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Role of of Case Studies in Web Design portfolio

Updated on June 30, 2015

Detailed Information

Present your case study as an educational perspective. Most of design portfolios include photos and a little information about the work. But case studies in the field allow you to include hurdles that you have faced during the project. Apart from final design idea, you can include rejected design ideas and your planning that implemented with times. People are really curious to know about your work process. Open up by providing the background like discussion about your plan etc…

Display Your Creativity

Designing is all about creativity. Take photos of your sketches to include in your design portfolio. Show the effort you have paid in the work. Creative ideas should be displayed in a well structured manner.

Include Personal Work

Case studies are not about relying on client work only, but to include your own ideas too to showcase your skills. Personal work is very important in case studies that reflect your skills and make your design portfolio interesting and attractive. For example, your design portfolio is related to website applications, but you are also capable in another activity like graphic design. Some details of another skill can be provided in the portfolio to make it more impressive.

Detail Study

Some details may not be shared in your portfolio but you can open up about the things that you can share. Tell about the techniques you have used to create a particular texture, timeframe and assistance you may have taken.

Case studies are playing a pivotal role in any creative field. Under web designing, creative mind people get lots of attention and progress. Their creative thoughts are examined and analysed by companies before hiring them. Therefore, a case study is an important part of a design portfolio. It tells a lot about you. It explains your ideas and thoughts to people who want to hire you as a designer. So, don’t forget to do a case study of your design.


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