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Youtube top 10 channels

Updated on October 3, 2012

Nothing new on Youtube?

Do you remember the days where you just can't find anything amusing to watch, bored out of your skull with old videos? No new references or interesting videos to share?

If you need some quality entertainment and don't know where to look?

Say no more, I got just what you need for your daily aspirations and hunger for joy!

The Creator himself
The Creator himself

Number 1

The Angry Video game Nerd

For all of you that see this name for the first time, SHAME ON YOU!

The AVGN is a popular Youtube show hosted by James Rolfe, Mike Matei and their firends. The show made me laugh because it is often amusing to see someone being upset over a video game. It provided me with hours of entertainment and I found some new games to be mad about.

The show is about the nerd reviewing a game and making it into a fun fest of loud and horrible remarks, just because it deserves it.

James always says, I play these shitty games so you don't have to and ends it with the most hilarious curse marathon ever!

Some of the popular ones are " I would rather have a buffalo take a diarrhea dump in my ear while eating a rotten asshole of a roadkill skunk and down it with bear, than to play this shitty game " OH THE JOY!!! INSTANT SUBSCRIBE!

You can also follow him on his site

James Rolfe has the biggest NES game collection I've ever seen.

Angry Video game nerd

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Number 2


What can I tell you about TotalBiscuit, The Cynical Brit, UK's Number one variety gaming commentator with an awesome voice.

His channel is dedicated mostly to new game releases on " WTF is ", answering questions on his " Mailbox " series and so on.

With his influence I was able to make a decision on buying some new games after watching the WTF series, like Star Craft 2, Orcs must die and Limbo.

You can also follow him on his channel

TotalBiscuit always provides you with carefully constructed and vital information with his usual rapid fire delivery and flawless logic.

Total Biscuit

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Number 3


To all of you Star Craft fans that don't get enough of your games, here is one person who does it really well.

Mike Lamond, better known as Husky is a shoutcaster currently specializing in providing commentary for StarCraft II.

His serious but funny approach makes watching his videos an absolute joy, he really does a good job.

you can also follow him on his channel

Very good performance and brilliant commentary skills, Blizzard is lucky to have you HUSKY :)

Husky Star Craft

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Number 4

Zooc Does stuff

Do you like drawing? Do you like watching someone else draw? Do you like watching someone else draw and give you a brief history about the drawing? YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT PLACE

Zooc has a variety of channels you might want to visit, but I mostly focus on his Q&A series and his drawing commentary. Some of my favorites are his Bane drawing and the Vlad Cepes one, those two had a very good story behind them.

He has an incredible voice which relaxes me greatly, I often find myself pausing a game just so I can listen to him talk about something.

AND IT'S ALWAYS INTERESTING! It's always well thought out and constructed in a way that you really understand what he says.

You can also follow him on his channel

Very smart and Intelligent guy, we need more people like Zooc. Listen to him talk for 2 minutes and you will see that he makes sense.

Zooc does stuff

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Number 5


The professional Russian, what more is there to say.

He provides you with quality entertainment such as SHOTING AND DESTROYING EVERYTHING IN SIGHT!

Awesome explosion and breathtaking guns, if you are into that kind of stuff :P

You can also follow him on his channel

Do you like guns explosions and hilarious zombie neighbors that need to be shot?

FPS Russia

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Number 6

Equals Three

Hosted by none other than the man himself Ray William Johnson.

He gives you fresh and amusing commentary on a YouTube video he has been asked to review, and does it in such way that he leaves you laughing your ass of most of the time. With funny comments and dreadful but comedic remarks about a certain topic he has been given to work with his videos are really fun to watch. He also makes songs videos in animation. HAVE FUN!

You can also follow him on his channel

Reviewing Videos from the beginning of time :D Always funny and hysterical. go and check it out.

Equals Three

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Number 7

Toby Turner AKA Tobuscus

Now this is a fine young and confusing individual, at first you think he is serious, and then he switches to being completely goofy!

He does this a lot....

His channel provides you with hours of entertainment of just listening to the guy, he is a ham...just likes to be heard and seen.

His videos have a wide range, from "Cute win fail" to the "literal" series where he sing about a new game trailer about what is LITERALLY happening in it. Also he makes very good animations and songs that start him in it . My personal favorites are " Do you like my sword " and

" Safety torch " He ends his show in a curious way by talking to his Imaginary sound guy/ manager/best friend Steven I DON'T KNOW XD

What's THAT Steven, we have to go!


You can also follow him on his channel



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Number 8


If you like science shows with an awesome voice narration with a funny overtone with amusing images, you are going to like this one.

Hosted by Michael Stevens and Kevin Lieber, these two provided me with quality material ever since I subscribed to them 2 years ago and I am a faithful observer. Their channels vary on topics, mostly it's very scientific but it can range to very amusing facts about life and weird people doing weird things. They also have a new thing called the Vsauce Lean back, an open playlist that's constructed as a TV show, so it's like YouTube videos with narration...NICE!!

You can also follow them on their channels

Educational and fun at the same time, it's like school with paintball :D


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Number 9


Ah yes, these guys know how to entertain, Mark and Todd a very specific combination of insane comedy and being just silly.

Their shows are Super Therapy which features Super heroes with serious issues, The key of awesome which is pretty much what it says, song parodies that are AWESOME. and the barely guys, pretty much a comedy show on it's own.

You can also follow them on their channel

Who else can make you laugh more than the Barely guys!

Barely Political

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Number 10


And last but not least, KIPKAY

The funny pranks and incredible hacks will leave you amazed considering that you can do them too. He explains in all of his videos a detailed description of all of the steps necessary to create these amazing and unique things from regular household items.

Challenge yourself and see how creative you can get.

You can also follow him on his channel


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Do you like to be mean to your friends, here's how! Pranks and Hack videos!

Something for everyone

All of these people have their products, take a look at what you like.

What are your suggestions? - give me your favorite videos

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      anonymous 4 years ago

      You forgot my favorites Pewdiepie and SeaNanners :))

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