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Internet a free paradise

Updated on August 18, 2010

internet a free paredise

INTERNET as we all know ,but what is the amazing thing about internet?,what makes us crazy about internet?,and what we can do with the internet?

There are many views from many angles many thoughts and many ideas 

but whats the truth?

With this power of internet we can





>get infirmation

>send information

>stay connected

>stay updated


and what else?

yes we can also use internet for entertainment we can download our favorite movies which ever we like and the best thing is that we can do many more things but....

Not every one can do it! BECAUSE if you put as FREE MONEY in the internet search engine you will get thousands of web sites but do these sites really pay you?

of couse


as these all web sites are made from individuals like me and you and not from any such big company's a it is shown but the purpose of creating the websites are entirely different and thus this doesn't means that we cant earn on the internet we can but this requires some what higher knowledge about the internet marketing scams as well..


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    • khuzema profile image

      khuzema 7 years ago from chennai

      Thankyou all i need is your support and encouragement so thankyou very much.........

    • profile image

      khmohsin 7 years ago

      Its true internet is great blessing. We can tour the whole world only in few minutes with the help of internet. Its usabilities are countless :), where world is getting the advance technologies, internet is also getting faster and faster hence giving the most efficient way to share any thing with the whole world via message, picture, website, videos or in the form of news.

      Well, the problem arises only when we see the negative usage of such significant resource. Where internet is providing us extremely cool features and functionalities there a community which are called black trick people are trying to use it negatively like hacking etc. So to make it complete blessing we should participate in activities which are made to stop the abuse of internet.

      Thanks for sharing such nice information. Keep it up. :)

      Best Regards