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Ooma vs Magicjack

Updated on January 23, 2013

I was originally looking at Ooma as a way to cut down on my monthly bills. Then, I discovered Magicjack Plus as a cheaper alternative.

But, would I be compromising on quality too much to go with Magic Jack Plus? Is it easy to use? How does the Magic Jack compare with the Ooma?

This lens compares both the Magicjack and the Ooma to help you make your own decision.

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To Save Even More Money you Can Get The Ooma Or MagicJack on Amazon

Best Home Phone Service?

Recently, I made my decision and our family switched to a VoIP.

Before you go, Click Here To See My Review On My Favorite VoIP Provider

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The Upfront fees of the Ooma Vs the Magicjack

The Ooma is pricier, currently priced right around the $150 at most online retailers.

The Magicjack can save you some on initial start-up costs at only around $70. So about half the price.

The Monthly Fees for Ooma versus Magicjack

The Ooma offers a "Free" package where you only pay required regulatory fees and taxes. That package ends up charging most users about $3.50 a month. For an added $9.99/ month you can get the premier service from Ooma which offes features such as three-way calling and second-line and call waiting.

The Magicjack costs less, at $29.95 per month. This also includes three-way calling anc voicemail and most of the features you would pay more for on the Ooma.

Both of these plans cover all of your nationwide calling. International calling is just pennies on the minute, thanks to the wonders of Internet Telephony.

Ooma vs. Magicjack Plus -- Is There a Sound Quality Difference?

Like all internet phones, these VoIP systems are greatly affected by your internet connection. You can set your router's QoS settings to give the phone priority over other applications, but is you are uploading Journey's "Greatest Hits" while also talking on the phone, the sound quality of your phone call will suffer.

That said, Ooma has a much more reliable sound quality. Customer's are using words such as "outstanding", "excellent" and "great" to describe the sound quality.

With the Magicjack, most people range from "impressed" to "garbled". Even with the "impressed" reviews, the call quality is being rated as "better than cell phone".

When it comes to clarity of sound, the two have entirely different reviews, and the Ooma clearly wins.

911 Activation

Both the Ooma and the Magic Jack work for 911 calls. If you move, be sure to update your address with your VoIp service provider so it can accurately dispatch emergency crews

Is Ooma Better Than Magicjack?

At face value, the Magicjack Plus looks like a better tool. It's cheaper, the sound quality is all right, and you see it advertised everywhere.

However, reviews by real users tell a much different, unhappier, story.

When looking at, I found several Magicjack Plus units for sale. The 1-star reviews actually outnumbered the 4 and 5 star reviews combined!

Most of the complaints revolve around faulty units, poor connectivity and non-existant customer service to get the problems resolved.

Basically, you get the impression that, for the most part, the Magickack only works half of the time, and even then may require some tweaking.

Compare Ooma Telo With Magicjck Plus?

I think here, also, the Amazon Reviews says it all. Right now, the Ooma Telo has over 2,000 reviews with over 85% of those earning a 5-star!

By comparison, the Magicjack Plus has just under 300 reviews with only 28% of those earning a 5-star. Ouch.

Decided Yet? - Get your Ooma or Magicjack and Start Saving Money


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