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Nokia WH-701

Updated on February 19, 2013

Nokia WH-701 Headseat Review and Price

Nokia WH-701 is a handsfree, stereo headset specifically designed for Nokia handsets is a better alternative in terms of the quality of sound than the headset coming out of the box of low to midrange Nokia phone. It is pretty handy for people who love to listen to music on the go because of the built-in music control. Instead of pulling your phone out of your pocket, you can play and select music remotely in the headset itself. Sound output is pretty good, but for those sophisticated serious audiophiles out there, it might leave you wanting. For Nokia phone user who just want to listen to a good music, the WH-701 headset will definitely enhance your listening experience. Compared to the appaling WH 102 which is packaged with the unit, you will appreciate the bass and clarity of music in WH-701. Reviews of the headset is mostly positive and the price is getting cheaper so if you are an avid Nokia phone user who frequently uses their phone as an mp3 player, this one is a no-brainer.

Good thing about Nokia is that they made phones with excellent sound quality provided that you use a decent pair of earphones. It has a 3 mm jack but it doesn't mean you can use this to other non-Nokia players because it might not work properly.

Details and Specification


The earplug in WH-701 is pretty much generic looking if not for the chrome accent. A very rounded design and no logos or distinctive design feature. It comes with 3 earpads with varying sizes. I find it comfortable to wear and it will lodge in your ears quite comfortably.

Unique Tangle-free Wires

One of the most curious feature of this headset is the cable it use. It is actually very flat like a fettucini noodles which is a good thing. The reason behind this design is to minimize the wires tangling up.

Music/Call Remote

What I really like about these handset over its cheaper sibling( WH-205 although they have identical audio quality) is the music remote. Conveniently located along with the mic, you can play, pause and select songs using the music control buttons. You can also adjust the volume using the buttons located on it's side just right below the answer button. At the back is handy clip that easily latches on to your clothes or bags. Minor gripe is that if you press the clip, chances are you will accidentally also press the next/forward button since it is parallel to each other.

Personal Review of Nokia WH-701 Sound Quality

I am in no way, an expert audiophile nor my method is scientific. I am judging the sound quality of this product only based on what my ear has perceived. And I must say that I am quite satisfied with the decent sound quality. The bass is deep and the headset can produce a crisp sound while the noise suppression allows me to listen at a lower decibels, thus won't take away my precious sense of hearing anytime soon. Yes, there are better sounding earplugs out there but for a price and the convenience of dedicated music button, this one is a steal. The next best thing costs a little higher but if you are using the supplied headset of your Nokia mobile, ditching it for this one isn't a bad move at all.

To check if your Nokia phone is compatible with WH-107 earphone, visit the official site here.


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