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Nvidia 3D Vision vs Tridef

Updated on October 21, 2013

Nvidia 3D Vision vs Tridef

If you're looking to play some games in 3D on your PC, you've got a few options. The 2 most prominent ways to play 3D is with either Nvidia's 3D Vision or with Tridef...

IZ3D was another alternative but due to financial restraints they have since discontinued operations.

This leaves us with 2 behemoths of 3D goodness and I've achieved great results using both.

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Nvidia 3D Vision

It took me awhile to get 3D setup properly on my PC. As I use my TV as a monitor, the setup process is a little different.

In order to use Nvidia's 3D Vision, you will either need a 3D compatible monitor or, if like me you're using a 3D enabled TV, you will need to purchase Nvidia 3DTV Play software.

Due to limited capabilities of HDMI, games played at 1080p with only play at 24fps which looks awful. Instead, if you set the game's resolution to 1280x720 you can play at 60fps in awesome 3D.


Tridef is also a piece of software used for playing 3D games. It can also convert 2D games, movies and pictures into 3D on the fly. Though we all know converted 3D is nowhere near as good as true 3D, it's still a nice feature to have.

Tridef software hacks into your DirectX and if used on a TV connected through HDMI, the same resolution standards will apply ie. 1080p at 24fps or 720p at 60fps.

This was a great alternative for AMD owners before they released AMD HD3D Technology.

Nvidia 3D Vision vs Tridef

After some testing and further discussion, we've come to the following conclusions.

Both systems provide great 3D but with certain conditions and various games, each one has it's own merits. Both systems can also convert non-3D games to 3D on the fly.

Nvidia has been around longer and thus has a larger number of games that are optimized for 3D. Nvidia's 3D also has developer support which is great but they rely on developers to make changes when there is a problem. 3D Vision also seems to work well will an SLI setup.

Tridef has some very impressive 3D. Many times it feels like the 3D is more robust in Tridef which makes for more intense 3D results. The Tridef team go into their software themselves and make changes when there is a viewing problem.


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