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Myspace Badge for Blogger

Updated on February 22, 2015

How I got Myspace Badge without any Knowledge of Html.

As a MySpace user I wanted my blog visitors to connect me using MySpace. I choose MySpace because my Facebook account is crowded with my close friends so there is no privacy. After searching in Google I found a MySpace badge in,but I could not personalize it for my profile as the system was not responding. By now I had spent more than 3 hours searching for a MySpace badge. Finally I tried this trick and I had my badge in less than ten minutes.

Simple trick! Quick and Easy

I have a blog from Blogger and most of you might know that in blogger we have a picture gadget. We can insert an image and then we have an option to link the image to any URL. Here lies the trick first save the below image in your computer I will show you the step –by-step procedure.


Login to your Blogger Account and click on the layout tag


Click on the "add a gadget" tab.The below window will pop-out which shows the various gadgets,select the Picture gadget highlighted in red border.


Now the picture gadget windows will appear.Upload the Myspace image you save before and link the image to your Myspace URL and click the SAVE button.

Your Myspace badge is already installed without any HTML.You can have your own personalized images.

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