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No GUI Boot in Vista

Updated on November 7, 2014

About Vista Boot Screen Customization

By default, Vista uses a simple black loading screen with a small progress bar. Not everyone knows that you can change that to a much nicer-looking "Aurora" screen with just a few clicks and no additional software required. See the instructions below to find out how you can activate Windows Vista no GUI boot, and even customize Vista boot screen with a picture of your own.

Activating Vista No GUI Boot

 It only takes a minute to change your Vista boot screen.
It only takes a minute to change your Vista boot screen.

You have to use the built-in System Configuration utility in order to change Vista boot screen to a prettier one featuring an aurora. To access this utility, first press Start and click Run. Enter msconfig and hit the Enter key. Navigate to the Boot tab, and tick the check mark for the "No GUI Boot" option as shown in the screenshot above. Save your changes by clicking OK or Apply.

Windows Vista will tell you that your computer needs to be restarted in order to apply the changes. Press OK and in just a few seconds, you should see your new and improved Vista boot screen!

How to Change Vista Boot Screen

It is possible to replace the default boot screen with your own image.
It is possible to replace the default boot screen with your own image.

Not only you can change the Vista boot screen to a "no GUI" version that has no progress bar, you can also customize it to use a picture of your own. The easiest way to do that is to use Tune-Up Utilities. This program isn't free, but you can download a 15 day free trial, perform your Vista boot screen change, and then simply uninstall it. However, it has a lot of useful features like cleaning your registry and optimizing your computer for better performance, so you might want to keep it as well.

Changing Vista boot screen is done using a utility called TuneUp Styler. Launch TuneUp utilities and select Boot screen in the "Customize Windows" section. A window will load as shown in the screenshot above. Click Add and choose Load boot screen from file. Select the new picture and click Apply to set it as your new startup screen.

All popular image formats are accepted. Keep in mind that your image will be automatically resized to 1024 x 768 resolution, so if your image has a different height and width ratio, you might want to crop it first in your favorite graphics editing program to avoid stretching.

This will work with 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Windows Vista, as well as whatever Service Pack you have installed. Simply restart your computer to see the new loading screen.

What About Windows 7 and 8?

These operating systems also offer the no GUI option

You can also enable no GUI boot in Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems using the same msconfig utility. In Win 7, you would normally see 4 animated dots turning into the windows logo, while in Windows 8, a spinning circle is shown while booting. Disabling GUI boot will shown a blank screen instead. Many people report that doing this will decrease the boot time by a second or two - always a welcome improvement.

No GUI Boot Poll

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      7 years ago

      Can someone help me? Yesterday, our internet provider, (Cable One, called that in our small town, could be RoadRunner now...?), had to help us get our cipher on our IE6 back up from 0 to 180 so we could log in to any site we needed to use a password for... so they had us redownload Internet Explorer, and it worked bc the cipher was 180, which worked for site security purposes! that meant that we could successfully log into our sites that we had login info for...Except...FACEBOOK!!! now, we can log into facebook, as a text-only page (non GUI) AND when we log in, it's a NON GUI page AGAIN!! there are messages, notifications, friend requests, all w no pics available, and not the familiar site!!! (however, there is a tiny profile pic of me???) FB is the only site I have been using lately (yes, i know, I am ashamed...anyway) They say they (Cable One) can't fix they gave us Facebook's number, and they do not answer phone calls... so I left them a voice mail, bc they said to leave a voice mail if it could not be fixed any other way. SO I did... still waiting bc I only got their number at exactly 5 PM our time! Hopefully, they will call me! Maybe if they see my fb picture they will! lol! My question is...has this happened to anyone else...? this happened to my best guy friend, but it just went away before it gave him much of a problem...(damn party kidz have all the luck)...(i'm a pary kid too tho,where's my luck!...hee hee) If you had this problem , how did you fix it??? I feel like smashing my face in to the keyboard I am soooo stressed out!! PLEASE HELP MEEEE! I am in need of assistance... crazy problems!

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      8 years ago

      There's a free program called Vista Boot Logo Generator. Just google it and have fun. You'll need 24-bit 1024x768 .bmp file to use with it.


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