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PC Tuneup Maestro Review

Updated on August 29, 2013

Tips for Making Your Windows Computer Run Faster

If you're like me, you have a computer that doesn't always seem to want to play ball.

Over time, my PC started to slow down while doing basic things like opening Microsoft Word and Excel and running the normal updates didn't help fix it.

That's when I heard about 'PC Tuneup Maestro' -- software that enhances the performance and stability of a Windows PC.

This lens explains how the software can help speed up your computer and ease your frustration!

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Video Review:

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Does This Software Actually Work?!

If your PC is like mine was, then using it is a very frustrating experience. You wait ages for the damn thing to boot up and then another lifetime to open basic documents or the web browser. In fact, mine was so bad I almost couldn't be bothered to use it at all!

When loaded up, the PC Tuneup Maestro optimizing software shows a diagnostic snapshot of your PC's system health. At this point you basically have to click a button and then it goes on to fix everything and optimize your system. It is as simple as it sounds. This process took about 25 minutes on my PC but this time may be shorter or longer depending on your hardware.

While it wasn't the quickest fix ever, the result was well worth the wait. I would estimate that my PC is now about 10 to 15 times faster than it was before.

I won't go into technical details here but basically the software clears out old registry entries that have been stored and no longer needed as well as other processes.

After running it just once, your computer will start up quicker, prevent or decrease the amount of system crashes you have, increase overall operating speeds and get rid of other annoying little habits your PC has picked up along the way.

The conclusion of my review should be obvious as I would recommend the software if you are experiencing any of the frustrations that I was. It is a useful program to have and I run it every couple of months to freshen up my PC and keep it running at a good speed.

When I first used this software, my PC felt like a brand new computer -- it made that much difference.

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Public Domain Photo from

Tune Up Software for Your PC

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