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The New iPhone 5 Release is Coming Soon! New Look and with Some Awesome Features!

Updated on August 8, 2012

The Release of the New iPhone 5

In 2011 when everybody was expecting the arrival of the new iPhone 5 Apple disappointed fans with the marginally improved iPhone 4S which looks same but has slightly better power and functionality than the iPhone 4. But the work is going on in Cupertino and the guys there have been busy to launch the new iPhone 5 which will bring some cool changes to the current model of the iPhone. The new iPhone 5 will be redesigned to give it a cooler look. There will be much more advanced functionalities to fight with the Android which is getting better with ICS and Jelly Bean. The iPhone 5 will be taller and will be equipped with the 4G. The screen will be better and the phone will be much more integrated with cloud services. The new iPhone 5 will be released in the fourth quarter of 2012, probably in October.

iPhone 5 Feature: A Dock Connector with fewer Pins

The standard Apple Dock has 30 pins. This 30 dock system is probably going to change. The news floating in the air informs us that the Apple dock connector of the new iPhone 5 will have 9 pins only. Earlier rumors were that the dock will have 8 pins and some sources told that it will have 19 pins.

The New iPhone 5

The New iPhone 5 Release is coming soon.
The New iPhone 5 Release is coming soon. | Source

Nano SIMs

The new iPhone 5 will use the nano SIM cards. This SIMs will be very small. The small SIM will take less space inside and thus the phone will have much space to have a larger battery.

NFC in IPhone 5

Like Google wallet the iPhone 5 will also have the NFC functionality. The new iPhone’s NFC will enable the users to use his phone for paying bills. It will be a digital money purse.


The new iPhone will support 4G or LTE. The 3G will also be supported. That means it will have much faster internet connection over the network. Sprint will have unlimited data plan for this new avatar of the Apple iPhone 5.

More RAM

The new iPhone 5 will be faster than the 4S. It will have a 1GB RAM instead of a 512 MB one.

Quad Core Processor

The CPU of the new iPhone 5 will be more powerful. It will probably have a quad core A6 processor.

Better Front Camera

The camera of the front will be better in it. The front facing camera will be HD. The rear camera will be 8 Mega Pixel. The rear camera will sport a larger and better lens.

It will not be Cheaper

Apple believes that customers are willing to pay the premium price for the new iPhone. That is why it will not be cheaper.

Voice Control

We have SIRI in iPhone 4S. It will be better on the new iPhone.

Full HD

The new device will be capable of shooting full HD 1080p videos.

These are the most probable features of the new iPhone 5.


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    • Lightshare profile image


      5 years ago

      Thanx Pinappu for an advance information on a great product -)

    • carter06 profile image


      5 years ago from Cronulla NSW

      Great review on the 5...have been waiting...any idea when they will be released in Australia? Voted up & awesome...cheers


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