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Projector Screen - Where to Find Portable, Electric, Manual, Inflatable, Home Theater and Pull Down Projector Screens

Updated on September 26, 2012

Projector Screens - Screen Projectors

There are many different options when it comes to projector screens.

Once thought to be used only in the office or classroom, these screens are now making their way into many peoples homes to be used as home theaters and even being used as large video gaming screens.

There are just as many options of the types of screen projectors you can purchase as there are uses for them.

Options include:

  • Portable Projection Screens
  • Manual Pull Down Projection Screen
  • Manual Pull Up Projection Screens
  • Electric Projection Screens
  • Inflatable Projection Screens
  • Home Theater Projection Screens

One of the best things about these screens is, regardless of which one you purchase, they can pretty much all be used for any purpose.

New DVD projectors not only have the ability to play DVD movies, but they can also be hooked up to cable boxes and video games consoles so customers can watch and play on these awesomely large screens.

See below to find the perfect projection screen to fit all of your business and personal needs.

Portable Screen Projectors

These portable screen projectors are perfect for meetings, classrooms or presenters on the go.

They come with sturdy tripod stands that can be set up and taken down easily. They also come with a heavy duty case that can withstand daily use if needed.

Other benefits include simple screen height adjustment and an advanced auto locking system for easy pull and stay action.

These screens can also come in handy at home. You can use these portable projection screens outdoor in backyards, in kids bedrooms, the family room or even take on camping trips or tailgating parties. Combined with a DVD projector you can play movies or show favorite sporting events.

Floor Pull Up Projection Screen

These Floor Pull Up Projection Screens are also portable, but no tripod is needed.

They start on the floor and feature a telescoping support mechanism to adjust screen height.

Most of these screen projectors come with a built-in carrying handle for enhanced mobility and aluminum casing that provides rugged protection of your screen.

These too come in many different sizes and are popularly used as "Home Theaters in a Box" as often as they are used for business presentations.

Manual Pull Down Screen Projectors

The following projector screens are manual pull down projectors.

They come with hardware to attach to a wall and ceiling and are perfect for rooms where they will be used frequently.

The benefit of these manual screens is basically cost. Manual screens are quite a bit cheaper than their electric counterparts.

Again however, these too can be used for both work and entertainment purposes.

Electric Screen Projectors

These electric screen projectors are great for rooms of a more permanent nature such as home theaters or offices designated for frequent movie or presentation watching.

These electric screen projectors can be mounted on a wall or a ceiling (needed hardware is included) and can be operated by remote control or a wall box if preferred.

They come in a variety of sizes guaranteeing a perfect fit for any room.

Click on the blue link next to items below for larger pictures, prices and descriptions of each screen to ensure you find one that suits your needs perfectly.

Inflatable Screen Projectors

Another option you may not have considered when it comes to screen projectors is an purchasing an inflatable screen.

These extra large screens are not only perfect for large business functions but also great for entertaining!

These inflatable screens can be used in backyards, home theaters, parks, camping trips, the beach...even at tailgating parties.

These self inflate with included air blowers and can pretty much be set up anywhere you have the room for them.

Their larger sizes however are their greatest benefit. Much larger audiences will be able to enjoy the show, movie or presentation than with smaller screen projectors.

Home Theater Projector Screen

These screens are designed more for Home Theaters.

They come with wall mounts and are framed with a finished look. These types of screens will also look great in fancier conference rooms.

Click on blue link next to each item for larger pictures and more details regarding these types of Projector Screens.


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      These screens are designed more for Home Theaters.