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Nettalk vs Ooma Review For 2013

Updated on February 20, 2013

Nettalk? Ooma? This is the indepth review of price, quality of service and ease of installation comparison between these phone providers.

If you are like me, you started by watching Vonage ads on TV and now you are awash in a world of VoIP internet telephone providers.

Good luck sorting it all out.

Here's the skinny on Nettalk vs Ooma. Hopefully this lens answers your questions

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You Can Save Money By Getting Either the Nettalk or Ooma On Amazon

Which One Do You Prefer ?

Which one gets your vote?

Price Of Nettalk Vs Ooma
Price Of Nettalk Vs Ooma

Price of Ooma Vs. The Nettalk Duo

Let's start by talking about money. For most of us, saving money is the reason we are even looking at internet telephone service providers.

Nettalk - $49.95 for regular Duo device or $64.95 for Wi-fi Duo. They both come with the 1st year of service included at that price. After that, you can renew with Nettalk for plans that range from $29.95 to $70 per year.

Ooma - The Telo unit is typically priced right around $150. Monthly taxes and regulatory fees run about $3.50 a month for most users. If you want their premier service with added features such as 3-way calling, line switching and call waiting, its $10 per month.

Both phone providers provide international calling to most countries for $10 extra per month. Some countries do require a cent-per-minute rate which is typical of most VoIP companies.

Quality of the Ooma vs. The Nettalk Duo

Ooma - If you've read many of my reviews, you've gathered that the Ooma is my favorite. It is the most like a "Real" phone in both ease of use and in quality. Most reviewers describe the phone in terms of "easy" and the sound quality as "excellent". With over 2,000 reviews on Amazon, Ooma has been extremely transparent about their device and what customer's think about it.

Nettalk - This device gets mixed reviews. Even a lot of the 5-star reviews use words like "quirky". But most the 1-star reviews aren't that negative either. So its not a bad deal, by any means, but you might be prepared for a little finageling with your router and Nettalk settings to get it just right. Also, the Nettalk is not compatible with all routers, so you might check the list of correct routers before you buy.

With both the Ooma and the Nettalk, the sound quality is going to be highly dependent on your quality of internet service. So don't try uploading videos to facebook at the same time as you talk. It just won't work.

Can you call 911 With Ooma or Nettalk?

I realize this question is important for a lot of people, and, thankfully, the answer is a resounding yes. However, if you move, be sure to update your new address with your telephone provider so that they have the correct address to dispatch the emergency team to.

Ooma and Nettalk's Device Warranty's

Both the Ooma Telo and the Nettalk Duo's come with a 1 year warranty. The upside with the Nettalk is that if it poops out after a year, you only have $70 into it instead of $150.

Can you Get a Local Number Or Keep Your Number with Ooma and Nettalk?

Ooma can let you get a local number for most area codes. They will also port your existing number to their program for $39.99

Nettalk only charges $19.95 to port your existing number. However, they seem to lack the same availability of local numbers to offer.

Keep in mind when porting a number that it can take up to 30 days and you need to keep the line active with your phone company until the portage is completed.

Bottom Line?

I still think that the Obihai provides the biggest challenger to the Ooma. However, for people like me who really need to get a local phone number, the Nettalk offers a nice alternative.

Have you Looked at Voipo?

At only $6.95 a month, Voipo is a huge contender. The VoIP device is leased to you for free. Full featured, including voice mail, call forwarding and caller ID.

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