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Popular Computer Desks for Dorms

Updated on April 3, 2013

Trying To Find The Best Desk For Small Spaces

I was fortunate my first year of college to stay in a big dorm room where it was popular to have a larger desk to have room for everything needed and more. However, my sophomore year I moved to a lower cost dorm room that was small and had no desk. So I had to get pretty picky about finding the best desk form my small area to do my homework on and use my computer.

I had a laptop so I could be a little less picky them some, because I did not have to have a lot of heavy equipment for a desk top. My printer was probably the thing that took up most the room. While I did end up getting a desk that would fit my printer I eventually put my printer up on a shelf and hooked it up wireless to get more space to spread out research papers.

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Movable Laptop Computer Cart For Dorm
Movable Laptop Computer Cart For Dorm

Things To Think About

Picking out computer desks for a dorm is not an easy task. Thinking things through and doing a little asking around may help you save money and time in the long run.

You need to know how much space you have and what function you need the desk to form. Do you need it to hold a printer? Do you have sufficient storage elsewhere in the room or do you need one that has storage? Are you taking a laptop or a desktop?

All these questions is something to think about. Also do you actually need a desk for your dorm or do you just need a movable laptop Cart?

The Easy To Move Small Desk on Wheels

TECHNI MOBILI Modus Metal Computer Student Laptop Desk in Graphite
TECHNI MOBILI Modus Metal Computer Student Laptop Desk in Graphite

The small compact size is what gets my attention. The down side is that this desk would only work for a laptop but it does have a bottom shelf to put your own printer or a small printer/scanner.

I really like the extra drawer at the top where to store small items and the top shelf for books and paper.

This is an easy to move desk that rates pretty high. The assembly looks pretty easy and is pretty light for a desk.


What To Look For

When looking for a small desk for a desktop computer or laptop for a dorm room there are a few things that you will want to consider.

  1. Find out what it will take to assemble the desk. You will most likely have to assemble the desk on site because getting up a hallway on move in day is probably hard enough without trying to carry furniture up. Carrying a box will be much easier.
  2. Also consider how easy it will be to take it apart when moving or switching dorms.
  3. Portability is important. As a college student you will probably move your desk more then once. It is like a right of passage.
  4. Avoid spending a lot of money on a desk. Yes it is tempting to buy a fun cool desk even if it means a bit more pocket change, but in the end the desk will probably be pretty abused no matter what when in dorms.
  5. Make sure the desk is sturdy. While it does not have to be solid oak or made of a strong metal, a desk that will fall over when you close the door wrong will just get in your way.

Small Desk With Extra Storage

Poundex Stanley Series Computer Desk
Poundex Stanley Series Computer Desk

This desk is a little bit wider then the other desks, so it may not be a good fit for every small space. This one is great if you have the room because it has the extra shelf underneath and has a storage area for the tower.If you have a laptop you can use the area for something else.

The wheels and easy moving is also a plus. Was not to crazy about the printer being right on top but if the printer is small it would not be an issue. Although you could also put the printer on top of a near by dresser or shelf.


The Corner Desk that Does Not Have To Be In The Corner

Target Marketing Systems Oxford Collection Modern Corner Computer Desk With 4 Shelves and Keyboard Space, Wood
Target Marketing Systems Oxford Collection Modern Corner Computer Desk With 4 Shelves and Keyboard Space, Wood

The best thing about a corner desk without a shelf on top is that it can be put up against another piece of furniture. Plus the shelves give it extra space.

A popular place to put the desk is with one side up against a bed allowing it to double as a night stand.


The Benifits Of Getting A Laptop Cart Instead Of A Desk

  1. A laptop cart takes up a lot less space then even a small desk. If you have not room what so ever you can fold up the desk or put it in an out of the way place until you need it.
  2. Many students choose to bring a laptop cart even if they have a desk in the dorm so they can use the desk for other things and they can work from any area in the room or even roll their desk into the neighbors room.
  3. They tend to be easier to put together and take a part. So they would be easier to take with you if moving yourself to and from dorm.
  4. Laptop carts cost less them most desks.

Best Portable Laptop Computer Desks For Dorm Rooms

Modway Vibrant Laptop Computer Stand with Adjustable Height & Split Top
Modway Vibrant Laptop Computer Stand with Adjustable Height & Split Top

The bright colors is what I love about this laptop cart. I also like that the laptop portion is able to be adjusted to tilt as needed but the other space stays straight.

Adjustable Height Laptop Stand Black
Adjustable Height Laptop Stand Black

Similar to the other desk. Great for those that want more of a lower contrast look.

Adjustable Vented Laptop Table
Adjustable Vented Laptop Table

Sometimes a doom room is just to small to add a desk. The adjustable table allows you to use a laptop in a chair, in bed or even put it on a table for extra support.

Techni Mobili SIB006-GPH06, Foldable Table Laptop Cart
Techni Mobili SIB006-GPH06, Foldable Table Laptop Cart

One of the issues about a small desk is that it sometimes gets in the way when not in use. Problem solved when not in use fold the sides up the table up to get the computer out of the way.


Popular Computer Desks for Dorms Video Reviews - Watch these video reviews of Popular Computer Desks for Dorms

Any Thoughts OR Suggestions When Picking Out A Small Desk For A College Student? - Please Comment Below

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