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Procyon AVS System Perfect For Relaxation

Updated on September 16, 2014

My Procyon arrived two days ago and I've been testing it ever since! I can now safely confirm that the Procyon AVS system is a great way to relax the mind and help meditate as well.

I am a big fan of meditation, and while the classic meditation techniques (sitting relaxed and just meditating quietly, or listening to guided meditations) are great, I've started for the last few years to experiment with brainwave entrainment, which is any procedure that alters the brain states due to rhythmic sensory stimulation. Using binaural beats is the typical method used, which is also the most popular technique of entrainment, best known all around.

Finally this year when we discussed with hubby what I want for Christmas, I said THIS! And pointed him to an Amazon webpage showcasing the MindPlace Procyon mind machine with all its features and cool customer reviews. So we decided that this will be it - I pay the half, and the other half will be paid by hubby, as his Christmas gift to me.

Having sealed the deal, I went off to Amazon to buy it. And it arrived within about 10 days. And let me tell you, I love it!

Having used the Procyon now for a while, I totally love it, and I'm really sorry I didn't get it sooner.

Btw I've even heard of a new research which is focusing on using the AVS machines to help people with Alzheimer's. Granted, the research from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis is still in its early stages, but there are some promising leads in that using brainwave entrainment helps bring the brain to the Delta brain weave state, which clears out toxic material in the brain (which includes beta amyloid that are known to kill nerve cells, which usually leads to dementia).

(source about the new research: Huffington Post)

Unboxing the Procyon

I was eager to unbox it and see what goodies were included in the package. I opened the box and took out the mind machine, the headphones and the ganzfeld glasses. One small problem: there were no batteries in the package, so I had to go out and buy some, as I didn't have any at home either.

Once this minor setback was dealt with, I quickly read through the manual, which is quite useful not only in helping you how to set it all up and adjust the audio and visuals, but also which of the 50 or so sessions are great for which purpose.

For example there are sessions for relaxation, meditation and even helping you to fall asleep easier. There are also sessions for quicker learning, focus and concentration, along with memory enhancement. There is pretty much something for everyone and every reason to use the Procyon!

What Came In The Procyon AVS Package

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Unboxing the Procyonit is really small, right?the cool ganzfeld glasses
Unboxing the Procyon
Unboxing the Procyon | Source
it is really small, right?
it is really small, right? | Source
the cool ganzfeld glasses
the cool ganzfeld glasses | Source

What I Like About My Procyon AVS Machine

The Procyon is very easy to set up and you can quickly change through the various sessions going up to the next one. You can seamlessly adjust the audio and how strong the lights should be.

Some people are very sensitive to strong pulsing lights, and for them a lower setting will work best. I like it best when the lights are not extremely strong either, just enough to create some gorgeous imagery in front of my closed eyes, without burning themselves into my retina.

One thing I like about the various session in the Procyon is how easily the different frequencies of each session help to change the brain wave states. It almost happens instantly.

The added video stimulation along with the audio makes it even easier and more fun, and it definitely gives more results. When comparing the AVS machine with the old ways of listening to binaural beats, the AVS (audio visual stimulation) wins hands down.

Mindplace Thoughtstream USB Personal Biofeedback
Mindplace Thoughtstream USB Personal Biofeedback

The ThouthStream is yet a cheaper alternative that lets you use AVS without breaking the bank.


If you find the Procyon too expensive for your budget, worry not, as there are some cheaper brands by MindPlace which do the same thing without breaking the bank.

I've also added the Laxman below as an example of the Rolls-Royce of AVS machines, as it were. Now that machine is more expensive than the others, but there is a reason why it's called the Rolls-Royce of the gadgets.

It's simply the top today, and if you can afford it, this is the one to day. If this one is out of your reach, but the Procyon isn't, then get the Procyon, like I did. You won't be sorry!

MindPlace Proteus USB Light & Sound Meditation Mind Machine
MindPlace Proteus USB Light & Sound Meditation Mind Machine

Now if Procyon is a bit too expensive, there are cheaper and just as good alternatives, like the earlier model, the Proteus. In fact I was torn between the Procyon and Proteus on which one to buy initially.

Laxman Light and Sound Mind Machine Innertainment System - Light Therapy - Promotes Relaxation, Meditation, Better Sleep, Improved Focus
Laxman Light and Sound Mind Machine Innertainment System - Light Therapy - Promotes Relaxation, Meditation, Better Sleep, Improved Focus

Now this is pretty much the best AVS device on the market. Granted, it costs twice as the Procyon, but it's literally the Rolls-Royce of all mind machines. If you have the money, this is the one to get for a luxurious relaxation that is pure bliss.


Who Can Use The Procyon AVS System And Who Shouldn't

Now one thing you need to be careful if you want to get the Procyon, or any other mind machine for the matter: it should not be used by people with epilepsy because it can induce seizures in them.

So for whom is this mind machine really recommended? I think it is for anyone who is interested in a new form of meditating, in relaxation and in getting more out of their brain power. If you are before an exam and want to give yourself that little edge, there is a session on the Procyon that is helpful exactly with that.

If you want to meditate, but you find it difficult because you find your mind wandering off every time, the AVS machine stops your mind from wandering, keeping it focused in one place, which is just what you need to experience a deep sense of relaxation and an altered state of consciousness.


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    • profile image

      Ruthi 4 years ago

      I am fascinated by the Alzheimer's research in regards to relaxing the mind. It would be wonderful if it turns out that these meditation techniques of sound and light would become a way to ward off or treat dementia. Great review, thank you!

    • Jackowacko LM profile image

      Jackowacko LM 4 years ago

      I've tried mindmachines years ago. I didn't have the peace inside of me to really feel the impact of these devices. I should give it another try.

      I like your lens.

    • Brite-Ideas profile image

      Barbara Tremblay Cipak 4 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      I would love to get one of these as a gift! This would be right up my alley - love this idea a lot