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Online Digital Cartography - Online Maps, Charts and Other Tools

Updated on November 7, 2014

Online Maps, Charts and Other Tools

This page features information about digital cartography; online maps, charts and other navigational tools.

Digital Cartography has become essential technology for lots of applications.

Advances in memory storage have made cartography accessible and affordable.

Examples of Digital Cartography include digital versions of topographical maps, bathymetric maps, nautical charts, street maps, and other mapping.

Raster Vs. Vector Mapping

When choosing electronic charts and maps, users must choose between raster and vector formats. Each format has several advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Raster Maps:

Raster maps are copies of paper versions, with same accuracy and reliability.

They are more inexpensive, simpler to produce and are widely available.

Advantages of Vector Maps:

Raster maps have the ability to display layers selectively.

They are better suited for integration with other data from other sources such as radar, sonar, etc.

USA Nautical Chart Updates

Recreational boaters can now obtain continuously updated nautical charts at, a site developed by NOAA and the Alliance for Safe Navigation.

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