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Nonsense Websites that are Pointlessly Entertaining

Updated on June 6, 2016
Cheeky Kid profile image

Cheeky Kid is a cybernaut. He spends a lot of time browsing the web to grasp infinite information and revel in entertainment and fun.

I like nonsense - It wakes up the brain cells!
I like nonsense - It wakes up the brain cells!

Nonsense Yet Entertaining: Pointless Websites to Visit when Bored

Hello Fellow fun-lovers, I've been stumbling upon these pieces of Nonsense Sites once in a while, every time I surf the net. Maybe you've stumbled upon some of these yourselves or perhaps, a friend might have emailed or sent you silly links sending you to some of the nonsensical strange sites and weird places online.

The thing is...these funky, pointless, weird, and fun websites are ultra random, yet you'll find them quite entertaining/interesting once you click on them. Just be prepared to lose some of your precious time because you will surely get hooked checking these silly sites out.

So there, I've lined up some of the fun senseless and pointless sites I stumbled upon so that I could share some fleeting if not endless fun with you!

As Dr. Seuss said, "I like Nonsense - it wakes up the brain cells."

Nonsensically Strange Websites Alert!

Are your brain cells ready for this fun nonsense?

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Nyan Cat
Nyan Cat

Nyan Cat

Hey! It's Nyan Cat!

It's the rainbow pop tart cat that may bring you airs of smiles or seas of annoyance depending on your perception on rainbow pop tart cats.

You should have heard of Nyan Cat once in a while before 'coz this cat's popularity is surprisingly shaking the whole world today.

It's all cat and it's all nyan so let's sing! ~Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyan...Nyan~

Dumb Ways to Die
Dumb Ways to Die

Dumb Ways to Die

Play the "Dumb Ways To Die" video clip and see the dumbest ways to die in this world.

Who would have thought that these dumb ways to die are really dumb but indeed very close to reality. It may seem to be full of funny nonsense but then again it seems to mystically spout some sense.

With a fantastic animation, cute characters, and a wonderful musical song, Dumb Ways to Die is truly a great internet find with nonsense that actually makes some sense.

Don't Press the Red Button

Seriously, DO...NOT...PRESS...IT!

You have been warned!

You're time is for naught on this weird website red button!

As I have said for the very nth time, Do Not Press The Red Button! You're in for a major headache of annoyance, or!

Color Flip
Color Flip

Color Flip


Then this Color Flip site might get you into clicking and dragging mode.

Just click and drag the page and voila! Instant boredom buster!

Watch as the colors flip before your eyes.

Annoying Beans
Annoying Beans

Annoying Beans

Oh why, oh why???

At first I was like..."Oh, you beans are kinda cute", but then, the screaming and shouting began.

And so, I SMASHED THEM!!! *wahahahahaha

This site of animated Annoying Beans will get on your nerves if you don't crush them in one fell swoop. Well, sorry beans but you are all too annoying.

The Revolving Internet
The Revolving Internet

The Revolving Internet

For revolution!

You don't say?

Yeah, this is all about a browser revolving around your screen. Everything revolves up to the sites you are searching and everything you click. The Revolving Internet is all about revolution as its name-sake says.

As an added bonus, it even has a somewhat slow background music.

Scariest Things on the Internet
Scariest Things on the Internet

Scariest Things on the Internet

Ghosts, Ghouls, The Unknown, and a lot more unexplainable creepy things in this world are often most regarded my people as nonsense.

Some believe them, some not, some sees scary sites as fun, and some as pranks.

Here, you will find a collection of the scary websites and the scariest things you could find on the internet.

So, whether it's for fun, for the thrill, or for some nonsense past-time...the Scariest Things on the Internet are yours to conquer.



Heyyeayeayeayea! I say hey! What's goin' on?~

This is one of my favorites!

I dunno but I think they made this from the He-man: Masters of the Universe cartoon. Pointless yeah, but still...everything about this site made my day.

It was really comical. The animation and rendering was really hilarious.

Even the music was gleeful and would really lead you to having LSS (a.k.a. Last Song Syndrome)

You should give this a try to share it with your friends quickly!

Drama Button
Drama Button

Drama Button

Just a weird button with a weird sound effect.

Maybe it was meant to be pushed whenever something dramatic happens.

Well, it isn't called the Drama Button for nothing. Let the drama start - with you as the drama queen of course! Drama bomb!



One word...Incredible! It's in the name I guess - Incredibox!

Mix and blend every note you see and listen to the masterpiece you are going to create.

Every note and sound in this site is pleasant to hear. I've gone past first two achievements but I can't seem to get the third and last one.

Tell me if you get it, ok. ^_^

Turn off the internet
Turn off the internet

Turn off the Internet

It's just a button.

Just as it is called "Turn off the Internet", it won't really turn the internet off.

Only a message will appear.

It doesn't really work wonders but hey, I just wanted to press that alluring red button again.

And of course, you gotta allow pop-ups for this to work successfully.

Meow Mania
Meow Mania

Meow Mania

Cats, cats, cats, and didn't I say...CATS!

They are everywhere with every click you make! And oh, it's Meow Maniafor all we know!

Plus, their cat meows are as cute as ever.

Meow! Meow! Meow! And join the mania of cats!



Well, well, well,...Bio-bak, huh?

Of all the many nonsense websites and strange sites on the net, I could say that bio-bak is one the epitome of nonsense fun.

How do I say it? Ummm...this site is pretty pointless and doesn't really make any sense but woah! I'm enjoying it...the sounds, the art, the randomity, and the interface.

I haven't really explored Bio-bak that far yet, so try it and share your experience with this page.



Just like what it says --Noooooooooooooooo!

It is the sound effect for the times when someone disagrees with you.

Press it when someone perhaps foil your evil plans!

or maybe, whenever you accidentally click alt-f4.

So all together, let's scream....


Marvelous Breadfish
Marvelous Breadfish

The Marvelous Breadfish

What is the world coming to?!

First, it was a rainbow pop tart cat and now....A BREADFISH?! *chuckles

I dunno, but it might have been the breadfish first then the nyan cat *confused*


Either way, this Weird Website filled with BreadFish has its own charms in place. Plus, its background music will surely put you into singing mode!

You will even hear the music in your head so...good luck with that!

Ball Dropping
Ball Dropping

Ball Dropping

BALLS! They are HERE!

Balls falls! Lines Inclines! Sounds Rounds! Ball Dropping!

Gravity down! Gravity up!

Drop the balls wherever you want!

Charlie the Unicorn
Charlie the Unicorn

Charlie the Unicorn

Nuff' said, It's Charlie the Unicorn.

Charlie the Unicorn offers more entertaining and fun nonsensical stuff to your screens.

Watch as those wacko and weird unicorns make the boom in Charlie's usual random days.



How can you face your problems if your problem is your face?

Well, I won't face your own face problems!

With this MonoFace, the power to shape a face is in your every control!

Start shaping that face now.



Enter iGod...

Choose a theme...

Talk to God.

Now is your chance to chat with God about anything.

Repent, Praise, Pray, do whatever holy you wish. God will always listen to you.

...and now, God will even chat with you.

Neave Interactive
Neave Interactive

Neave Interactive

Neave Interactive is a digital playground that will keep you occupied for whence you are bored.

With all its various artistic tools and eye candy, one will find himself/herself in a daze of the magically strange site platform of Neave.

Try all the wonderful apps Neave has to offer which includes webcam toy, bouncy balls, imagination, tic-tac-toe, and lots more...

Enjoy the colors and creative vibes.

R2D2 Translator
R2D2 Translator

R2D2 Translator

Though it is technically useless, the sounds this R2D2 Translator produces are quite fun to hear.

Input any word and the R2D2 will translate it into its own word.

Hear everything in R2D2's robotic tune.

Nightingale Songs
Nightingale Songs

Nightingale Songs

This is just your ordinary Nightingale singing Nightingale songs for you.

Give it a word and the little nightingale shall return the word right back at you. Only, it is already in the language of the little nightingale.

The humming of the bird shall be as relaxing as ever.

Crystal Ball
Crystal Ball

The Crystal Ball

This is not just an ordinary ball.

It is a Crystal Ball. The balls used by those fortune tellers you see on T.V. all the time.

Now, it is directly on your screen waiting for you to think and look at its vision.

Honestly, I spent some few minutes to gaze at this ball, but I just don't get what it says. Hehe...good luck.

Invisible Cursor
Invisible Cursor

Invisible Cursor

Try out this nonsense game called the "Invisible Cursor". It's simple; all you have to do is hit the targets without the cursor. At first, you have 3 seconds to play with the cursor to warm you up for the game.

Now, let's see how many targets you can hit with an Invisible Cursor. Game!

Grow Cube
Grow Cube

Grow Cube

This short mini game with the name "Grow Cube" has its own charms. Basically, all you need to do is point and click. The items you click will assimilate with the cube and grow every short while. There's an endless combination of fun that will get you curious and turn your clicking mood.

Overall, the game is fascinating and cute beyond all doubt.

Hey weirdo! Yes you!

Are your brain cells awake now?

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