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how could we/you cope or do without the internet in society what are the positives and negatives

Updated on October 13, 2011

What would we do without our internet connections?

The internet is something we take for granted and is now part of everyday life. We use the internet to socialise via networking sites, book holidays, referencing information and even have a pizza delivered to the door.Its got to the point where we possibly over rely too much on the internet just imagine if we could use the internet to take a bathroom break for us just think of the extra time we could have in front of our screens blogging,hubbing,gaming etc... But seriously the internet has definitely changed the human race in a big way.

So have we become too dependant on the internet and could we manage without it?

Well yes of course we could manage and I believe there are more positives than negatives when it comes to the internet.

The Positives

The internet keeps us in touch with friends and family

Isn’t it great that we can turn on our computers or notebooks and contact people on the other side of the world all within the price of our month ISP charge. If you have loved ones living away then this is a great way for keeping in touch and communicating and when you see each other on a webcam then they don’t seem quite so far away at that point. Of course there is no substitute for being with your friends and family in person but today’s society offers so many opportunities that people are far more likely to migrate to pursue their futures and why not when you can stay in constant contact with those you leave behind.

The internet suits today’s face paced lifestyles

The internet suits our fast paced lifestyles we organise our shopping, book movie tickets, send a few emails and that’s just before we run out the door in the morning on our way to work running slightly late because we clicked a few more times on that mouse than we should of done.

The internet is a convenient referencing tool

What do we do when we want to know something well at one time we would go to the local library to find out sources of information but nowadays we have the convenience of Google and other search engines. We can type in the subject and within 0.33 seconds 2 million pages appear before us with all the information that we could possibly need. This is great for work and business as well as students at all ages and takes you straight to the source of information you need.

The internet is a social tool for communication and leisure

The internet has now not only made it possible to communicate with friends and family but also to contact old friends and acquaintancesof the past.There are many social networking sites such as Facebook,Twitter and My space were we can have our own profiles on display and let our friends keep upto date with what we are doing.I think its great you can go on a night out and wake up the next day and exchange your photos on line.As well as friends and family its also a great way to meet new people and make friends far more than we would of in the past without this technology as our disposal.

Dating is also big online now and a great way to try to meet up with your perfect match or have fun trying!!!!

The internet is a powerful business tool

In business the internet is a very powerful time saving tool.We can use email to send tender documents and quotations in an instance and get an instant receipt back to reassure us that the recipient has recieved our mail.Businesses also use the internet for conference calling as well as everyday tasks which save companies money as well as using the internet to make money.Advertising is prominent on most webpages now and companies spend millions of pounds advertising their companies and products such is the audience that is going to be exposed to them.

The internet makes money

The internet of course is a massive money making machine and all pages in one way or another are generating money.Search engines such as Google make money from advertising.Companies advertise to make money.Online shops sell their products to make money.Stay at home mums use the internet to make money.Then you have bloggers who blog to try and make some money online. The list is endless but the power of the internet and money it generates leads me too believe we are way to far into the internet revolution to ever go back and be without our internet connections

Internet explorer

The internet explorer
The internet explorer

The Negatives

 The negatives are far less than the positives but please bear in mind it is only my opinion.

I believe the internet negatives are that maybe we will in time if we havnt done so already start to lose our social skills in communicating with others on a one to one basis.

Now as a convienince tool the internet is great when we use it for the task in hand but how many times have you used the internet to send that all important email then spent another hour on the internet roller coaster looking around at other things.

Or how many times have you spent all evening on the internet after only intending to be online for half an hour only to realise you havnt spoke two words to your family all evening.

Or how many times have you tried to be the quickest mouse clicker on the draw when your boss walks in and looks at your PC screen and you have the holiday booking form on display instead of the speadsheet you should be working on.

My point is that while i believe the internet is so important now for everyday use we must not lose sight of the more important things in life and not become to engrossed or distracted by the internet.

But my answer to the original question is yes because for 4 weeks of the year i do exactly that i go without my internet connection. When i take my vacation i dont check emails or go on the internet its a nice break to get away from the internet and mobile phones so you can completely get away from it all.

Because there is one sure fact when you get back from holiday the internet will still be there with a bursting email inbox to greet you.


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    • SIJO1 profile image

      SIJO1 7 years ago

      I am glad you enjoyed the Hub Hubpageswriter. It is nice to get away from it all though!!!

    • profile image

      hubpageswriter 7 years ago

      The Internet works 24/7 therefore we have to rotate our time to control it, and not let it control us. The last part which you've mentioned; especially about the vacation period is so true indeed. Good topic here.:)