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My Voipo Review - How Does It Compare To Other Home Voip Systems?

Updated on February 27, 2013

Hey everybody! I finally got a chance to sit down and write my review of Voipo. As you probably realize, Internet phone service providers CAN save you money. But there are a lot of them to choose from: Vonage Ooma, Nettalk, Magic Jack, Skype, Obihai, Voipo... not to mention a ton of small-time phone service re-sellers also out there. The list is long, confusing and frustrating. I love Voipo, and here is my Voipo review.


I spent hours sifting through forum posts trying to find the best internet phone service -- or VoIP -- service for our family. It seems that every group of phone providers has their ardent fans. And some of these providers have some serious problems. Even worse, some of these providers lock you in without a trial period, and make it impossible for you to get the support you need to actually make their service work. There are some real nightmare stories out there.

So when I discovered VoipoI, I was intrigued. They offered a lot of the same benefits that the "big names" offered -- but at only a quarter of the cost. At first I thought that they were just another fly-by-night reseller, but as I dug deeper, I discovered that they were the "real deal" -- with real offices, US-based support, and run by a CEO that has a vested interest in making you a happy customer.

But they didn't have nearly the advertising campaign of some of the bigger players. Which keeps their prices super-competitive. I really think we are going to see Voipo eclipse a lot of the bigger phone providers as time goes on.

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What is the biggest motivating factor?

Why Are You Looking for a VoIP Provider?

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Why I chose Voipo

I may be a geek, but I'll be honest, I don't want to spend a lot of time fiddling with my phone to make it work. So it came down to four top providers: Ooma, Vonage, Voipo -- and my internet service provider's own VoiP. These were the providers that didn't have as many quality problems or complaints about downtime.

Voip Adapter Included

I was worried about going with Ooma and Vonage because if the Converter box fails, they don't always just replace it. (sometimes Vonage will, depending on whether you can convince them it is a warranty issue). Voipo supplies the box, and unless you do something really whacked during the installation (Read the manual, dummy!), they're going to cover any box failures. That was a big sell point for me.

Competitive Rate

The price was another big sell point. Ooma, for example costs about $150 for the base box, and then you still need to pay about $4 per month for the taxes on the basic service. With Voipo, they tack on the $36 of taxes and fees right up front. So once you've paid your $185 fee (current promotion $149+taxes), you're good for 2 years. That's less than $8 per month. And they include more features than Ooma's basic.

US-based Customer Service

I'm actually a fan of globalization. There are a lot of kids in other countries that have much better lives because their parents work in call centers servicing you and I.

However, when I'm going with a financial provider or with something that could get very technical, I like to stick with US-based providers as much as possible. There's just fewer language barriers to work through. Voipo understands that and keeps their customer support here inside the United States.

Additionally, Voipo provides email, chat and even forum support. Heck, you can even air your grievances with the company -- right on their forum. Vonage and Ooma have a lot of complainers (just read Ooma's FB page sometime), but none of them have a personal response from the CEO of the company. Voipo, by contrast takes a very aggressive stance in reaching out to unhappy customers and trying to make things right. Almost everywhere you find a complaint, you will also see their CEO, Timothy Dick responding.

That level of support is really, really re-assuring.

Sound Quality

This is where the "rubber meets the road". I'll be honest, it sounds a lot different from a cell phone. Sometimes I feel like the person on the other end is in a "tin can". And, when I call home, I don't recognize my wife's voice. But we communicate perfectly, there's no garble or hiss, and the call quality doesn't disintegrate as we talk.

We've even held conversations while the kid was watching Netflix. Probably not recommended, but we tend to forget that we have an "internet phone", and forget to stop using the internet. Of course with our 12 Mb/s, we're probably ok.

In fact, I have a small business from my home, and I will talk to suppliers while surfing the internet. So far no one has complained about sound quality.

Features Included with Voipo

- Caller ID

- Call Waiting

- 3 Way Calling

- Advanced Voicemail

- Online Call History

- Online Voicemail

- Contacts

- Custom Caller ID

- Custom Call Routing

- Call Forwarding

- Outbound Call Routing

- Failover

- E911

- Telemarketer Block

- Do Not Disturb

A lot of competitors charge extra for some of these features. All of these features are included with Voipo's regular price.

Works with any home phone!

For best service, I would choose a DETCT 6.0 cordless phone which is designed to not interfere with Wi-Fi signals as you talk.

Block Telemarketers

I want to mention this in a little more detail.

Right now, telemarketers are desperate. The "Do Not Call" registry has them pushed into a corner, and makes it nearly impossible for them to call people. So what they do is watch these phone lists for any newly-activated phone numbers that might not be on the Do Not Call Registry.

You can add your phone number to the Do Not Call Registry by Clicking Here:

Even better Voipo allows you to go to block calls from your VPanel. You can choose whether you want the calls blocked, or forwarded to your voicemail (sometimes a nice option on the chance someone important like your credit card's fraud department is calling)

Home phone. With no telemarketers. Now, that's a win.

Which Voip Should I go With?

Perhaps this Voipo Review didn't convince you. That's ok, here are some other options.

There's a lot of great ones out there. As you can tell, I'm a fan of Voipo. But I researched all of the possible options for well over a month before I decided.

I hope this lens helps make your decision a little easier. Here are some related lenses that might also help your decision:

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What has been your experience with VoIP providers?

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    • WestelCS profile image

      Tim Anthony 

      4 years ago

      VoIP services are in huge demand for the businesses. With so much competition the customer has got a large option for products/services and they hardly care about the business who got interrupted & dropped phone lines.


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