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Nokia N73 Themes, Software, Games, Music And Application Download Review

Updated on May 29, 2013

Nokia N73 Review

Get one Nokia N73 Smartphone and Nokia N73 parts like charger, battery, memory card and many more at a cheap price, also see all Nokia N73 Functions. There are also some more cool Nokia Model handphones for sale at this page, so check it out!

Although this phone have been released for about 4 years ago, but I still think Nokia N73 is a very good handphone last time. I used it before and I did not sell or throw it away, I just put it on my drawer. Today I am going to show you some of Nokia N73 functions like its applications, music, games and themes download. Although this is a phone that is release long ago and is not available for sale at any Nokia Store anymore, but it is definitely good to bring back some good old memories from this handphone.

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Nokia N73 Introductions and Informations on Wikipedia

Nokia N73 Theme Software and Application Review

The Nokia N73 is a smartphone by Nokia officially described as a "multimedia computer". In common with other Nokia 'Nseries' and 'Eseries' phones of its time (late 2006), the N73 comes loaded with many software applications, including contacts, messaging, picture and video galleries, a music player, a Visual FM Radio, RealPlayer, an IM client, a WAP browser, a full web browser based on KHTML/WebKit, a Microsoft Office document viewer, a PDF viewer, an Adobe Flash Lite viewer and some games. The majority of these applications support background execution; for example, one may listen to music while browsing the Internet, and then may switch to write a text message or e-mail, without having to close any applications. With the exception of newer Sony Ericsson phones like K550 and W610, non 'smartphones' typically cannot do this or can do it in only a very limited way; for example, only the music player can run in the background. The feature which most distinguishes the N73 from other 'N'- or 'E'-series Nokia mobile phones is the 3.2 megapixel autofocus camera. The N73 does not support Wi-Fi.

Read the rest of the Wikipedia article.

Nokia N73 User Survey - Nokia N73 Theme Software and Application Review

Have you use Nokia N73 before?

See results

Nokia N73 Functions

Nokia N73 Theme, Software, Games and Application

UMTS 2100 3G Network

Dimension: 11cm x 5cm x 2cm

Light Weight: 120g

3G Graphic

Music Edition

MP3 Functions

43 MB Memory Storage without Memory Card

3.2MP Camera Function

You can use on computer and play games with Java Function Availability

Nokia N73 Video Test - Nokia N73 Theme Software and Application Review

Video camera test for Nokia N73.

Nokia N73 Hanphone Pouch And Case - Nokia N73 Theme Software and Application Review

Protect your Nokia N73 Handphones from damage or scatch with this handphone case specially designed for Nokia N73

Nokia N73 Application List by EPOCWARE

Nokia N73 Theme Software and Application Review

Nokia N72 Security And Useful App:

Handy Shell

Handy Guard

Nokia N73 Dictionaries App (Different languages dictionary app available for Nokia N73):

SlovoEd Dictionaries

SlovoEd Express

VOX Dictionaries

Oxford Dictionaries

Al-Mawrid dictionaries

Duden Dictionaries

PONS Dictionaries

Merriam-Webster Dictionaries

Nokia N73 Business App Download:

Handy Safe Suite

Handy Calendar

Nokia N73 Travel App Download:

Handy Weather

Handy Converter

You can buy and download these applications at Nokia N73 App Download.

Nokia N73 Keypads And Joysticks - Nokia N73 Theme Software and Application Review

Is your Nokia N73 Keypad or Joystick broken? Change one for a cheap price with different colours at here!

Nokia N73 Theme Setting- How to set your own theme on Nokia N73?

Nokia N73 Theme Software and Application Review

It is really very simple to set your own theme that you like on Nokia N73 quick and easily. Firstly you take a photos that you like with your Nokia N73 handphone and save it automatically. Now you got to your image saved on your Nokia N7s handphones and clck option of the image, choose 'Use Image' and the click set as theme or background. You will have to adjust the size until you are satisfy with it and you will be able to see the theme that you want on your Nokia N73 handphones.

You can also download image online to use it as your Nokia N73 theme, but beware of illegal websites. Find image on legal websites that give you the permission to use those image.

Nokia N73 Parts, Tools and Products - Nokia N73 Theme Software and Application Review

These are cool Nokia N73 parts that you might need like Nokia N73 batterys, Usb Wire, Memory Card and Charger!

Other Nokia Model - Nokia Handphones

These are other cool and popular Nokia Models

What do you think about Nokia N73?

Feedback Box - Nokia N73 Theme Software and Application Review

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      Thank you so much for sharing!

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      anonymous 7 years ago

      Great lens!! Thank you so much for allthese information and resources.I have been using N73 since 2 year. It is just amazing I have no complains. Its great video quality, sound quality, excellent image result and very easy access to net. I just love my phone and have no regret.

      nokia n73 review

    • profile image

      WorldVisionary 7 years ago

      I've never used it, but this is a ton of great information. Thanks!

    • nukemdomis lm profile image

      nukemdomis lm 7 years ago

      Never used the N73 but I heard it is a really well-designed smartphone.