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Ninjacloak Proxy

Updated on October 10, 2017

Ninja Cloak Proxy Server

Ninja Cloak is a free anonymous web based proxy service. With Ninja Cloak you can browse your favorite web sites anonymously and even from behind a firewall with blocked ports. Whether you're on the job, at school or college university, a public terminal, or anywhere else with a web browser, you can use Ninja Cloak to view your favorite web sites!

Ninja Cloak ensures your privacy by letting you browse the Web as an anonymous user. Web sites often track, log, and analyze your IP address, geographical information, web browser, and other personal information. Ninja Cloak makes your browsing experience totally anonymous by hiding information such as your IP address from web servers.

Ninja Cloak requires absolutely no extra software or browsers settings to be reconfigured. Using Ninja Cloak to browse the web will reduce your risk of being infected with trojans, viruses, worms, and other malicious scripts by putting an anonymous filter between you and the web site you want to visit.

Perhaps most important, this site is consistently available and consistently able to work around most web site blocks. Though, it is common for schools or workplaces that block traffic to try to also block proxy sites, so I have also included some information on other proxies as they day may come where you need more than one proxy service.

IPVanish - Secure Connections


IPVanish uses a unique approach to privacy and security. They use shared IP addresses, so when they say no one has any idea what you're doing when you're connected, they mean it as it's impossible to track down who of the many users would be visiting where. They do this WITHOUT compromising security as they use over 14,0000 IPs to share on over a hundred servers in over 47 countries. You choose where you'd prefer to connect, which is perfect for getting around location restrictions (if like me, you want to watch the BBC regardless of where you are), and their encryption ensures your traffic is safe from prying eyes. IPVanish uses multiple connection protocols and they don't log a thing.

Proxy Servers Explained

VPN For Android

ExpressVPN - #1 Trusted VPN
ExpressVPN - #1 Trusted VPN

Express VPN for Android brings a high-speed and encrypted VPN connection to your smartphone or tablet. The service is free to download and free to try, but after that a subscription service is required.


Proxy Needs

Why Do You Need a Proxy Server

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Anonymous Proxy Risks

Proxies are great - but not risk free!

In using a proxy server all data sent to the service being used must pass through the proxy server. It is therefore possible, and has been demonstrated, for a malicious proxy server to record everything sent to the proxy: including unencrypted logins and passwords. Be cautious when using proxy servers and do not pass any private information (unless it is properly encrypted with SSL encyrption) through the proxy.

Stay Invisible is an Internet anonymity test that helps you to control your online privacy and anonymity.

Concerns about privacy have been existing for a long time. However, the Internet makes them much more real threats because of the global distribution of data. In most cases only you decide what information about yourself to disclose via the Internet , but there are pieces of information you provide Internet servers without your explicit agreement and even without your knowing. This test shows your IP address, location, and other important information that is revealed by your browser when you visit a web page.

Tips on Finding a Good Proxy Server

Clearly Drunk Proxy Server is a free anonymous web based proxy service. With ClearlyDrunk you can browse your favorite web sites anonymously; even from behind a firewall. You can use ClearlyDrunk to view your favorite web sites - even if your school or employer are blocking sports, torrents, bookmarking, social networking or dating sites

Browsing anonymously is safe and does not require extra software or programs to be installed. Also, you don't have to go in and re-configure all your Internet settings. Using a proxy server like ClearlyDrunk to browse the web will reduce your risk of being infected with trojans, viruses, worms, and other malicious scripts by putting an anonymous filter between you and the web sites you visit.

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    • souf1ane profile image

      Soufiane 5 years ago from Morocco

      I have learned something new about proxies from your lense, like and please like back my lense

    • profile image

      promotional-coupons-codes 7 years ago

      I use Ninja Cloak most of the time it's awesome proxy to use but one thing that is annoying is the pop ups coming up at every search