in layman's words

~ 2.5-inch Multi-Touch color display with 240-by-432 pixel resolution

A widescreen that lets you view videos and photos in 240x432 pixel resolution. It also has an easy-to-use controls on the left to quickly adjust volume, or play, pause, and change songs aside from its multi-touch functionality.

~ Bluetooth 4.0

Another exciting feature which lets us connect to our Bluetooth-enabled headphones or car speaker, so we can enjoy loud music on-the-go.

~ FM radio with Live Pause

This is what makes me wonder. The ability to listen to radio is great since I love to know what songs are new but letting us pause the radio live while we are listening is what makes me intrigue. I want to experience that!

~ Built-in pedometer for fitness

This feature lets you keep a check on your speed, distance, time, calories burnt, and heart rate. Another useful for joggers, walkers and runners.

~ 16GB capacity

The size capacity is normal since in this Apple gadget, we can add videos aside from songs.

~ Up to 30 hours of music playback

This is more than what we need and it will satisfy us for sure. I think we cannot drain it up continuously as we can turn it off when not in used. It could last for days.

~ Apple EarPods

You don't need to buy separate earphone or earpods since when you open the box or package, it already contains Apple earpods. But if you want to customize and buy high quality, then you are free to do so.

~ Works with Mac and PC

Even though it is an Apple product, it lets us connect with PC aside from Mac and there is no compatibility issue. Just don't forget that in order to transfer or add songs/videos to your iPod Nano, your computer should have an iTunes app.

To get to know about other features and specifications, you should visit the Official Apple iPod Nano site.

Apple declares that you can buy it for $149. It's up to you where you can find an affordable one.

Recommendation to me

According to a friend of mine, if you want to experience the happiness that Apple offers to us, I should have buy iPod touch because everything you need is in there. It's like an iPhone but lacks call and text. Anyway, it's just a suggestion I received after I showed him my iPod Shuffle. :)

An iPod Nano Poll

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I want to hear your opinion.

Do you think it is better to get iPod Nano than iPod Shuffle? - Tell me what's your stand on this

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    • NAIZA LM profile image

      NAIZA LM 

      5 years ago

      I've never been a big fan of Apple product but your iPod Nano review are very resourceful and understandable. ~Blessed.


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