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My Pet Mouse

Updated on March 4, 2015

A Great Servant

Have you ever wished for the ideal servant, That is someone you don't have to talk to or instruct to do your bidding. It is not necessarily a zombie that is programmed mentally to do what you ask but rather a tiny assistant that is something I cannot now do without.

Most of my time is spent writing and, as with most authors these days, that is done using a computer. But that is just a machine with a lot of keys and technical stuff that most would never understand, It works when it is plugged in and the power is on but there it sits unless something about 3 inches long by 2 inches wide is brought into play. Then everything comes alive. It's called a mouse and mine has a long tail.

computer mouse
computer mouse

Function of Computer Mouse

My little mouse with a long tail rests under my hand for hours during the day and often into the night as I work on my computer. It points the way to things on the screen and helps me target specific positions that I might otherwise find difficult to get to. It's not handsome to look at and rarely needs a wash but it is always clean and sparkiling ready for action.

The tail of my mouse is important to me as I work in my comfortable recliner chair and it has a habit of running away and hiding somewhere, particularly on the floor. Also my ats are often knocking it dwon making it necessary to retrieve it. That's where the tail is important as I grab that and pull it back to its rightful place.

In the center of the mouse is a wheel which works wonders when I want to scroll up and down things. That is not to confuse it with a toy mouse with a wheel that needs winding up to make it run.

My pet mouse also has a light underneath so I always know when its working. Its shaoe is exactly right for my hand and you will notice it tapers in near the enter. That is where my fingers reach over the sides and are comfortable when working.

What do You Use?

Do you have a pet computer mouse

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How Annoying is This?

Mouse Convenience

My pet mouse is a great little helper. It's always there when I need it and easy to fin as it blinks and waves at me with its little red light glowing. Sometimes it will do errands when I go searching for information over the Internet. That saves me heaps of time by not needing to go to libraries or scroll through my books and records.

At other times I can send it shopping to search out the bargains when something is needed. All I have to do is guide it to the right place. We have a lot of fun together doing things like that. When I see something important to download a click on the back of its sleek body brings it on board.

But the most important function of my little pet mouse is helping me to type. My laptop has an inbuilt mouse pad but that is confusing. When I have to use that I can rarely find the pointer on the screen and it takes me ages to do things. With my handy gadget in my hand it is much easier. Speed is important when writing and time wasting improvisations is not part of my happy schedule.

This is the greatest tool in my arsenal of weapons for a good life. It provides me with a way to amuse myself when creating stories and seeking out great pictures to download. It takes me over the Internet to find things that might otherwise take weeks, months or even years to find. It is always there and it never complaints, even when the cats are around. Occasionally it also helps bring in an income.

This little friend requires nothing from me in return for all the service it gives. It does not eat or drink, never goes on strike and is always ready, willing and able when needed. It works hard and never raises a sweat. Occasionally other of my computer mice have died and needed replacing and this one will go as well one day. But there are always plenty available and newer models are able to be used without cords connecting them. They would not be much good to me, however, as without the long tail my day would comprise a lot of exercise chasing it around the floor or my desk were it not able to be retrieved easily.

Mouseless - Tricky

First mouse
First mouse

History of the Mouse

According to this site The first omputer mouse was square (see picture) and much larger than today's versions. It had a small button (top right hand corner) to make it function. It was invented by Douglas Inglebart in the 1960s and was patentedf in the latter paet of 1970. It was not a success,.

The first common mouse was that of the Apple Lisa produced by Steve Job, That mouse ran on a ball positioned underneath that one had to remove and clean so that dirt and dust accumlations that hindered performance could be removed. This was done with alcohol and it was embarrassing asking the chemist for that substance whenever my own supply ran out.

What was your first mouse?

Did it have a ball underneath?

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      Fay Favored 4 years ago from USA

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