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Phone Cards to Call South Korea - Where to Find the Best

Updated on July 10, 2011

South Korea is just one of the many countries I travel to for business. So I rely on phone cards to help me save money on calls made to business associates, as well as the many friends that I have made over the years in South Korea.

I also get a lot of email from people who read my articles and reviews about phone card industry asking me where to buy phone cards to call South Korea.

To call South Korea I have been using the "Just Call" phone card. I have been using this a same exact phone card to call other countries in Asia and it is a very reliable phone card with excellent 24x7 customer service. You can purchase this card from a company called Speed Pin. For more information about them you can read Speedy Pin Phone Card Company Review.

Or you can watch a video review where you can also see me log into my Speedy Pin account.

Just Call Phone Card Available Only At Speedy Pin
Just Call Phone Card Available Only At Speedy Pin
Speedy Pin Website
Speedy Pin Website

Just Call Rates for Calling South Korea

The rates here are based on calls made to South Korea from the USA. It cost 1.8¢/minute to call a telephone land line and 3.2¢/minute to call a mobile number. This phone card has absolutely no fees and 1 minute rounding. For those of you who have read my articles and reviews about the phone card industry know that I only suggest consumers choose phone cards with no fees.

This phone card also comes with a toll free access number so you can make your calls without extra charges. It also has a 24x7 toll free customer support number so that's good too. I say this because there were a few occasions where I had some missing minutes due to technical issues. So I called to complain and within a few minutes of speaking to a very understanding customer service representative, they replaced my minutes. So I can't really be too mad at them since they resolved my issue.

Of all the phone card companies that I have used previously, Speedy Pin has the best rates for calling South Korea. They are the only company on the Internet that offers a 100% Guarantee on all of their products.

I made a short video review below about Speedy Pin so you can check it out.

Have you used Speedy Pin or Just Call phone card before? Let us know your opinion.

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