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Pentax UCF Binoculars - Reviews

Updated on January 2, 2011

Customer Reviews on the compact Pentax UCF Binocular series

It can often be quite difficult to get an honest opinion about a product that you want to buy and this includes binoculars. If you look at the manufacturers website, they obviously focus on what they feel is good about their product and simply don't tell you about any of the bad points. Retail websites and the salesman on the shop floor do the same, because it is in their interest to sell you the binocular.

So how can you get a more balanced and unbiased opinion about a pair of binoculars? Well a start would be to talk to people who already own the pair in question and this is where some websites are helping out. Many retail websites like Amazon now include customer reviews and there are some websites that review binoculars.

What I have done on this page is to combine all the reviews on the compact Pentax UCF binoculars that I could find and publish them in one place making it easier for you to get as much information as quickly as possible.

Pentax Page on the Best Binoculars and Binocular Reviews website
Pentax Page on the Best Binoculars and Binocular Reviews website

About Pentax UCF Binoculars

The UCF range of binoculars from Pentax feature compact take anywhere type binoculars aimed at the leisure market and sold at an affordable price range.

The range consists of:

  • Pentax UCF X II Binoculars
  • Pentax UCF WP Binoculars
  • Pentax UCF Zoom II Binoculars
  • Pentax UCF R Binoculars

For more information on Pentax UCF binoculars, full reviews and where to buy, take a look at this page on Pentax Binoculars on my Best Binoculars and Binocular Reviews website

Pentax UCF Zoom II Binoculars

There is only one binocular in this series, although it is almost two binoculars in one, in that it can zoom from an 8x magnification to 16x.

According to Pentax: The 8-16x21 UCF Zoom II binocular stands alone. This rugged little beauty gives you extraordinary power in a compact and rugged design. A magnification range of 8X to 16X will get you closer to your subject. A tough rubberized exterior that resists scratches, dust, dirt, and shock. Perfect alignment to eliminate headaches. And PENTAX's super multi-coated lenses allow more light to enter while eliminating irritating glare and flare. Packed with performance and portable enough to take anywhere, the 8-16x21 UCF Zoom II binocular is the perfect traveling companion.

Customer Reviews:

Great Compact Binoculars

Review By M. AYLEN "Mike" (Beds,UK) - on

I have always wanted a pair of very good quality, lightweight binoculars and these binoculars do not disappoint. It is probably my ignorance and the lack of a stand (which you can screw in underneath) but the 16X magnification image is half the size and, as you can imagine difficult to keep still! The 8X gives superb quality. The case is a disappointment because it is a struggle to get them in! so be prepared to find another case!

The reviews below can all be found on

Very, Very Fine pair of binoculars

Review By: Donald Wain St John (Plano, TX USA)

This is absolutely the best pair of binoculars I have owned. The close focusing is great and the zoom stays in focus throughout the range. I highly recommend these binoculars to anyone.


Review By: Oleg Rakhmanchik (New York, NY United States)

Amazon Verified Purchase

This review is from: Pentax 62217 UCF II 8-16x21 Zoom Binocular (Electronics)

This is probably the best inexpensive zoom binocular. I have tried Barska, Nikon Eagleview & Travelite, and other zoom binoculars that cost four times as much, and this one is just on a different level for a lot less money. It is a lot smaller than it looks in the picture and comes with a great leather case. The binocular is very clear, sharp and easy to focus. It appears to be very durable as well.

Pentax UCF II Binocula

Review By T. Pendergrass (Seattle, WA)


Amazon Verified Purchase

This review is from: Pentax 62217 UCF II 8-16x21 Zoom Binocular (Electronics)

I purchased a second for my wife. It has a great light gathering capability and the zoom works well. We use them for college football and to take on trips. They have been durable and tolerant of some moisture (would not call them waterproof). I believe they are a great value for a compact binocular.

Pentax 10x21 UCF R Binoculars
Pentax 10x21 UCF R Binoculars

Pentax UCF R Binoculars

There are two models within this series, both compact binoculars one with an 8x magnification and the other 10x:

  • Pentax 10x21 UCF R Binoculars
  • Pentax 821 UCF R Binoculars

According to Amazon: The Pentax 8x21 UCF R has been added to its already-extensive porro-prism binocular lineup. Combining high-resolution optics with a stylish, streamlined body, this compact, lightweight model offer comfortable viewing and outstanding portability in a wide range of casual observations, both indoors and outdoors.

According to Pentax: These pocket sized binoculars will go anywhere with you. Offering a versatile 10x magnification and excellent BaK4 prisms you can be sure of a closer view where ever you go.

Customer Reviews

Brilliant binos

Review by D. Morgan "dmoggy" (UK) - on

This review is from: Pentax 10x21 UCF R Binoculars (Electronics)

These Pentax binoculars are great quality and great value. I bought the first pair about 10 years ago and were simply superb - even after going on safari, then being dropped down a flight of stairs! A year ago I bought 2 of these latest UCF R series from Jacobs Digital. They are equally as good, well built, easy on the eye for focussing, fit in a large pocket, and excellent for birdwatching. Highly recommended.

Pentax 10x21 UCF R Binoculars

Review By R. W. Cater - on

This review is from: Pentax 10x21 UCF R Binoculars (Electronics)

Very satisfied great product and easy to carry around. Every bit as good as conventional glasses and much more convenient to use. Already own Pentax 8x21 UCF mini which prompted purchase of another pair. In balance though prefer the 8x21's there is not that much perceivable difference in magnification but the 8x's are easier to hold steady. Both products recommended.

Pentax 8x21 UCF R Binoculars

For a full and in-depth review as well as product test take a look at my page on the Best Binoculars & Binocular Reviews website:

Pentax 8x21 UCF R Binoculars Review

Pentax 10x25 UCF WP Binoculars
Pentax 10x25 UCF WP Binoculars

Pentax UCF WP Binoculars

These Waterproof binoculars (WP) from Pentax come in two configurations, with the same size objective lenses (25mm) but different magnifications 10x and 8x:

  • Pentax 10x25 UCF WP Binoculars
  • Pentax 8x25 UCF WP Binoculars

According to Pentax: Dunk them, douse them, get them wet. The PENTAX UCF WP series of binoculars aren't afraid of a little water. Featuring nitrogen-filled waterproof (JIS Class 6) construction and a unibody design, these hardy binoculars are durable enough to stand up to even the wettest weather conditions. Available in two magnifications, the PENTAX UCF WP line features high-refraction BaK4 glass prisms for superior viewing, aspherical eyepiece lens elements for edge-to-edge sharpness, and fully multi-coated optical elements for improved light transmission and decreased glare. Compact, lightweight, and durable, the PENTAX UCF WP series are the ideal choice for use on or around water.

Customer Reviews

Great little binoculars

Binocular Review By Northwest Pup on

Amazon Verified Purchase

This review is from: Pentax 62608 UCF 8x25 Waterproof Binocular (Electronics)

We also have a larger pair of Pentax binoculars, but I love these little ones, as they are compact, lightweight and tough! I can tuck them in a backpack, and they don't take up much space or add too much weight. The Pentax warranty is excellent!

Pentax UCF Binoculars on Amazon

Amazon is often the cheapest place not only to buy binoculars, but just about anything - below are some of the Pentax UCF Binoculars available on

If you have any comments, suggestions or would like to add a review of your own, I would love to hear from you.

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