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How to Use ooVoo Video Chat and Conference Call for Business Communication

Updated on August 4, 2014

What is oovoo?

Oovoo is a video conference, call and messing service that allow up to 6 people to join a video call if you want to use it free. Though the features of oovoo sounds pretty facility, but the striking fact of oovoo’s popularity is its rich features and high definition free video call, which you can use for your business communication solution.

Supported Platform

Oovoo run on windows (xp, vista, 7), Mac, iphone, and mobile phones. It supports android 2.2 and higher version.

How to download oovoo?

To download oovoo for windows based system, you have to go at:,and then click on “download now” from the box called “Windows.”

Oovoo sign up and login process

One your download it and run the oovoo exe file, you have to choose an account name and then fill out all the necessary information to create your account. If you want to use oovoo for personal purpose, then select “personal use only”; otherwise check out the other two options. For details check out the following screenshot about oovoo sign up.

oovoo | Source
oovoo sign up
oovoo sign up

Adding Friends

Once you sign in to your oovoo account. Click on the “add friends” marked with a plus icon. And then type your friends oovoo account id or email address to send an invitation. Alternatively, you can search for your friends by typing the name and their country of residence including city name. Remember that once you send an invitation your friends need to accept it in order to start communication with you in oovoo.

Note: Do not send any invitation to the person who you do not know.

Oovoo video chat and call

to start a video call double click on your contact name and then click on the icon labeled as video call link marked with a green color receiver on a globe. To invite multiple contacts on a video call select all the contact name by pressing CRTL key on your keyboard and then send the invitation. If you need to call a number of your friends to join your video call you may have to purchase an oovoo subscription plan, depending on the number of people you want to participate on your video call or conference.

By default, all the video call will be sent with standard resolution. For high resolution video call, your Internet speed should have 384 kbps upload speed. And at a time only one person can send high definition video in a multi-party call or conference, but if you are on a one-to-one video call with your friend, then both of you can enjoy high resolution video simultaneously. Another important thing about oovoo HD(high definition) video call is that your webcam should supports HD, which means your webcam resolution has a minimum resolution of 1280x720 and your computer should have a minimum of 1.8 GHz dual core processor.

oovoo download
oovoo download
oovoo video message
oovoo video message

How to send a reordered video message to your friend who is offline?

If your friend is offline and you need to send a important message to him or her, you can do so with a video recording with your webcam ,and then sending it to your friend’s oovoo account. When you friend comes online he can see your video message straight away. To send a video message you have to go the “Action” menu at the top of your oovoo and then click on the “send oovoo video message”. Next, click on the red button to start the recording. To stop the recording click on the red button once again and then click on the “Add” on the top-right to send it to your friend. Alternatively, you can post it to YouTube or even can send to an email recipient. These options are on the top bar of oovoo.

All of the information given above is free for anyone to use it. The following features are available upon subscription:

  • Video call recording
  • Add phone number with your video call
  • Sharing your desktop
  • Sending files up to 25 MB

What distinguish oovoo with other video call services? The following features are free?

  • You can join a multiple video call with a group of six friends.
  • High resolution video chat
  • Video Call recording facility
  • Direct YouTube sharing of your video message

Small business video conferencing solution with oovoo

By spending under 30 USD for a month you can have the following video conferencing and phone facility.

  • Video calls: 12 ways
  • 500 minutes phone call
  • Secure video, instant message and file and desktop sharing

This type of high quality video conferencing has many applications such as business conference, online training, group discussion, video presentation of business or marketing proposals. small business that provides technical supports on-demand basis is another great example of using oovoo as a tool of business. before taking any decision using oovoo's business solution, you can use its free service to check its HD video quality because the resolution of oovoo for both its free service and business packages are same


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    • andromida profile image

      syras mamun 6 years ago

      @sweetie1-oovoo can be a good solution for HD video call and conference call. For personal messaging with friends the other messenger services are pretty handy.Thank you:)

    • sweetie1 profile image

      sweetie1 6 years ago from India

      Hi andromida,

      Wow i had never heard about it though i have quite a few messengers in my computer. Thanks for the info and detail information on how to use it.