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packaging film

Updated on March 8, 2012

packaging films

In this Industrial world , packaging of material for transporting and exporting is a must. Earlier days we used to use wooden crates and metal crates for transporting. This is some disadvantage also. Because of rainwater, heat and other natural calamities the material which is been transported will get affected.

Recent times , most of the world using the certain type of polymer for packaging. This polymer is called bopp. The abbreviation for bopp is bi-oriented polypropelene. This comes in rolls. Normally it ranges in 15-50micron. As the name explains, it can be strectched orizontally or vertically.So, it is called as bi- oriented.

This bopp is a by product of petroleum products. It is been produced by processing crude oil.It has advantageous than other materials. This film is not affected by any chemical. So it can be used as releasing agent. It will not get affected by rain or external climatic conditions. So, it is been used as water proof material.

It can be used for flower packaging,electrical as well as industrial machineries packaging. 

Advantages of using Packaging films

Unlike wood , Packaging materials are not so expensive to deal with. At the same time , it never absorbs moisture and retain moisture , which assists the packaged material from getting rust, paint removal, and weakening the parts. Wood is subject to fungal or termite attack. As far as packaging film concerned we can keep away the worry.

This material can take any shape , irrespective of sizes. Easy to wrap either manually or with machine. Acts like shock proof material, because of its properties. And Packaging films can be transported anywhere , because of compact and very thin in thickness.


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    • sarovai profile image

      sarovai 7 years ago

      Thank Peggy W for the comments. And hope for the speedy recovery of environment.

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 7 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Yes...many things are produced from petroleum products. Brings to mind the horrific tragedy of that British Petroleum oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that is currently happening. Hopefully in the not too distant future, that oil well will be capped and the environment will start its slow recovery.