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Should I Trade Up to iPhone 5?

Updated on August 30, 2017

Should I Get the New iPhone 5?

It's very confusing! I'm trying to make an informed decision on whether to upgrade my Apple iPhone 3 to a new iPhone 5. Obviously I've missed a few upgrades. I don't think I need every cell phone upgrade that comes along. But once I decide it's time to move forward, I usually opt for the latest, and then make it last through a few more upgrades. The question is, do I really need more than what I have now? I need to go through each new feature and determine if it's something I need or want. It would be really exciting if the new iPhone 5 has improved on the features I found missing or lacking in my older iPhone. The top photo is the newest iPhone. The lower photo is my existing iPhone. The official information I'm basing my decision on can be found on

Photo: itechwit.

Decisions, decisions. . .


When Should You Upgrade Your Cell Phone?

How old is old?

My cell phone is now pretty old by today's standards. Definitely not as old as this picture, but everyone in my family has newer phones than I do. There is a lot to consider: Older and slower versus newer and faster. Is the extra cost worth the upgrades? What features will I actually use? How many features do I really need? We're about to find out!

Photo: Amazon

New Features


New Features of the Latest iPhone

Which Ones Do I Really Need?

After reading about the newest iPhone, I've condensed the upgrades and features into a smaller list and I'm ready to see how important they are to me.

Improved longer lasting battery: I'm definitely interested. My biggest complaint with the older models.

Smaller and lighter: Okay

Larger display: Would be nice.

Higher resolution: Probably good.

More vivid color: Okay.

Enhanced worldwide network connectivity: I don't travel that much.

A-6 Chip means faster wireless data connection and faster everything: I'm all for faster. Slow is frustrating.

Better earphones: Okay.

Enhanced audio - 3 microphones in front, back, bottom: Sounds like an improvement.

Better camera: Even the old iPhone cameras are really good.

Panorama photo shots: Okay.

Better video recording: I haven't done too much of that.

Improved Face Time front facing camera: I would love to have Face Time for video calls. A major deciding factor.

Improved reversible connector: Okay.

Improved voice-activated maps: I don't have a GPS so this is a major consideration.

Siri personal assistant: A really novel idea, if it works as good as they make it sound.

iOS6 most advanced mobile operating system: Sounds good. I just want it to work well and fast, I don't care how.

iCloud build in: Very interested in this feature to take my work on the road.

Share with Apple HDTV and visa versa: Sounds wonderful if you have Apple HDTV (I don't).

AirPrint to Air Print enabled printer: I would love to be able to print from my iPhone. I'll have to see which printers are enabled.

I'm definintely ready to upgrade. All I have to do now is see what the actual cost will be to upgrade, and if there are additional monthly fees besides what I'm already paying.

Tough Decision or No Brainer? - What do you think of the latest and greatest iPhone?

Good idea or bad? Is it time to upgrade to the latest iPhone?

Photos used with permission are credited in individual modules. Every other photo on this lens resides in original form in my personal collection.

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    • profile image

      bcarter 5 years ago

      I'm very on the fence regarding trading my HTC Evo 4G for an Iphone 5. I originally wanted the 64GB to make my life easier, but I'm really toying with getting the Samsung IIIG instead. I was very disappointed in the screen size of the Iphone 5 compared to my current phone. I still have some time to make up my mind because the Iphone is currently on backorder anyways :)