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Pink Cell Phones

Updated on October 13, 2014

Nowadays, there is a growing trend of a new cell phone statement which makes all pink lovers appreciate the fact that they have been looked after by the cell phone companies. By taking into account the vast majority of women who treat their cell phone as their #2 best friend, these companies began to release a cell phone in pink color.

The good news are: these phones are also not ordinary ones. Each phone is smart (just like women are), has unique personalities (every women has their own unique personalities) and multi-tasking (every men know that women are amazing multi-taskers and able to do several tasks brilliantly in short amount of time).

Here, you will find the list of the pink cell phones, the price and their features. I will add more cell phones to the list in the near future as I am trying to find the best out of the best cell phones on the market because I will not list the cell phones which have less than 3 star reviews.

The meaning of pink color

Meaning of pink color
Meaning of pink color

Pink color symbolizes happiness and joy

It is also widely known as the universal color of love. Many men love giving their partner a pink flower because it symbolize gentleness, caring, romance, acceptance and love.

Many parents introduced pink color to their girls at such a young age and every time women look at the pink color, it reminds them to their childhood; to their pink room, pink dresses, pink dollhouse, pink schoolbag, pink accessories, and many more pink stuffs they had which brightened their world & filled it with happiness.

Pink Cell Phones

Current Bestseller

Samsung B3310

Great Unlocked Pink Cell Phone with QWERTY keyboard - Perfect for anyone who loves to send sms message and/or emails

A compact, light and durable cell phone with big color screen & 2megapixels camera, ready to capture your friends / your families and your pictures anytime you like. It is also capable to capture a video. This great looking cell phone can stay up to 5 hours of talk time & 380 hours of standby time!

The size is 0.66 inches, 2.12 inches, 3.56 inches.

Lg Kp500

LG KP500 Cookie Unlocked Phone with Camera (Pink)--International Version with No Warranty
LG KP500 Cookie Unlocked Phone with Camera (Pink)--International Version with No Warranty

Main features:

- TFT resistive Touch-screen phone and comes with the stylus

- 3megapixels camera

- Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate

- MP4 video player

- Memory card (micro SD) slot to store your pictures, videos and music (additional memory card can be purchased separately)

- Document viewer and voice memo

- Lithium battery; 3.5 hours talk time & 350 hours standby time

Customer Review:

By Average Joe

I bought this phone from amazon three days before thanksgiving. It arrived the day before neatly packaged and undamaged (brand new) in the box. At first I was not familiar with all the functions and keys but I spent the night figuring everything. Right out of the package I inserted my sim card, battery and the phone fired up right away.

Good size phone with a good solid feel. I especially like the feedback from the screen when you touch or use the stylus which folds neatly into the bottom of the phone. The package includes a transparent cover for protecting the screen. Do not be put of by earlier reviews! It does have all the MMS features found on other phones. I loaded the included software and from LG's site, I was able to download the newest firmware update which speeds up the phone and opens all the features. The latest software is kp500_v10o. Calls sound good and i was able to text, browse and e mail with a few adjustments in the software. There are several web sites out there with configuration info and there seem to be droves of people who like this cant beat the price for what it does and how good it looks.

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Samsung S5233

Samsung S5233 Unlocked Phone with 3 MP Camera, MP3 player, Touch Screen MicroSD Slot (Pink)
Samsung S5233 Unlocked Phone with 3 MP Camera, MP3 player, Touch Screen MicroSD Slot (Pink)

Main features:

- Super thin and super light phone, thickness is only 11.9mm

- 3megapixels camera with with Smile Shot technology

- 3inch display

- Touch screen with TouchWiz user interface

- Bluetooth music

- MicroSD (TransFlash) to store your pictures

Customer Review:

By Happy23

Very happy with this product!! This is my first touchscreen phone and I learned very quickly how to operate and set it, very satisfied. Don't know why others found it difficult, I found it very simple and very beautiful to look at!!

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