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Norton Internet Security 2017 Software Review

Updated on August 20, 2017

I've been using Norton Internet Security since 2003. It has save my computer from many threats from viruses to annoying popup ads. It's made surfing the web, email, and virus protection easier processes for me. I have more than one computer. Two years ago my Facebook account was hacked because of a link that I mistakenly clicked on. That computer didn't have Norton installed. When I logged on to my Facebook account with my desktop which had Norton the software saw the external link as a threat. Since then I make sure it's installed on all my computers.

Virus Protection

Norton internet security 2017 is capable of scanning your computer for viruses. On top of that I like the SONAR feature that scans the behavior of programs in the background and lets me know the potential for a threat even before I do a scan or search for one.

Automatic Updates

I like the fact that the updates are automatic and its all done in the background. In the past I have experienced the error message that says your virus protection database is out of date. If I didn't pay attention to that message my computer would be open to new threats. The software automatically updates when my system isn't in use.

Spam Blocking

I like that the software filters out the junk emails for me. The ones that have links to websites that have the potential to have viruses or adware.

Parental Controls

I like this feature a lot. I can control what the kids view and what they have access too. My kids are almost four. Right now they just watch videos of Elmo. I'm looking more into the future especially when they learn how to read and write and surf the internet.

Social Media Protection

There are many threats in Facebook and other social media. I get messages from friends sometimes and they can have external links to viruses or code that hacks my Facebook account. The software scans links and tell me if they are a threat before I even think of clicking on them.

Norton Security 2017 Review


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      anonymous 4 years ago

      I use McAfee.