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Polaroid Z230 10MP Digital Instant Print Camera Review

Updated on April 28, 2013

My review for the Polaroid Z230 10MP Digital Instant Print Camera

Polaroid Z230 10MP Digital Instant Print Camera (White)

Here is my review for the Polaroid Z230 10MP Digital Instant Print Camera which you can upload custom borders and has a compact size and great usability. It has a 3.0" LCD screen for when you are viewing your images and has an SD slot which makes the memory expandable for up to 32GB and oh yes I forgot to mention you can print instantly on the spot wherever you are.

I hope you enjoy my review for this product and I must say it is an amazing idea and great Christmas or birthday gift.

Polaroid Z230 10MP Digital Instant Print Camera Review - I love this camera....

Polaroid Z230 10MP Digital Instant Print Camera
Polaroid Z230 10MP Digital Instant Print Camera

To be honest I bought this for my wife and after seeing it in action I decided I wanted one myself. It is amazing it can print off your photo in less than a minute and the quality is excellent and the Polaroid Z230 10MP Digital Instant Print Camera we'll even let you print to a higher quality photo printer at a bigger size and it will still keep a high quality picture. This camera is great if you are on the go or if you are a person who maybe travels the world and likes to have a little scrapbook or something but I personally use it for ghost hunting.

The Polaroid Z230 10MP Digital Instant Print Camera also allows you to add other SD cards so you will always have an instant photo printer to hand. My wife uses hers by taking daily pictures and then sticking them to the fridge so every day me and the kids can see happy memories before going off to work or school. The reason I would like to recommend this camera is also the fact that the film paper is not expensive at all and I think it works out to around 25p per photo which is not bad and is great for instant crafting.

The controls on the Polaroid Z230 10MP Digital Instant Print Camera very easy to use and you have the usual functions you get on a standard digital camera for under £200 and you can navigate around the menu functions very easily. This camera also has an integrated speaker and microphone and you can also upload your images to social media sites which I must say is not a bad idea for today's technologies.

I have posted a video link for this product so you can have a look yourself but as I've said above this camera is one of the best fun and reliable cameras me and my wife have ever had the pleasure to use.

Polaroid Z230 10MP Digital Instant Print Camera (White)

Polaroid Z230 10MP Digital Instant Print Camera On Amazon - Amazon deals

Take a look.....

Polaroid Z230 10MP Digital Instant Print Camera Video Review - Polaroid Z230 First Look

Polaroid Z230 Youtube review.....

Polaroid Z230 conclusion
Polaroid Z230 conclusion

Polaroid Z230 Final Thoughts


As you can see from this picture the controls for this camera our very easy to use and the LCD display is very bright and has fairly high quality for the cost of this camera.all I can really say is that this camera is so much fun when you are on a family day out or something along those lines and definitely if you keep a scrapbook.

There is only one real thing that I would say about this camera on a downside is that it does feel a little light and as if it is a toy camera and I do not think it would survive if it was dropped from quite a high distance but as in any camera you should always be careful not to drop it anyway.

The Polaroid Z230 it's a must have camera for any camera lover.

Polaroid Z230 On eBay - eBay deals

More deals........

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    • WriterJanis2 profile image


      6 years ago

      I've really enjoyed reading your review.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Within such a short time of being on Squidoo, you have produced such a successful lens. Congrats.

    • shellys-space profile image

      Shelly Sellers 

      6 years ago from Midwest U.S.A.

      We still have our classic, Polaroid camera. This camera looks a bit more modern :)


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