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Polycarbonate Skylights

Updated on February 3, 2010

Polycarbonate Skylights

Benefits of Polycarbonate Skylights

There is something very inviting about a building which harnesses natural daylighting through skylights. Natural light compared to traditional indoor lighting better illuminates an interior and can improve the general mood of the people in the building.

Perhaps the best form of skylights today is polycarbonate skylights. Polycarbonate is a very light, yet tough form of plastic. It is about 1/6 the weight as glass. Breaking polycarbonate is no easy task. It is nearly 200 times more break resistant than glass. These two properties alone make polycarbonate skylights a superior option.

Polycarbonate is 100% recyclable and there are options to have your polycarbonate skylights made out of 20% recycled material.

Another reason why polycarbonate skylights are better than glass is light diffusion. With a glass skylight, it will light up the room, but the majority of the light will be focused in one space which is the direct line it is coming in through the skylight. Polycarbonate effectively diffuses the light so that it will illuminate the whole room. This will provide more even light dispersion, and will prevent anyone who would have been sitting in the direct line of the sun through a glass skylight.

Doctors and scientists will also agree that natural light improves the mood of those who work in its environment. Natural light can help to keep away Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and boost levels of vitamin D in the blood.

So if you are considering a daylighting system for your home or office, consider using polycarbonate skylights to provide the best lighting solution.


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