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Obi 110 Vs Ooma

Updated on October 17, 2012

Let's get into the nitty-gritty of the Obi 110 Versus the Ooma Telo. I've already done a general overview of both of these phone systems and even a comparison of obi vs ooma

However, let's narrow down and just compare Obihai's Obi 110 and Ooma's Telo. Because even though one is cheaper, they may not all meet your family's need equally. I like the fact that Ooma will send a text message to your cell phone anytime 911 is called. That feature may not matter as much to you, depending on how you use your phones.

( If you want more information about the general features benefits and service provider difference between Obihai and Ooma, then visit this other lens: )

Obi vs Ooma
Obi Vs. Ooma? Which one is the better system. Here's a run-down comparison of the differences in costs, benefits and features of both the Ooma and the Obihai...

More About The Obi 110

In a nutshell? You plug the Obi 110 into your internet. You plug your phone into the Obi 110. You then log online and connect your free Google voice account to the Obi 110. Wala! You can now make and receive calls anywhere in the US for free!!!!!

If you have other friends who use OBiTALK, OBiON (for IPhone) or OBiApp (for PC) you can also talk to them for free without making a phone call.

One of the cool thing about the Obi 110 is that it comes with so many built-in features such as Caller Id so you can avoid those annoying people you don't want to talk to, Anonymous Caller Blocking so you can shut out the stalkers and telemarketers, Call forwarding so you can have the Obi ring your cell phone when you are out of the house, Google Voicemail so you can hear (or read) your voicemails, and even three-way calling for conference calling.

Obihai really makes a forward-thinking device. I mean you can even send and receive text messages. It doesn't get much better than that.

The really neat thing about the Obi 110 is that you can run a phone line from it into any telephone jack and establish a dial tone at all of the phones in your house! Pretty darn neat.

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The Ooma Telo - Close up and Personal

The Ooma Telo is designed to go head-to-head with Vonage and all of the major VoIP players out there. With the Ooma you are going to pay a little more up front and then you will need to pay about $3.50 for regulatory fees. Additionally if you want features such as 3-way calling and call waiting, you will need to purchase the Premier package at $9.99 a month.

Like the Obi, the Ooma provides free calling to the Us, and provides cheap rates for international calling.

One of the biggest benefits with the Ooma Telo is its clear acoustics strengths. In fact they've even released a n HD version for better-than-landline sound.

Additionally, since the Telo is made to work specifically with the Ooma network, there are fewer glitches in getting the phones to work properly.

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The Telo can also better mimic a real phone and provides a local number for you to use and can even port your number from your existing landline to the Ooma device.

Is the Obi 110 or Ooma Better?

Here's the bullets-list comparison

Both the Obi 110 and Ooma:

- Provide free nationwide calling

- Provide caller id and voicemail

- Works with your existing phone and internet connection

Pros and Cons of Obi 110

- Cannot make 911 Calls

- Cannot port an existing number to the Obi 110

- Works with Google Voice and other VoIP carriers

- Provides non-local number

- Includes more features than the Telo such as 3-way calling and call waiting.

Pros and Cons of Ooma Telo

- Pricier than the Obi 110

- Recurring monthly costs for regulatory fees

- Includes 911 calling. Also sends a text message to your phone to alert you when 911 has been called.

- Better sound quality than the Obi

- Fewer technical glitches

- Can give you a local number to keep people from having to call you long-distance. Can also port your existing number to the phone ($39.99 fee)

Which is Better?

I like the Ooma better. Its easy, and I want to know that when I call home from work that my wifey won't have to go through a bunch of finagling to make it work. But if you mostly do out-bound calls or don't use a home phone alot, the Obi can save you a heap ton of money.

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