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Pimp your MySpace page and Generate Revenue

Updated on March 20, 2008

MySpace Business Basics

You must crawl before you walk, or even run when it comes to making money with MySpace. It isn’t a place to jump in and make money without knowing some of the basics. Think you know all the basics already? You are most likely misled, as the basic rules of MySpace change daily, and the profiting techniques do so as well.

Lesson number one when it comes to profiting off of MySpace is to make sure you constantly stay abreast of the rules, and regulations on MySpace. The more education you receive on how to make money with MySpace, and how to skirt around the problems with MySpace, the easier your life will be. Don’t be afraid to take time each day to look at any changes in the MySpace format, and consequent rules of the site. The more you know about this, the better it will be for your bottom line.

MySpace is starting to institute a quality control system that will frown upon commercially drawn pages, and thus you want to try to create a MySpace page this is at least in some part not entirely commercial. This means toning down your offerings, and at least pretending like you are trying to contribute something to the MySpace community beyond attempting to sell people on goods, and services.

Part of profiting on MySpace is understanding the different roles of each member, and guest on the site. For example, if you are placing a viral video on MySpace, and you want everyone to see it, it must be part of a friend post, not under your videos section, because your videos section is for members viewing only. This means nobody else will be able to see the video but members, and friends of your space. This is one little example of how important it is to keep up with the rules, to make sure you know how to maximize the effectiveness of your site.

The more you learn about MySpace the more powerful your money making efforts will be. Therefore it is imperative that you learn as much about MySpace as possible, from the rules to the regulations, to the little nuances that make it such a powerful money making machine. Once you have a clear understanding of these rules, you will be ready to take a step in the right direction towards making money with MySpace.

Do you have the time for MySpace Profits?

Making money without doing a single thing is a myth that is long due for breaking. There is no such thing as a free ride when it comes to making money online, and that includes profiting through MySpace. Those that want to tell you that you don’t need to work to make money on MySpace have no idea what they are talking about. While making money on MySpace can be fairly easy, it is imperative that you figure out whether you have the adequate time to devote to this endeavor.

Look at making money on MySpace as you would look at building a website from scratch, and attracting buyers to the website on a daily basis. MySpace is a network of mini-websites that are called pages, or spaces, where people can structure things as they want, and post enough information for others to enjoy in any way they deem fit. While the creative control is left up to the user, there is still the implication that one will take the time to carve out a meaningful profile, and add content to your site that people will want to look at, which of course takes time.

You don’t need to quit your job to make money on MySpace; you simply need a few hours a day to dedicate to setting the site up in the beginning. Once your site has been setup, you will have the latitude to take more time to do whatever else you want, and make adjustments to your profile when you see fit. So making money on MySpace is all about taking enough time in the beginning to make sure the site is ready to roll, once you have budgeted adequate time in the beginning, your life will become much easier.

After taking time to setup your profile, and learn about the rules, and regulations of MySpace, it is time to start making money. Some money making efforts are more time consuming than others. Some involve asking hundreds of friends to join your network; others involve more basic strategies to create services, and templates for MySpace users, that might not require as much time. The important thing is that you make time a priority when it comes to MySpace, as you will find the more time you spend getting your MySpace profit plan in action, the better the profits will be.

Making Money on MySpace is About the Profile

How do you plan to make money on MySpace? Is it through affiliate marketing? Or is it through custom templates and additions instead? Whatever the answer, you must realize that the main focus of MySpace is the user profile, and no matter what the method you use for making money on MySpace the user profile is an intricate part of any MySpace money making scheme. Therefore it is important that you master the MySpace profile before truly harnessing the wealth that is out there for those wanting to make money on MySpace. Mastering a MySpace profile can be as easy as creating a killer profile yourself, and then looking at what you did that was good, what wasn’t good, and what services, or market needs are available. This will surely help further your understanding of MySpace, and where the money making niches are within the system.

The first part of any MySpace profile should be the picture. While you can upload many pictures, the one most people see is your homepage picture. This is the picture that sits on your page for everyone else to see, and it is imperative that this picture is not only catchy, but intriguing. A picture of a monkey on MySpace might be catchy, but it wouldn’t intrigue me to click the profile. Conversely, a picture of a celebrity would. So think about what picture works best for you. Maybe it’s one in an exotic place, or maybe it’s something more relevant to your business, like a picture of a big stack of money, or a fancy car. Whatever your MySpace main page picture is, it should be intriguing enough for users to click.

Next make sure you have a quality group of multimedia on the site to keep users interested, without freezing up their computers. Many MySpace money makers have a rule of not putting any video, and audio on the site that would compete with one and other. Also make sure there is nothing on your page that is obscene, or would cause users to turn away form your page.

Doing these simple steps, along with adding a lot of friends, and giving some valuable content will help users warm up to your site, and keep them coming back for whatever money making endeavor you have going. This will surely be one of your secret weapons to making more money than anyone else on MySpace in the future as your business grows.

The Wonder of MySpace for Affiliates

What makes MySpace so ripe for affiliate related promotions is the social networking aspect of the site. Essentially everyone is connected to one, and other through some type of associative group, or crew. The more friends you get, the better you look, and thus people strive to accumulate massive amounts of friends, and others spend hours online doing the same. By understanding the above facts, one can turn these networks of groups, and friends into selling machines, and end up with a fat pocket full of MySpace cash in the process.

Affiliate marketing is all about selling someone else’s product for them in exchange for a piece of the sale price. What better way is there to sell a product then on a sight that is full of literally thousands of people at any given time? The answer is there is no better way, and that is why MySpace is such a powerful sales tool, because of the sheer number of visitors per day, and the amount of time those visitors spend each day on the site. Capturing these visitors to check out your affiliate product page is an entirely different ball of wax all together.

The key to affiliate marketing on MySpace is the profile. You want to create a profile, and a mini-page that is both sales driven, and interesting. For example if you are selling sporting goods as an affiliate, create a profile that is intriguing to sports fans, not just a sales page disguised as a profile. Put a good bit of sports statistics on there, pictures, maybe a few interviews with athletes, etc. This will help entice visitors, and then when you start to make more friends, the process begins to take on a life of its own.

Finally when affiliate marketing on MySpace for money, make sure to diversify what you are offering. Create several profiles, and don’t be afraid to be several different personas, or people. If you are selling a dating product, it might make sense to be a sexy lady, or if you are selling a cooking product, it might make sense to bill yourself as a top chef. Creating some type of image will help increase affiliate sales, and keep the money coming in all day long. After this process starts to work for you, make sure to share with others what you have learned so they can help you market your affiliate products as well.

Selling Your Own Products on MySpace

There are hundreds of ways to make money with MySpace, and not all of them involve doing a lot of work, one of these is selling your own products on MySpace. If you have a band, or if you are an actor, or a musician, or anyone that creates something, it is very possible to create a MySpace page that sells your goods. Many people fail to realize how many MySpace members are only on MySpace to sell their own products, and market themselves to an entire community. While you might think this is normal for others, but not you, the truth is it’s worth a second look.

Selling your own products on MySpace is all about creating a large group of responsive friends that would be interested in buying your product, or service online. Doing this means that you should not only try to collect large groups of friends on MySpace, but also contacting them on a regular basis to make sure they are keeping abreast with what you are doing, and continue to frequent your page.

Try giving away something free to spice up the visitor numbers to your page, and get some more people on your bandwagon. This can mean simply having a contest on your MySpace page every once, and a while where you give away whatever it is you are selling, or you can do it on a weekly basis for even more attraction. The concept is to get more people checking out your page by giving them a big incentive to visit your MySpace page each day.

Selling your own products on MySpace is as much about you, as it is about your product. It is imperative to brand yourself as a guru to whatever it is you are selling, and this means building trust with your friends. Whatever product you are selling, you should also offer free information, and question and answer sessions with your friends on your MySpace page as often as possible to show that your product is full of the same useful information you are sharing with your friends.

As MySpace becomes more, and more popular amongst visitors from all over the world, there will be limitless possibilities to sell goods on the site, and to make a lot of money in the process by following the steps provided above to make serious cash on a daily basis.

Marketing Your MySpace Profile

So you’ve got a few products, or affiliate products to sell, and your MySpace page is up and running. Now it is time to start thinking about how to market your MySpace page. Most people when thinking of this will immediately go out to MySpace search tools page and find out how many friends they can add per day. After awhile this strategy might feel a bit flawed as many of these friends won’t be interested in what you are offering for sale on your MySpace page. So how then does one market their MySpace page to a group of people that would be interested in what you have to offer, and be an active friend on your page leaving posts, buying products, and spreading the word about your products? The answer is through non-MySpace marketing, a way of looking outside the network in order to attract visitors.

One great way to market outside of MySpace is to reach out through a note worthy blog. This will provide you with a one stop area that you can keep people updated on what you are doing. This means your past customers, your friends, and your coworkers will all be able to check out this blog on a regular basis. When you start to include your MySpace address in your blog posts, you will start to gain more targeted traffic to your MySpace page. Further, when people are reading your blog that you have not met, but share the same interests you do in business, they too will be able to check out your MySpace page, and be much more likely to make a purchase on your page than just any old random person.

Another great way to market your MySpace page is through signature marketing. Most people liken signature marketing to forums, however this can be done on any number of sites. Most websites require users to setup a profile, and in that profile they ask for any special links you might want to share with people that view your profile, or see your posts, these links are called signature links. By adding your MySpace page to the signature links of any forum you frequent or any other social networking site you might use, will add a good amount of free traffic to your site on a daily basis.

Marketing your MySpace page off of the site itself is a great way to increase traffic, and get more targeted leads that are more willing, and likely to purchase your products to your site.

Creating a Site Selling MySpace Products

Having a site that sells MySpace related products can be a big way to profit off of the current MySpace craze online. There are literally thousands of additions, templates, gadgets, and other things that people use for their MySpace page on a daily basis. Similar to a virtual locker, users are dressing up their pages to fit their unique personalities, while constantly trying to out show their friends. This means that a huge willing market exists for people that want to make money with MySpace.

What should you sell to those wanting to update their MySpace page? The answer should be right in front of you, simply go to MySpace, and look at what people are using, and what people are digging. Simply look for groups of people that are using the same product, and find out how much the product is being sold for, then simply emulate the product, or buy the rights to resell the product, and get into the game.

Another way to sell MySpace products to those wanting to update the look of their sites is to create your own additions. This can be much easier than one might think it would be to do. First you must identify what it is that people might enjoy for their MySpace page. This might be an advanced jukebox, or maybe some unique video hosting services, and then create the product, and build a website to sell it.

Finally there is the ever profitable advertising one can sell for their MySpace page. The best way to do this is to create a page, and build a network of friends as large as humanly possible of active friends. Once you do this, you want to utilize software that will allow you to post to as many friends boards as possible, and create an active relationship with the friend group. Once this is done you will be able to sell the top slot on your MySpace page for a pretty penny each month, and sell subsequent spots for more money.

By servicing the MySpace community you are not only entering a robust market, you are getting free promotion from everyone that uses your goods, and services. This is the key to more sales, and more income in the future. Simply by seizing the moment by providing MySpace users with useful additions for their site, you will be handsomely rewarded.

Marketing Knowledge of MySpace Profits

A dubious position for anyone to be in is to make a lot of money with MySpace and not know what to do next. Even the most successful MySpace businessmen find it difficult to figure out what to do next after making money off of MySpace. Some people think they can ride the MySpace wave forever, while others choose broaden their horizons. One way to broaden your horizons is to market the knowledge you have of making money with MySpace as a new information product for sale. This product can be something that teaches people how to make money on MySpace as you have done, and it will keep cash coming into your pockets.

Creating a viral video is one way to get the word out they you are the person to come to when it comes to making money on MySpace. This doesn’t take any type of special video equipment or editing ability. It can be a short video hosted by that shows how you make money online, yet leaves enough out for people to come check you out on your own webpage. Selling your knowledge of MySpace, and how to make money on the popular site can be a lot of fun, and create a new stream of revenue beyond the site.

Even if you don’t have much experience with making money on MySpace you can still help people in the area. Simply take a sheet of paper and compile what you do know about MySpace on the paper in the form of an outline, and then simply create a short report on what you know. Even the most basic elements of MySpace are hard for some people to understand, and thus it is important to create products that can help them know how to use MySpace, and if that includes information on how to profit with MySpace, that is icing on the cake.

In order to show people how to make money on MySpace it is important to keep records, and reports on each phase of your money making enterprises on MySpace. By keeping records of data, such as gross sales, and net sales, along with advertising costs, people will understand truly how much you can profit on MySpace, and how much, if anything it costs. The more you show people about making money with MySpace the more clients you will have coming back to you for your next report.

MySpace Cash Machine

When in doubt about how to make money with MySpace it is important to look at the MySpace cash machine philosophy, and try to implement it in the best way possible to suit your needs. The MySpace cash machine philosophy is based upon advanced internet marketing methods that are proven to captivate buyers, and help you build loyal customers at the same time. There is no way that people are going to make money on MySpace without implementing some kind of system, no matter how elementary, and thus the MySpace cash machine system is as good as any system to implement.

There are three main steps to the MySpace cash machine system, and each step should be followed in its entirety in order to ensure success. The MySpace cash machine system is based upon the proven model that puts quality, and list building, above salesmanship.

The first step is to create a quality product to offer to those on MySpace. This product can be as simple as a cool MySpace wallpaper graphic, or a set of funny sounds you made on your computer, or as complex as a JavaScript program that will enhance their profile. Once the product is created, it is time to move to step two.

The second step in the MySpace cash machine system is to create a large list of friends, by adding a large group of friends to your MySpace page daily. Whatever the daily limit for MySpace friend additions is, you should abide by it, but make sure you are getting the maximum amount of additions each day to your MySpace page. When your page hits 2,000 friends you are ready for step three.

Step three is simply to market your product to your friends by leaving a personal note on each friend’s page about your new product. This note will not only be seen by the 2,000 friends you have, but by the countless number of friends that they have on their MySpace page. The note can be simple, and should include a URL to your products website.

By following the three step system your MySpace profits should hit new heights in no time at all. In order to maintain the profits of your MySpace cash machine system, continue to do this with an additional 2,000 friends each week, until you find that sales are becoming a daily occurrence for you.

The Future of MySpace Profits

What is the future of making money on MySpace, and who will control it? The answer to these questions is still up in the air, but there does seem to be some indication that making money on MySpace is all about one thing, multimedia. The multimedia explosion on MySpace has been going on for over a year, and there are literally millions of songs and videos all over MySpace today, and the number seems to be growing daily. Those wanting to make money off of MySpace must recognize the fact that video is playing such a huge role in MySpace, and make necessary adjustments to become one the futures richest MySpace businesspeople in the world.

The first step is to look at what is in, and what is out when it comes to everything MySpace. Is there something that you are noticing that people are no longer using for their profiles, or is there something else that seems to get all the attention these days on popular MySpace profiles, and pages. The idea is to look at what is a winner, and start to assume that others will eventually notice this winning concept, and start using it on their own profiles. At this point, it is your chance to come into the picture and offer a product, or service that can help that customer take their MySpace profile to the next level.

Typically video seems to be the wave of MySpace future for most users today. There is nearly every kind of videos on MySpace today that relate to almost any kind of foreseeable trade, or profession. The difference between other videos on the net and MySpace profile videos is that the profile videos actually get watched. Most people don’t have a clue how to shut the profile video off of the MySpace page that it is currently playing on when they visit a site, and thus they just let it play. This means that if you create strong viral videos that relate back to your products, you can count on millions of MySpace users to view it.

Whatever way you want to make money on MySpace, it seems universally important to implement video in some fashion to make this situation a profitable one for you. The more video you put on MySpace the greater chance you have of gaining massive exposure from the millions of users on the site.


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