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PVZ (Plants vs. Zombies) Guide / Review – tree of wisdom, zen garden, last stand and more

Updated on May 28, 2012
plants vs zombies
plants vs zombies

Recently, I stumbled upon a game by Pop Cap called Plants vs. Zombies. The name is a little bit peculiar because it immediately has me wondering what it is about. Now, I have played the game for two weeks so I have a pretty good idea of all the features, levels (already beat the game), mini games, puzzles, zen garden and other things about it. This is my guide and honest review of the game after two weeks of playing (about 50 hours total). This game can be played on a computer and smart phone (iphone and android).

The visual appeal? The visual appeal of the game, Plants vs Zombies is pleasant. However, compared to some other games like Starcraft II Wings of Liberty, it is not so impressive. For those that don't like small things that are hard for the eyes, this game is great. The plants and zombies are both big and easy to see. I do like the colors and the layout of the game. Overall, it has pretty good graphics.

Adventure game play? The main game play is called the adventures. Here is the basic storyline, your house is being invaded by zombies and the plants can help you defeat them. In the first level, the zombies invade your front yard. When that didn't work, they invaded you at night. After you have successfully defeated them at night. They will start to invade your house through the backyard where there is a pool. Finally, they try to gain access to your house on the roof. For the last level, you are fighting the leader of the zombies, Dr. Zomboss. After you beat him, the zombies finally leave you alone. However, that's not the only thing you get to play in Plants vs. Zombies.

The variety of plants? To make the game interesting, you have a variety of plants that you can utilize at fighting the zombies. These plant all serve different purposes and are effective against different zombies. You slowly unlock each type of plants as you go through each level. You can even buy plants later on in the game.

The variety of zombies? The zombies are not dumb, they have different zombies that serve different purposes to successfully invade your house. You must understand how each of them work and utilize the plants that are effective against that particular type. Some zombies have metal buckets over their heads for higher defense, others drive a little cart that launches baskets at your plants and many more. Again, you have to come up with a strategy to beat them at their own game.

Mini games? In this mode, you get to play a variety of games that are different than all the other modes. Some games are more challenging while others are just purely fun.

Plants vs Zombies last stand? This is one of the most popular mini games. It tests your strategies against the zombies on limited resources. Many people made different strategies for this level. You have to beat the adventures and thirteen other mini levels to unlock this game mode. Last stand is difficult but there are lots of strategies online to help you out.

Survival mode? This mode is difficult and gets increasingly hard for each level you pass. Basically, you get to select a set of plants each night and fight off waves of zombies. Depending on which level you play, the zombies just seem endless and come in huge waves. Nevertheless, it is very fun and challenging.

Plants vs. Zombies: survival endless, you have huge waves of zombies coming at your house.
Plants vs. Zombies: survival endless, you have huge waves of zombies coming at your house.

Crazy Dave? He is your neighbor that sells you lots of goodies. These things include powered up plants, seeds, fertilizers, tree of wisdom and others. He is hilarious and a little weird. Anyway, he serve as a guide and narrator for the game. It is known that Crazy Dave is actually based on one former employee at Pop Cap.

Crazy Dave's shop, back of his car.
Crazy Dave's shop, back of his car.

Zen garden? This is the only peaceful place in the game where there are no zombies but only plants. You can buy seeds from Crazy Dave which he only sells one kind of seeds. Otherwise, you must pick up plants in the game. You are supposed to water and take care of the plants. Once they are all grown, they will reward you nicely or you can sell them to Crazy Dave. For iphone and android, the plant that Crazy Dave sells come in only one color.

my zen garden full of plants
my zen garden full of plants
garden for night plants
garden for night plants

Puzzles? There is a game mode called puzzles. Basically there are two types of game play in that. You get a whole bunch of vases which you don't know what they contain (either zombies or plants). You have to break all the vases and kill all the zombies before they reach your house. The other type of puzzles is to help the zombies eat the plant and get to your house. Each level gets increasingly difficult and challenging. This is a great place for you to plan out your strategies that you can utilize in other game modes.

Secrets to success: tree of wisdom plants vs zombies. How to know what to do with waves of zombies coming at your house? Ask the tree of wisdom. It needs expensive tree food though. However, it is worth it because the tree of wisdom knows exactly how to beat the different types of zombies and give you really good strategies.

Overall recommendation? Plants vs. Zombies is a great game that can keep you entertained for many hours. I did not like the levels in which there are lots of fog. You won't be able to see everything. As I mentioned before, the visibility of the game is very good. However, there is one level where it is completely dark with flash of light throughout the game that lets you see occasionally. This is very hard on the eyes and I wish they didn't have a level like that. But there is only one little game that is designed like that, so it is not too bad. Overall, I would give it 4 ½ stars out of 5.


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