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My Most Loved Electronic Device? My Indus-Tool FWXXX Electric Foot Warmer Mat!

Updated on January 22, 2015
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Nightcat is a Jane of all trades and likes to pass on tips she’s found useful around the home.

I can't say enough good things about this mat, and I am not exaggerating. I've had arthritis in my feet and legs my entire life and, it happens I just had to have my office in the basement. In the North, where temperatures can go below ten degrees and the old carpet did pretty much nothing to prevent the frigid cold from rising up out of the cement and going directly into my feet then traveling up my legs.

And if you suffer with pain like this you know it lasts for hours, even after you get in your nice warm bed and it makes life an utter misery. Well along came this mat and I was skeptical. How could a simple rubber mat with a heating element really keep the cold away from my feet and legs? Didn't these people understand cold? But still, Amazon has always been wonderful about protecting me and I ordered one.

I will tell you I seriously wish I'd ordered one of these mats years ago. The temps can get down into the twenties and teens as I keep odd hours and that basement floor is plenty frigid. But with this life-saving device under my desk I can work any time day or night in comfort. All I do is plug it in and switch it on with the easy toggle switch that also lights up to let me know it is on.

Now I will tell you that this mat was designed for hard surfaces like tile and cement, even with the gentle, even heating. So if you want it for a carpeted area many folks are buying tile or finding other methods to protect the carpet. The Amazon listing suggest cardboard, but to each their own. Tile honestly doesn't cost that much and if you are worried about your carpets that's what I'd go with.

Some folks are also making a boot drier out of it and at the price it would be a breeze to order a second one for that use. Nothing like warm boots in the winter, right? Or warm shoes any time of year if you suffer from arthritis or any other disease that leaves you with cold or achy feet. Now some folks noticed an odor, but I honestly didn't.

This is one of those products that would make a thoughtful gift and it runs at a low 90 watts, much lower than most space heaters. It is also insulated so it is safe for use with wet boots or shoes and I expect mine to last a long time on my unfinished basement floor. The only warning I'd give is that if anyone tries yours you may find it missing shortly after!

Cozy Products HI-LO Remote Control Power Switch for Temperature Control
Cozy Products HI-LO Remote Control Power Switch for Temperature Control

I will honestly tell you I didn't buy this optional item, but it allows you to add a high and low setting and may be ideal for folks who would like a little more control over the temp the mat puts out.


I told you to get floor tile, I just converted my box into a pad between my carpet and the foot warming mat. Yes, that is a working mat, so yes she looks used. But instant boot warmer!

UPDATE: I've now had my foot warmer for two years, and it is still in perfect working order. Since ,my feet and legs ache if I don't use it, I keep mine on most of the winter and still get reliable and safe warmth.

Comments or questions? I'd love to hear from you!

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