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Parrot Asteroid Car Receiver Review

Updated on January 1, 2014

My Parrot Asteroid Car Receiver Review

From the first moment I heard about the Parrot Asteroid, I was a little bit impressed with all that they had packed into a car stereo. So this Parrot Asteroid review is a little biased because of that amazement.

Of course, once I got my Parrot Asteroid Car Stereo, I will admit I found a few small things I didn't like. But overall, after a few small hiccups, I must say I am almost as impressed as when I first heard about it. In my opinion this is the way all car stereos will be headed, but Parrot Asteroid is leading the charge and winning the race.

The "look" of the Parrot Asteroid

When unboxing the Stereo, one of the first things I noticed is that it simply "looked different" from steroes I was used to. It seemed heavier than most, but was only about half the depth that I am used to. This makes sense, because of the lack of the CD player. (And who needs CDs in a car these days). This made the actual installation a bit easier, IMO.

What it does the Parrot Car Stereo play:

Okay, so right off the bat... if you want your car stereo to play CD's you are out of luck. It doesn't do 8 Tracks either, nor old tapes. But just about everything else will play on the Parrot. It has four USB ports that can hook to every single device imaginable. One will be taken up by the GPS, but still 3 remaining is more than you will likely ever use. Plug in iPOd/iPhone or even the USB device. Once they are plugged in finding music is simple. No hunting necessary. Simply press a button and say the name of the song you want to hear.

The sound quality this output has is simply wonderful. The sound is clear and a pleasure to hear.

Parrot Car Stereo Apps:

One of the neatest things about the parrot car receiver is that it accepts 3rd party apps. Some genius can think up something nifty and make it work in the future with this car receiver. So you can never list everything this unit could "potentially" do.

But this is also the area where i did run into a little bit of a problem. To get this to work you do need to tether your phone for the internet connectivity. But once you do this, it will automatically connect in the future. This gives you thousands of stations of Internet radio, Speedometer and all other sorts of nifty apps. Just do a quick search for Parrot asteroid apps and you may well be surprised at all that are out there.

Parrot Asteroid Car Receiver Review Pros:

Easy to use Interface.The Voice Recognition works like a charm. Actually far better than I thought it would.Set up is not too difficult. (rate this one 4 out of 5)Great Screen Resolution on a relatively (for a car stereo) large screen.The voice music search is killer. This is the heart and soul of this. With all your options and apps configured you simply have an amazing array of music at your fingertips all accessible with a spoken word.Hand free calling rocks. Specifically now that bluetooth type headsets are illegal to drive with in many places. All you need to do is say call a name from your contact book, and it will dial for you. (automatically muting the music if it is playing).Parrot Asteroid Car Receiver Review Cons:The start up time can take a little bit longer than I like. Sometimes apps you use can be a little bit buggy with their interface. But every successive main software update seems to clear up more and more of these issues. In other words Parrot knows of these minor issues and is taking action on relieving them.Parrot Asteroid Car Receiver Review Overall:Overall I love this car Stereo. I would feel lost if I went back to my old Kenwood. Like a small music loving part of me up and died. It is a little bit steeply priced at $300 dollars plus...but when you think of all the features and capabilities it boasts, this is a small price, really. I am certainly glad I gave this wonderful gadget a chance. The Parrot Car Receiver Rocks!

Parrot Asteroid Youtube Video

What do you think about Parrot Asteroid?

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      6 years ago

      Good information you've compiled here!


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